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From the Editor

The “Waters” of Genesis 1

By:  David Deschesne

Editor/Publisher, Fort Fairfield Journal



Mayim - Water(s)

Most Christians and their pastors today casually read over the Creation story, presuming it to be a literal account of how the Divine Consciousness created the universe, and all of physical reality, before moving on to the rest of the Bible. Such a brief, cursory reading of Genesis 1 will cause most to read the word “waters” in Genesis 1:2 as the clear liquid H20 we are all familiar with today. However, upon closer inspection, Genesis 1:2 says the earth “was without form and void” that is, it was not yet in existence so the concept of water in the form of an ocean for God’s spirit to hover over is at best overtly simplistic and at its worst, grossly misleading.

Church tradition and doctrine established over the centuries based upon a literal translation of the Creation story has caused intense resistance to any concept or understanding that differs from the mainstream, establishment idea.

There really is more to the Bible than the song and dance pony show of most Sunday morning Christian worship services today. The Bible isn’t a children’s book. It is a massive compilation of material written over spans of hundreds of years that has to be read with your brain turned on in order to fully understand and appreciate the metaphorical and dare I say metaphysical concepts described therein.

For several years I have been studying quantum physics—that is, the science of studying the small, sub-atomic realm at the size of atoms and below. Over those years I have formed a thesis that helps to explain those “waters” in Genesis in a way that makes sense scientifically using the language of quantum physics. If you can’t grasp the concepts I present herein, don’t worry. It took me several years to learn all of the information so it could take the newcomer some time and energy as well.

Experiments in quantum physics - specifically the famous “double slit experiment” - show that at their very core the atoms that make up solid matter (as well as liquids and gases) are mere waveforms whose respective electrons, protons and neutrons seem to exist in a state of probability, between a wave and a particle popping into and out of existence at staggering speeds, and are not true, solid particles at all until they are actually observed by a conscious observer.1 When not being observed by a conscious observer solid particles exist merely in a suspended state of probability - a probability that they may manifest as a particle at a particular point in space and time only after a conscious observer perceives them.2 These probability waves seem to originate from what is called the “Zero Point Field.” The Zero Point Field has been discovered by experiments in quantum physics when all energy is removed from a system, and matter is cooled to absolute zero (actually, scientists can only get to within a millionth of a degree of absolute zero), there is still some motion extant that never goes away.3 This ground-state motion is caused by the “jiggling” or popping into and out of existence of sub-atomic entities such as protons, electrons and neutrons. It is this constant motion, albeit at very low levels, that makes up the Zero Point Field and contributes to the probability wave nature of atoms. These probability waves are the progenitor of what we ultimately perceive as all solid, physical, tangible matter. It is these probability waves that seem to encapsulate the concept of the Biblical mayim - the “waters” - of which all physical reality appears to be composed.

The Hebrew word,מים mayim first appears in the Bible at Genesis 1:2 and is translated as “waters”. While other words such as שׁקה (shu'kah) and דוּה (ri'va) take precedence in the Hebrew dictionary's definition of water, meaning “to be watered” and “well-watered,” respectively,4 mayim is the primary word translated as water(s) throughout the Old Testament. Mayim is comprised of the letter ‘mem’, ( מ )  ‘ma,’ which in Hebrew means water, and the ‘im’ ( ים ) suffix that makes Hebrew words plural - as in “waters.”

The ם mem, which is the first letter of the word mayim, derives its origin from the Egyptian hieroglyph that resembles a triangle wave—one of the forms electromagnetic waves can exist in. (see Fig. 1) In the evolution of that letter symbol, the Sinai script and even early Greek carry that symbol forward.5 In Hebrew symbolism, the letters mem in mayim are symbolic of revelation, or “to reveal”. The middle letter in Mayim, the י yod, is symbolic of God's right hand, or omnipotent power. Thus, mayim is a metaphor for the revelation of God's power.

The light that God called into existence in the first chapter of Genesis was not just the visible light our eyes are capable of reacting to,6 but all of the infinite number of frequencies available in the electromagnetic spectrum. The electromagnetic spectrum is comprised of electromagnetic waves that undulate back and forth between a positive and negative potential from around 100 KHz upward through an infinite frequency range.

The symbolic meaning of the Hebrew characters in the Hebrew word “light” indicates God didn’t actually create the light, but rather took disordered energy and made it ordered. Once the energy had been given order, it was then able to be “solidified” into what a conscious observer perceives as mass.

In the beginning, God did not create or make light, but he simply told it to “be.” Using the Hebrew verb, יהי ye’hi “to be” is what the Bible translators translated as “let there be light.” When it more accurately would be translated, “Light, be.”

