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From the Editor

The Destruction Wrought by Fear


By:  David Deschesne

Editor/Publisher, Fort Fairfield Journal

September 3, 2014

In the science fiction movie, After Earth, starring Will Smith and his real-life thirteen year-old son, Jaden an interesting lesson in the philosophy of fear and how it can lead to one’s destruction unfolds.

In the movie, an alien life form has evolved with a sole mission to destroy all humankind. It only has one drawback, though, it can only smell the pheromones given off by a human who is afraid. When a human exhibits fear-based stress, those pheromones are exuded through the pores of the skin and the alien (like many animals) is able to use its sense of smell to effectively track its quarry and ultimately destroy it. However, some in that movie, Smith’s character included, have developed an ability to lose their fear thus becoming invisible, or “ghost,” and the alien creature loses all ability to track and trace them. This gives the human who can “ghost” a great advantage in that it is easy to track the alien by sight to avoid it and, if necessary, destroy it while it stumbles around aimlessly in the dark searching for what it can no longer sense.

While the alien was a sub-plot of the movie, it turned out to this always introspective editor to reveal itself as a metaphor to our existence with the U.S. government which has morphed into a very sick and deluded slave master sucking off the lifeblood of its citizenry to their ultimate death and destruction.

The popular story may be that the U.S. government was originally formed to actually protect our rights, property and life from encroachments by those who would steal from us and do us harm, but, like the alien in After Earth, it has evolved into an entity whose sole purpose is to destroy us and it is doing a fantastic job to that end.

The U.S. government is destroying us physically through its wrecking of what’s left of our health care system by turning it into a death-care system under Obamacare and by authorizing countless toxic poisons and additives to our food and water supply to make and keep us sick; it is destroying us mentally by brainwashing our youth into blind, stupid obedience to its senseless, liberty-destroying maxims in the public schools and through government-sponsored television programming designed to train viewers how to behave like a slave to jack-booted authoritarian police; it is destroying us economically through its continued foisting of an illegal debt-based currency—the Federal Reserve Note—onto our society that only comes into existence by us taking on interest-bearing debt that is paid off with still more debt, thus can never mathematically be paid off; it is destroying us socially through government welfare programs that eliminate the need for personal responsibility or the restraints of good morals by paying families to stay on the dole in perpetuity, benefitting from somebody else’s hard work, while inhibiting the motivation of those families to strive to excel and achieve their own personal independence without a free handout from the government slave masters.

The government is able to do all this and maintain systematic control of the society it is wrecking not through pheromones—like the alien in After Earth—but through something that enables it to track us just as easily: the Social Security Number.

When you use a Social Security number to open a bank account and get a job to deposit your paycheck, you leave a trail of breadcrumbs the government can use to track your every move. It can garnish your wages, determine what health care you receive (or don’t receive) know your location and with the help of those silly shopper rewards cards the big box chain stores have you all duped into using for a pittance of a discount, it can track your buying habits and build a profile on you that it can then use against you one day. (For example, are you slightly overweight or hypertensive? Then when you swipe your debit card to pay for those donuts or a pizza, it will tie in with your health records and not only deny the payment, but in all likelihood dispatch a government bureaucrat to your home for counseling and a possible fine for you being so irresponsible with your buying decisions according to their Congressionally-mandated model. You think I’m being funny? You think I’m being cynical? Just wait, you cannot begin to imagine how much control this technocratic government is going to be able to exert over you with that simple nine digit Social Security account number. But, I digress...)

What’s so fascinating is that the Social Security number is, according to the Social Security Administration, not mandatory to have to live and work in the U.S. There is no law requiring us to use the number to open a bank account, gain employment, or to purchase a cell phone. However, the government has been successful at prodding businesses into requiring it of their employees and, in such cases as electricity and telephone, customers through one very efficient tactic: fear.

Let’s face it, most of us are scared to death of our government. Like the alien in the movie, fear is the proximate cause of the release of pheromones which allows it to track its human prey and ultimately destroy it. Fear of government repercussions against businesses through the heavy hand of the illegal Internal Revenue Service and its ability to absolutely destroy anything that crosses its path forces businesses to require all employees to have and use the number in order to receive a paycheck (especially a check denominated in the fake paper debt currency, the Federal Reserve Note).

It is in that movie that Will Smith, as General Cypher Raige, teaches his prodigal son, Kitai how fear is not something external to the human psyche, but rather is manufactured by the mind. He explains to his son the first day he was able to “ghost” - that is, lose his fear. It was when he and an alien creature which resembles a scorpion were in a fight and the alien’s pinscher pierced his shoulder and they both fell over a cliff into the water below. Laying there on the river bottom, with the alien on top of him trying to drown him, General Raige explains, “...I see his pinscher through my shoulder and I decide I don't want that in there anymore. So I pull it out and it lets me go. And more than that I can tell it can't find me, it doesn't even know where to look. And it dawned on me fear is not real. The only place that fear can exist is in our thoughts of the future. It is a product of our imagination causing us to fear things that do not at present, and may not ever, exist. That is mere insanity Kitai. Now do not misunderstand me, danger is very real but fear is a choice. We are all telling ourselves a story and that day mine changed.

That is a very deep statement and I applaud Will Smith as the story writer for After Earth for coming up with such a profound insight.

You see, fear is all the government has to compel us to do its bidding—an act that will, as has always happened throughout history, result in the death, destruction and dissolution of the society that it leaches off of.

When we lose our fear of government collectively and pull its pinscher—the Social Security Number—metaphorically out of our shoulder and begin to conduct business with each other privately using barter and trade and a common currency based on wealth, such as gold or silver coin, we become effectively invisible to government. No bank accounts at a Federal Reserve affiliated bank for some faceless I.R.S. bureaucrat to track and trace; no payroll deductions to pay a tax we do not owe; and no need of borrowing money into existence at interest just to have a circulating money supply. Without the Social Security number (or its cousin, the Employer Identification Number) we vanish from the government’s radar screen. Like the alien who can only sense us through one sense—smell, the government’s ability to track us would be rendered useless by its inability to track us via a Social Security Number.

Now, I know you’ve all been taught to sign your babies up for the number at the hospital and pledge that child’s future labor to the behemoth that is the U.S. government by harnessing them onto the interest-paying bandwagon that is the federal income tax. I also know that you’ve got an element of fear in your mind that the government has effectively placed there by convincing you that you are somehow doing something wrong when you don’t voluntarily sign you and your children up for its voluntary social security ponzi scheme. That fear, like General Cypher says, is all in your mind. It is in our minds. We have all decided to voluntarily allow the U.S. government to place us in a collective state of fear; to allow it to steal from us and to ultimately destroy us and what’s left of our civilization.

This predator that is the U.S. government can only feed off of us and destroy us so long as we collectively continue to fear it. That fear my friends and fellow slaves is completely voluntary.

If we could all as inhabitants of this great land get together and decide we do not need the criminal predator class that is the U.S. government, its phony congressmen, its hordes of I.R.S. leaches and the coterie of nameless faceless bureaucrats to ensure our well-being; if we decide to no longer interact with it using its serial number system in the Social Security Administration; if we decide we are its master and have no fear of it then it will cease to feed off of us and cease to destroy us. Indeed, it will begin to fear us (which is probably why it has ordered over 2 billion rounds of ammunition to use against us in the upcoming citizen-slave rebellion).

But, like General Cypher, we all have to reach a day where the story we are telling ourselves finally and abruptly changes. Some may whine that we can’t afford to lose our fear and confront the monster that is government; I submit we can’t afford not to.

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