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Send Your Bills to Janet Mills

By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, May 6, 2020


AUGUSTA, Maine - The reckless actions of Maine’s Democrat Governor, Janet “Big Sister” Mills has caused untold economic harm to Maine - perhaps more than the infamous mainstream media-hyped coronavirus, COVID-19 ever could.

   While Big Sister unilaterally shut down the Maine economy over the virus scare, it turns out the threat is no worse than a really bad flu season.  The CDC says the 2017-18 flu season claimed 80,000 lives in the U.S. and hospitals were overwhelmed.  However, they made the necessary adjustments and we all got through that incident without shutting down the entire economy and deliberately forcing millions of people out of work.

   The current COVID-19 outbreak in Maine has been, up to this point, statistically a non-event.  According to the Maine CDC, the fourth week of April in Maine saw an average of 36 people in the hospital for COVID-19 throughout Maine on a day-to-day basis.  Of those COVID hospitalizations, an average of 17 people were in an ICU bed on any given day; an average of only 7 COVID patients on any given day needed to be placed on a ventilator throughout the entire State.   There are over 300 ICU beds available in Maine; nearly half of which are occupied by patients with other than COVID-19 ailments. 

   Unemployed people in Maine are now five-plus weeks out in unemployment and many are still finding it impossible to reach a bungled, inefficient Maine unemployment bureaucracy, even though President Trump signed a $2 trillion aid package for small businesses and unemployment bureaus to tap.

   The money may be there, but the bureaucracy in charge of distributing it in Maine has come off its axles.

   The economic shutdown in Maine was not caused by the coronavirus.  It was caused by Governor Mills, a career lawyer by trade, and a medical establishment that relied on unscientific, error-filled computer models that predicted millions of people dead in the U.S. at this point.  Those computer models haven’t been correct, yet - not even close.

    Neither Big Sister, nor her Maine CDC director, Dr. Shah are economists and had no idea what they were doing when ordering Maine to be closed for business, or how difficult it will be to reestablish stalled supply chains when re-opening the economy. 

   Historically, only those who were ill, or immune-system compromised, have been quarantined during major disease outbreaks-not an entire population of otherwise healthy people.

   These irresponsible actions have caused many thousands of Mainers to be caught, unable to pay their rent, mortgages or utilities.  Small business owners who don’t qualify for the free government handouts in SBA loans are also stuck having to pay rent and utilities while being forced out of business by their own government.

   Those who have no money are encouraged to send a message to Augusta by forwarding copies of their unpaid bills to Governor Mills since she is the direct cause of their predicament in the first place.  The address to send bills to is:

Governor’s Office

1 State House Station

Augusta, Maine 04333