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The Roberts Trap is Sprung

By:  Bill Dunne
One of the most overlooked aspects of the year just ended is the vindication of Chief Justice John Roberts -- a vindication that showed up as the national catastrophe known as ObamaCare got rolling.  Roberts may have also doomed Hillary Clinton's chance to live in the White House again... click here to read whole editorial


 The Cashless Society Control Grid


By: David Deschesne

Editor/Publisher, Fort Fairfield Journal, September 30, 2015


   Most of the day to day purchases I make are with cash.  I have a debit card to buy the things I need to buy online but it gets very little use.  I know the NSA snoops on all of our credit and debit card purchases because they think we’re all “terrorists” (well, anyone who doesn’t goosestep to the government’s socialist/communist ideologies are considered terrorists by this occupational government).  I suppose it’s alright that they snoop on my purchases if they want to waste their time.  After all, high end camera equipment and audio production equipment aren’t really tools of the trade for terrorists—unless, I suppose they want to consider my exposing their illegal activities and thus threatening their job security as somehow an act of terrorism.  But, for all other purchases that I can get locally I primarily use cash.  Cash is nice because there is no way  some NSA bureaucrat sitting in a cubicle in Langley, Virginia can know what I bought or when I bought it.  And that, my friends, drives the government controllers completely insane.

   It’s not enough that they tax us all with an illegal income tax and steal what’s left of our wealth through the mechanics of inflation, they want to know everything we buy and control it as well.  The U.S. military even has a tactical name for this, it’s called, “Mastering the Human Domain.”

   Knowledge is power and the government seeks to exercise authoritarian, totalitarian power over every one of us.  They started by tricking us into using Social Security Numbers (which are not legally mandatory to live or work in the U.S.), then they tempted us into their banking system.  Now, the vast majority of people use plastic cards with magnetic strips to purchase everything from toilet paper to washing machines.  The government loves this level of information because it allows them to study us like specimens in a Petri dish to learn our buying habits, wants, needs and desires.  It then compiles that information in increasingly larger and cheaper to build databases to be used against us whenever one of us gets out of line by not following the controller’s ideological program (or, they can simply fabricate information and insert in in the database as “proof” of our guilt—child porn is the government’s favorite tactic to this end because it is so hard to disprove).

   The government bureaucrats are laughing all the way to the privately created Federal Reserve bank (which is not a branch of the Federal Government, but a private collection of multinational banks empowered by government to fabricate money out of thin air and use it to enslave the population via debt).  The reason they are laughing is the population has voluntarily moved its purchasing habits over to plastic cards.  Plastic cards used to be used just for reserving airline or boat tickets, motel rooms, or buying gas while away from home.  Now, people have voluntarily begun using plastic cards to buy everything down to a bottle of soda or a candy bar.


Using Plastic to Gather


   Credit and debit cards are just one avenue government uses to collect information about you— who it considers its chattel property.  For those who use cash, or don’t qualify for credit/debit cards big box stores have come up with creative ways of gleaning and cataloging information about their customer’s purchases that can easily be shared with government bureaucrats simply by a government agent saying the word, “boo” to scare them.  This is the strategy behind the in-store “reward” cards.

   Reward cards offer a pittance of a discount, usually 2 to 5 percent off of a purchase if a customer voluntarily gives up their right to anonymity and allows the store to track their purchases.  Anyone who has seen the movie, Eagle Eye with Shia LaBeouf  & Michelle Monaghan (Dreamworks Entertainment, 2008) knows the dangers of sharing too much personal information with stores who then funnel it back up the chain to government. 

   I was in K-Mart a couple of years ago (I have been successfully boycotting Wal-Mart for the past seven years) when the cashier asked me if I wanted to put my purchase on their Reward card.  I politely told him, “No, I don’t use them.”  Usually that’s enough, but this guy was persistent.  He said, “But you’ll save money!”  I told him I didn’t mind paying a little more to maintain my privacy and it was none of K-Mart’s business who I was or what I was buying.  He then got loud and said, “You don’t want to save money, that doesn’t make any sense!”  I can’t remember how I ultimately got him calmed down, but I can assure you I was about 2 seconds away from boycotting K-Mart along with Wal-Mart. 

   I cut him some slack, though.  He’s a young kid who was brought up in a public school environment and was not taught anything about the history of dictatorships and authoritarian control-grid governments like NAZI Germany, the former Soviet Union, Uganda, Cambodia or China.  He was groomed by government-friendly public school teachers to believe government is all-benevolent, all-kind, all-merciful and all-loving—that no bad can ever come from government.  Why do public school teachers by-in-large espouse this ideology?  Consider where their paychecks comes from.

   So, this young kid at K-Mart is indicative of the brainwashing that has successfully taken place over all of youth in society.  Their frame of reference is that there have always been reward cards (there haven’t) and that prices have always been artificially raised by 5 percent so they can be lowered 5 percent for reward card users.  Oh, you didn’t think they were really giving you a 5 percent discount, did you?

  Ergo, to this segment of society, voluntarily giving up your private, personal information so stores—and ultimately government—can track and trace your purchasing habits to ultimately use that information against you in the future is completely normal.  Is your privacy really as cheap as five cents on the dollar?  These poor kids have no idea what’s in store for them when this control grid is finally completed. 


