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With Faith, God Has Your Back


By:  Dr. Katherine Albrecht, Ed. D.

Fort Fairfield Journal, October 12, 2016


   What if the whole planet became a burnt-out dead zone with nobody in it but you?  If that happened to me, I'd be dropping to my knees, sobbing my guts out.  This is why I think faith is so critical whether you're on top of the world or on the bottom.

    Whatever else is going on, God tells us in His word, “I will never leave you or forsake you.”   You may think you feel kind of left and forsaken in this burnt-out wasteland but the thing that God reassures us of is that this— meaning this physical plane—this pain and hardship is a blink of an eye, a breath, a heartbeat in the grand scheme of things. 

   What He's got in store for us and what He promises is night and day opposite of those bad things.  So, it's perfection, but it's also permanent, it's eternal.  These are assurances given to us by the creator of atoms, jellyfish, supernovas, the leaves outside your window, and all the processes that make the world work.  Knowing that the God who did all that has made very specific promises to us we know that even if it isn't looking so good, we know God has got us.  He's got us covered, He's got our back when it really matters and that's the forever part. 








This editorial was transcribed and adapted for print from a recent Katherine Albrecht radio program, by David Deschesne, with her permission. Dr. Katherine Albrecht, Ed. D. is a syndicated radio talk show host on the Genesis Communication Network. Listen to her program live daily, or download her podcast for listening at any time at Katherine’s website is: 


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