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Be the Salt and the Light

By:  Dr. Katherine Albrecht, Ed. D.

Fort Fairfield Journal, January 18, 2017


         Trouble, it's all around us, you're never going to get away from it.  You know the Bible tells us, 'the poor you will always have with you.' Wouldn't you think that after all these thousands of years we would have figured that out?  If we haven't figured that out with all the material wealth, abundance - and if you're like most of us you have stuff overflowing out of your house because we have just too much stuff - all this abundance, we still have the poor.  It's not going to go away.  The troubles aren't going to go away and no matter how Utopian some of these futurists are, we're still going to have the human condition around us.  We're still going to have sinful leaders, we're still going to have power mongers, all the things we've always had.  We're still going to have the illness, disease and everything else. 

   So, what can you do?  Well, you can do your best to try to make the world a better place and then you can just focus your own energies, attention, and efforts on the good stuff; the salt and the light.  Be the salt, be the light. 

   Salt?  Let's say you have a big pot of soup and it's like "eh, I don't know, it's not very good."  Have you ever had scrambled eggs without salt?  They're not very good.  You put salt on them and all of a sudden you don't even notice the salt you just notice those eggs taste really good.  That soup is really tasty now.  So, be the salt in the world around you and make it a better place to live in.

   What about being the light?  Light is the antidote to darkness.  Darkness cannot extinguish light.  There's no such thing as turning on a dark thing in a room and making the light go away.  But all it takes is the tiniest little flame to make the darkness go away.  A little bit of light counteracts an enormous amount of darkness and darkness has no power, whatsoever against light. 

   If you're in darkness, the antidote is not to say, "Go away darkness, go away, get away, be gone darkness."  The antidote is  let me find some light, let me seek it out, let me bring it into my world so I've got more light.  Then I can see to find my way around to figure out how I got into this dark cave in the first place.  But you've got to have the light first or you can't even see what you're doing.  So, be the light in the world.  Be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

   Those who are the salt and light of the world are a precious, small group of people.  Even though we may be a small, rag-tag band of thoughtful, philosophical people taking a look at the things happening in the world around us, it is important that we find each other and know who each other is.  There are not a lot of other voices out there trying to find positivity through all the mirk while also still being fully aware and having their finger on the pulse of what's actually occuring.  So, go be the salt and the light of the world.


This editorial was transcribed and adapted for print from a recent Katherine Albrecht radio program, by David Deschesne, with her permission. Dr. Katherine Albrecht, Ed. D. is a syndicated radio talk show host on the Genesis Communication Network. Listen to her program live daily, or download her podcast for listening at any time at Katherine’s website is: 


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