Controlling Purchasing

With Plastic

      Several times a year when I’m standing in line at the store with cash in hand I notice the people in front of me either leaving their purchases at the checkout without paying for them, or run to their car to find some cash.  This is usually due to the computer link from the point of sale to the bank clearinghouse being disrupted.  When that happens, no credit or debit cards can be processed.  Also, no EBT welfare cards can be processed.  The only people who can buy things are those like me who choose to use cash.  This should be a lesson to those addicted to making all their daily purchases with a plastic card.

   Just as plastic card holders are precluded from buying something when the card readers are down, they can also be prohibited from buying on a government whim.  Their cards can be deactivated by government at any time and without cash, they’ll be left penniless and without the ability to buy the things they need to survive.

   But, stores still accept cash so these plastic cardholders still have the ability to acquire some cash and buy the things they need...for now.

   There are already limits on purchases that people can buy.  For example, in most states those under 18 cannot buy cigarettes and those under 21 cannot buy alcohol. Businesses that sell these products face heavy government fines for violating the age rules. Expanding the nanny-state control grid further, New York City recently banned the sale of soda bottles over 16 ounces to everyone, of all ages.  That was ultimately struck down by the courts, but they’ve reintroduced a similar bill in that city for this year.  As government continues to seek ways to control the population, they are looking to a day when everyone has been converted over to plastic in order to buy things, then government will have total control.

   Control?  Yes.  Envision this.  We have a government-managed “health care” system with government-mandated “health insurance.”  In the old days, we used to call this merger of government and corporate interest, “Fascism.” (But, Bill O’Rielly has taught us fascism is simply a derogatory word to use against Muslims. Why does anyone still listen to that change-agent?  But I digress...)  It is in the government’s best interest to keep the health insurance companies’ profit margins flush with cash.  So, if you as a consumer are buying things it deems “unhealthy” then it will simply deny the funds transfer when you swipe your card.  Buying a pizza while you have high cholesterol?  Your card won’t work.  Cigarettes?  Your card won’t work.  Butter instead of margarine?  Your card won’t work. 

   How about unpaid traffic tickets?  No gasoline for you.  The control options are limitless with this system.  Do you really want to live this way?

  In a purely cashless society you will have no other options—unless you switch to bartering and trading in private.  More on how the government is cracking down on that in a moment.

   It is not only the dream of government to abolish cash and convert the entire economic spectrum over to plastic card purchases (and ultimately implantable microchips), but it is also their stated goal.

   The sad story is government won’t have a difficult time mandating a cashless system since most people today have already voluntarily conditioned themselves into swiping a card for all of their daily purchasing requirements.  It won’t be much of a transition for them until they start seeing their card being denied by virtue of a few keystrokes in the District of Columbia to prohibit them from buying what they want.

   Government has three primary functions in its existence:  1.) Kill people; 2.) Control people; and 3.) Exploit people for profit and gain.  All other functions of government work to achieve these three primary objectives on behalf of the bankers and multi-national corporations that control government.  Moving society over to a cashless system will be very conducive to these ends.



   So, you think in a cashless society you will simply engage in private barter and trade to acquire the things you need outside of government control?  Sorry, that loophole is being closed.

   Back under the regime of George W. Bush—who the Republican party en masse was  duped into believing was a traditional conservative—the ill-named U.S.A. PATRIOT Act was passed that, among many other government command and control grid items, expanded the “Financial Crimes Enforcement Network.” or FinCEN. 

   FinCEN was not created by an act of Congress.  It was created on April 25, 1990 as an order of the Secretary of the Treasury (Treasury Order Numbered 105-08).  Its role was then greatly expanded by Congress immediately after the U.S. government-orchestrated the 9/11 attacks.

   What kind of Financial Crimes was FinCEN going to be combating?  Let’s read the U.S.A. PATRIOT Act to find out:


“The duties and powers of the Director are as follows...Assist Federal, State, local and foreign law enforcement and regulatory authorities in combatting [sic] the use of informal, nonbank networks and payment and barter system mechanisms that permit the transfer of funds or the equivalent of funds without records and without compliance with criminal and tax laws.” (see H.R. 3162, Oct., 2001, Sec. 361, Sec. 310 (b) (2) (F) )


   Did you catch that?  The FinCEN is now empowered to combat “barter systems” and other “non-bank networks” of trade where two people agree to make an exchange of products or services without converting their transaction into the private Federal Reserve Note money system and running it through a Federal Reserve affiliated bank to be tracked and traced for the government’s banker controllers.  The government and the bankers that run it are dead serious about owning and controlling the entire population.

   The Maine Criminal Justice Academy has even gotten on board with the propaganda against alternate money systems.  In their Training Document, 1.12.0 entitled “Sovereign Citizens” it describes as potential domestic terrorists those who “print, sell and use fake currency...” They are referring here to any money that is not funneled through or authorized by the private, for profit Federal Reserve Bank.  When it comes to fake currency, however, the U.S. Federal Reserve Note is as fake as it comes.  Brought into being by debt, the Federal Reserve Note is a debt instrument, not real money.  It is evidence of a loan, or a note, and is due and payable back to the bank from whence it came, with interest that can only be discharged with more borrowed money.  The U.S. Constitution does not allow for the use of debt instruments as money.  The only money authorized by the Constitution is gold or silver coin (see U.S. Constitution Article 1, Sec. 10, Clause 1).  The Federal Reserve’s fake paper money was authorized as “Public Policy” - not law - by the Congress in 1933 under House Joint Resolution 192.   But, I doubt most Maine law enforcement officers taking the course cited above have any idea of the history of the money system in the U.S. After all, they pretty much all attended public school for their economics information and history lessons, didn’t they?


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