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Novak Receives Maine Secretary of State’s Eighth Grade Citizenship Award


By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, June 20, 2018


   Kathryn Novak was recognized as receiving the Secretary of State's Eighth Grade Citizenship Award at the Fort Fairfield Middle/High School's eighth grade graduation last week.  The award is presented to students throughout Maine who understand the importance of academic success and who devote time and attention to making meaningful progress.  The award also serves to recognize those individuals who take responsibility for their work and who strive to make contributions to their community. 

   “Kathryn is very deserving of this recognition,” said FFMHS Principal, Jamie Selfridge.  “She is kind and respectful of everyone with whom she comes in contact.  With her quiet and dignified manner, she is a positive role model for all to emulate.  She possesses the strength, character and courage to always choose the right path.  She displays an upbeat approach to life and all of the challenges placed before her.”

  Mrs. Selfridge also says that as a student Kathryn demonstrates a conviction to learning that will take her anywhere she wants to go.  “But that's not the end of her story.  She is the go-to person for any person who is struggling in school.  Others gravitate towards her for her assistance which is freely offered.  She puts others before her own needs and does not expect any recognition for her selfless actions.  This young lady has participated in a variety of activities from band to track.  She is also a member of the youth group where she mentors her peers and helps with community projects.”

   “We at Fort Fairfield Middle/High School are pleased to present the 2018 Secretary of State's Citizenship award to Kathryn Novak.”