“Let there be light; ( יהי אור ) It is deserving of particular notice that the substantive verb is used here, and not either [ברא] ‘created’ or [עמה] ‘made.’ It was a manifestation of what had been previously in existence— ‘Let light be,’ or rather, ‘Light shall be;’ not the formation of an element or matter which had no being at all till this divine command was issued."7

This core, foundational concept of mayim is echoed in a similarly appearing word, the “maya” of Buddhist philosophy. Maya is described in Buddhism as the illusion of the senses that make up all the things made of matter and perceptible to the senses.8 Maya in the Hindu philosophy is a cosmic illusion, i.e. the inner essence or "self" of the universe.9 These concepts of maya appear to share the attributes of mayim in the context of this proposed model, where mayim is the field of probability waves out of which all consciousness draws from in its observation of physical matter.

Under the model that I am proposing here, the “waters” that God moved over and placed an expanse between, in Genesis 1, are actually all of the electromagnetic and probability waves in the universe. He placed the expanse in such a way as to separate the waters “above” from the waters “below”. I believe this could be interpreted as fields of energy and/or probability in a wave form, as opposed to packets of solidified energy in the physical form. The former being what we refer to as the spiritual realm, or “Heaven,” the latter, the physical realm or “Earth.”

Genesis 1:2 is the first time mayim appears:


“And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters (mayim).”

- Gen. 1:2 KJV


The first part of that verse describes the Earth (Hebrew, ארץ eretz) as being “without form and void.” In the context of this thesis, eretz is symbolic of the perception of all solid, physical, tangible particles that make up what a conscious observer would perceive as physical reality. “The deep” in this verse is translated from the Hebrew, תּﬣום te-home', which describes a very deep ocean or sea or a deep place or depth.10 Since the Earth and any tangible physical reality is not yet in existence at this point in the Creation story, the water (and subsequently, “the deep”) in this verse cannot literally mean the liquid H2O we all are familiar with today.

The word we know as “Heaven” is translated from the Hebrew,שׁמים (shamayim).11 Shamayim appears to be a compound word comprised of שׁמ sham, (“there”) and מים mayim (“waters”). Shamayim, therefore, can loosely mean “the waters there” or “there, the waters.” This imagery has the Divine Consciousness cordoning off a portion of the zero point field for the use of His home and the home all aspects of His consciousness (i.e. souls).

Heaven, Shamayim is not describing a tangible, physical place, as much as it is a realm where the infinite sea of probability waveforms perpetually exist. That is, it's an information field that consciousness uses to construct a perception of reality that can then be experienced in the first person. The shamayim - “Heaven” - is where all energy in the universe exists as probability waveforms, it is where all energy comes from, to be solidified into our physical realm by conscious observers, and is where all energy returns back to when converted out of the solid form. Neither being created nor able to be destroyed, these perpetually existing probability waveforms ultimately make up what our consciousness perceives as solid matter in the virtual reality world of our physical universe. It is the perception of this realm through the soul consciousness that likely makes up the human concept of the afterlife and once observed in spiritual form, after the “death” of what we perceive to be our physical body, will appear to be as real and tangible as the physical world today, only without entropy. That is, there will be no death, sickness, rot or decay. Everything will appear in its perfect form in perpetuity.

It is my understanding that mayim and its counterpart, Shamayim - usually translated as “Heaven” or “the heavens” - as used in at least Genesis 1:1-9 - is being used symbolically to describe either the superpositional probability waves of quantum physics or the electromagnetic waves of conventional physics, depending upon the context where it is used. In this respect, the infinite waves of probability and electromagnetic waves are described by the ancient writers of Genesis simply as “waters” since they had no other word to describe them at the time.

The perception of these waveforms by an immortal, living soul of the pre-fall Garden of Eden as opposed to the mortal human being of the post-fall Garden are another topic and will not be addressed here.

The “spirit” of God in Gen. 1:2 is translated from רוּח ru'ach, which means “wind, spirit, or mind” of God.”12 In this context it means the mind or consciousness of God (note: the Hebrew text does not indicate a monotheistic viewpoint by placing God in the singular, rather the original text uses the plural—Elo’him, translated as “gods” throughout the first chapter of Genesis).

At the risk of being branded a heretic, I will present here the text of Genesis 1:2 using the superpositional probability waves of quantum physics as the lens through which we can view and understand it:

And the perception of solid, physical reality (the earth) was existing in a superpositional probability wave state (without form and void) and this absence of perception (darkness) was upon the face of the infinity of probability waves of the zero point field (the deep). And the consciousness (Spirit) of gods [Elo-him, aspects of the Divine consciousness] began to perceive (moved upon) the probability waves (face of the waters) to collapse them into a perceived physical reality.”



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