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School Board Approves the Creation of an “Anytime-Anywhere” Learning Plan


By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, May 6, 2020

FORT FAIRFIELD, Maine - The MSAD #20 school board recently approved the idea for an “Anytime-Anywhere” Learning Plan that is set to make traditional brick and mortar school buildings obsolete.  The school board met via the quirky online platform, Zoom.  Given current psychological trends being engrained in society by the mainstream media, it is doubtful the school board will ever meet in person again.

  A motion was made by Susan Gould Leighton that the Board approve the Superintendent to develop and incorporate the “Anytime-Anywhere” Learning Plan for the students of MSAD 20 during the closure of schools due to the Covid-19 virus - which the mainstream media is attempting to cajole state governors into extending their state shutdowns permanently into the future, since the COVID-19 virus is never going to go away.

   The move is curious, though, since recent data shows the COVID-19 coronavirus has no greater case fatality rate than the common seasonal flu.  But, that information is being mostly ignored by the mainstream media and those in government.  Schools and businesses nationwide have never been shut down in perpetuity for a flu virus.

   The motion for the learning plan was seconded by Christina Theriault and passed unanimously

   Superintendent, Tim Doak reported that the off-site learning plans seem to be going well.  He commended teachers for their hard work on behalf of the students at this difficult time. 

   It's also important to note that it's really the parents, not the teachers, who are carrying the majority of the load for teaching their children in what is now becoming a statewide homeschool environment with the public school infrastructure being turned into essentially a sideshow.

   Mr. Doak said the meal delivery program is also working very well,  feeding nearly 400 students daily.  It’s a good thing, too.  Research in this area has shown that for some students, that’s the only decent meal they get in a day.

    Mr. Doak expressed his appreciation to the school lunch staff, bus drivers and ed techs for their work on this project.

   Currently there is a freeze on hiring, but advertising is still out for 2 teaching positions at the middle/high school.

     The Limestone School Department requested tuition rates from MSAD #20 for their high school students for next year.   A motion was made by Susan Gould Leighton to approve the proposal for tuition rates for Limestone for a period of the next 3 years.  It was seconded by Bradley Laster and passed unanimously.

   Mr. Doak provided the Board an overview of the shape of the budget, cuts that have already been made, and others items that are important to consider at this time.  A budget workshop will be scheduled as soon as is possible but the annual public hearing and budget vote is expected to be an online Zoom-based boondoggle as in-person voting will probably not be allowed by Governor Mills in June, when that hearing and vote is supposed to take place.