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On My Cancer & Cell Phone Usage


By:  Dr. Katherine Albrecht, Ed. D.

Fort Fairfield Journal, April 13, 2016


      There's a new study out, and new musings over cell phone safety. I don't want this to turn into the “Katherine Albrecht: Be Careful of Your Cell Phone Show” but let me put something into perspective before we talk about the dangers of cell phones. 

   Your cell phone is not like a toaster.  It is not a small, minimal slice of your life that focusing on would be weird.  The cell phone is actually becoming the predominant object of human obsession and in many cases is replacing humans’ willingness and interest in engaging in amorous activities with those they love.  The cell phone has become the new object of obsession and love for human beings. 

   This is because the cell phone is not a phone, like I've said many times over the years.  It's not a phone:  “Hello, Hi, How are you doing?  This is Katherine...okay...right...right...yep...okay... thanks, see you then, bye.” Alright, that's a phone.  It's a device that you pick up in order to hear the voice of someone at a distance; it's Alexander Graham Bell and all that.  The phones are on the walls and the exchanges and the multiple lines that people would have - all of those things a person would have in a phone.  We understand what a phone is.  This device that we carry around with us is not a phone.  Now they're calling it a “mobile device” because that incorporates “Smartphones” and “Ipads.” 

   I live in a place where we're prone to frequent power outages.  I have a landline phone for a number of reasons, privacy being one of them because it doesn't transfer through the air.  Physical safety and limited exposure to electromagnetic radiation is another.  So, I have corded phones in my home and in my studio.  That means they're actually plugged into the wall.

   Now there's a new study out that links the usage of cell phones with an increase in cell oxidation and glucose levels, potentially resulting in cancer.  While I'm picking on cell phones here, those portable cordless phone base stations people use within their homes are also putting out a massive amount of radiation continuously - though at lower power levels.  If I had a cordless phone I wouldn't even keep the base station in the house, I'd keep it out in the shed!  Also, consider your computer’s Wi-Fi is also continuously emitting radiation and on the same frequency band as most cell phones.

   What about holding cell phones up next to your brain?  As long-time listeners to my radio show know, I was diagnosed with two brain tumors from breast cancer that had metastasized to my brain.  One of them was the size of a golf ball, one of them was the size of a pecan.  They were on the left and right side of my brain, right behind my ears where my cell phone antenna was held.  This is a terrible admission.  These tumors were discovered during my breast cancer treatments. I was traveling from New Hampshire to New York - which is about a four or five hour drive - every couple of weeks for cancer treatment and during those four or five hours, I spent the entire time with a cell phone pressed up to my head.  This was really defeating the purpose because I gave myself cancer  while traveling to be treated for cancer.  The big tumor was where my cell phone is normally held, on my right side just behind my ear.  I held my cell phone there about 80% of the time.  The smaller tumor was located on the left side which is where I moved my cell phone when I got tired of holding it on my right.

   The new study that's out compared 100 other cell phone studies to each other to find the common trends among all of them.  In over 90% of those studies it was found that oxidation of cells and an increase in glucose in the brain in the immediate vicinity of the cell phone was noted during cell phone usage.

   Oxidation is like when iron meets up with water and oxygen it rusts.  The same type of thing happens to your body's cells as we consume oxygen to live.  They oxidize and become susceptible to forming cancer cells.  (This is why anti-oxidants like the melatonin produced in our brain while we sleep is so important, but I digress.)  In addition to increasing the effects of oxidation, cell phones also cause an increase in the production of glucose in the same area.  Glucose is sugar that cells use to grow.  Surrounding a bunch of oxidized, potentially cancerous cells with all that glucose is like throwing “Miracle Grow” on weeds.

   Cell phones don't just affect brain cells.  For you ladies who carry the cell phone next to your breasts, you're also increasing your risk of breast cancer because the phone is always emitting electromagnetic radiation.  Keeping it in your pocket is not much better.  For ladies, it's irradiating your ovaries and for men, your prostate - two areas that are very susceptible to forming cancer in the future.

   I want you to be thoughtful when holding a cell phone, or even keeping one on your body for that matter.  Not only are you pouring glucose - which is “Miracle Grow” - on any potential cancer cells, you're also damaging those cells through oxidation.  Just be thoughtful and aware that this is a problem that is now being linked to cell phone usage and make whatever adjustments to your life that makes sense to you.


This editorial was transcribed and adapted for print from a recent Katherine Albrecht radio program, by David Deschesne, with her permission. Dr. Katherine Albrecht, Ed. D. is a syndicated radio talk show host on the Genesis Communication Network. Listen to her program live daily, or download her podcast for listening at any time at Katherine’s website is: 


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