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U.S. CDC Reports Only 9,700 People Have Died from COVID-19 in U.S. So Far This Year (August 26, 2020)


Over 150,000 people died of other causes, with COVID-19 in the background - presuming the PCR test was indeed accurate


By:  David Deschesne

September 9, 2020


   According to public information provided by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) National Center for Health Statistics, the total number of people in the U.S. who have died exclusively from the COVID-19 coronavirus in the U.S. totals around 9,683 as of August 22, 2020.

   The weekly report, entitled Weekly Updates by Select Demographic and Geographic Characteristics: Provisional Death Counts for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)1 states under the “Comorbidities” section, “Table 3 shows the types of health conditions and contributing causes mentioned in conjunction with deaths involving coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).  For 6% of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned.  For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 2.6 additional conditions or causes per death.”

   Given the total COVID-19 deaths were tallied at 161,392 as of August 22, that means only 9,683 actually died directly from COVID-19 in the U.S. so far this year.

   Furthermore, the footnote for Total COVID-19 deaths states that the death numbers are those that were both confirmed and “presumed” COVID-19.  A presumed case is merely a guess that the person might have COVID-19 even though there was no laboratory test to confirm it.  Even if a lab test was forthcoming, the PCR tests used to provide lab confirmation were never intended to be used as a diagnostic tool to determine disease and the PCR tests for COVID-19 were built so hastily, with such lax standards, that they aren’t even designed around a known, isolated and purified COVID-19 virus particle to begin with.  One PCR test protocol provided by the World Health Organization has been found to use the DNA strand from a naturally occurring human chromosome as a primer for the COVID-19 PCR test, errantly presuming that strand of DNA is from the COVID-19 coronavirus.

   Some have pointed out that those deaths with multiple comorbidities were still ultimately caused by COVID-19 so they should continue to be included in the numbers.  But, a closer look at how deaths are logged reveals a flaw in that logic.

   For example, suppose a person had a heart attack and died but had a PCR test showing they had COVID-19 (as unreliable as those tests are), they would be labeled as a COVID-19 death.  Another may be a 90 year-old with liver disease, cancer and COPD which actually caused the death.  If they also tested positive with a PCR test for COVID-19 - or the doctor merely “presumed” they had COVID-19 - they will also be classified as a COVID-19 death.

   So far this year, the CDC reports 13,693 people have died in the U.S. from kidney failure.  For those who tested positive for COVID-19 with a PCR test, they would be cataloged in the data as a COVID-19 death - even if it was the kidney failure that killed them.  Same goes for the 20,210 who died from cardiac arrest so far this year.  Those who also tested positive for COVID-19 with the errant PCR test will also be cataloged as a COVID-19 death - even if it was the cardiac arrest that killed them.

   But, it gets even more hazy once one begins down this rabbit trail.  If a person dies as a result of a car accident but tests positive for COVID-19, they are also cataloged as a COVID-19 death.  In Colorado, earlier this year, a man died from alcohol poisoning after consuming too much alcohol.  Since he tested positive for COVID-19, he was also labeled as a ‘COVID-19’ death.  The State later corrected that blatant error, but many other states have continued to let similarly ambiguous COVID-19 death statistics stand as public record, thus wildly skewing the numbers and enhancing the fear in the general public.

   But the foggy numbers on that rabbit trail continue to get even more hazy once one considers many of the deaths labeled as ‘COVID-19’ are merely presumed - or guessed - to be COVID-19 with no independent confirmation.

   This apparently deliberate inflation of COVID-19 death numbers comes from the top as White House coronavirus advisor, Deborah Birx told hospital staff last April to count every death as COVID-19 if the person died with a positive PCR test even if the actual cause had nothing to do with the COVID-19 respiratory virus.

  The only thing we can know for sure at this point is as of August 22, 2020, around 9,600 people have died in the U.S. with COVID-19 being the only cause of death noted on their death certificates.