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Maine Author Publishes History Book in Bible’s

“Chapter/Verse” Format


By:  David Deschesne

BRUNSWICK, MAINE - In what has turned out to be a cleverly-written history book, David Robinson has found a niche that may help some Christians better-understand our nation’s history, money mechanics, Constitution and the foreign powers who have come to control us.


   Written in chapter/verse format, the Epistle of David to the Americans resembles a book of the Bible in style and layout.


     “It is a compilation of several essays written over the past few years,” said Robinson,  “I have been investigating this agenda now for several years.”


   Robinson chose the chapter-verse format to appeal to a Christian community that is otherwise apathetic to things of historical or political nature.  I discovered in a Wednesday night orientation class for new members at church, that most Christians aren't interested in anything of a political nature. Pastors do not realize that they are preaching the party line.Pastors have the intelligence to understand the points that I make, but they wear blinders and cannot see the forest for the trees. Convince the leaders and the followers will come around to understand.  The power of the church has been strangled. It needs to be commercially and spiritually redeemed.


   Robinson claims to be led by the Lord Jesus to write a book that will serve to educate the Christian community in topics where secular school systems have so dismally failed.  Jesus came not to bring peace, but a sword. (The Word; The Truth),” explained Robinson. They crucified him after he overturned the tables in the Temple. This work is inspired by the Holy Spirit. Americans today don't know that America has been suppressed for many years.


   When I was a kid, mothers stayed home and tended to the kids. One parent could support a family and the dollar had value. Today, we think that inflation is a natural thing. It is becoming almost impossible for young people to find decent work and to afford to purchase a home.


   Robinson, who is almost 70, started writing in the late 1980s, but has only been aware of the United States government’s usurpation of power away from the citizenry for the past six to eight years.


    The Declaration of Independence was written for the defense of the people against the State,” said Robinson.  The CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES, INC was written to override The Constitution for the United States of America. The hidden Key can be found at 2 Americans 15:18-22.


    Fighting apathy in the Christian community and teaching them about the scams government has perpetrated has always been an uphill battle, but Robinson remains optimistic. “Only a remnant will care. However, it only took a few disciples to change the world.


   Robinson is accepting $25.00 donations in trade for a copy of the book.  He may be reached by mail:


American Epistle

96 Brunswick Street, #108

Brunswick, Maine 04011


or email:


  Robinson’s website is