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The Commercialization of Christmas


By: Dr. Katherine Albrecht, Ed. D.

Fort Fairfield Journal, December 23, 2015


        Well, it's that time of year again, approaching the beautiful celebration of the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ and that's the holiday we call Christmas. 

   Christmas seems to have become a commercial holiday unfortunately, over recent years, and even the commercial holiday has given way to a change in our language, such as “Happy Holiday” or “Have a Nice Holiday” as opposed to “Merry Christmas.” 

   I know a lot of Christian parents probably feel the same way as I do.  We have all this secular focus on Christmas trees, Santa Clause, reindeer, sleighs and presents and very little focus—at least in popular culture and most of our homes—on Christ, himself. 

   In fact, if you even think about how we decorate our homes for Christmas we put up beautiful lights and pine garland, Christmas trees and decorations.  We may even have Christmas music playing.  But, aside from Christmas music, which may or may not focus on the birth of Christ itself, there really are very few ways which we acknowledge the nativity itself.  I think even nativity scenes used to be in every town center.  In every town square there used to be a little nativity, a little replica of the manger, lots of performances - and even that has gone away.  There have been lots of lawsuits where municipalities have been forced to remove those manger scenes  so if we're not careful our children are going to have literally no knowledge whatsoever of the meaning of Christmas.  

   It's easy to lose sight of Christ in our hustle and bustle around this time of the year.  People focused on holidays and lots of traffic and the mall, wrapping paper, do I have the enough tape, do I have the right tags, can I get to the Post Office in time.  It's really important that we step back, especially for the sake of our children and their generation who are not getting the cultural reinforcement that previous generations have always received about the meaning of Christmas.  They're not getting that unless you give it to them.

   Even though the secular media would lead you to believe that Christianity is on the way out, that it's a minority religion that's really not celebrated by a lot of people, it is really the predominant religion, with very few others vying for it in competition on planet Earth.  More people practice the Christian faith than any other faith.

   I recently interviewed author, Emily Freeman.  Her new book, Celebrating a Christ-Centered Christmas: A set of Traditions to Lead Us Closer to the Savior helps to put the focus back on Christ.   In it she lays out a blueprint on how she and her family put the focus back on Christ and explains how other families can take steps to do the same.



This editorial was transcribed and adapted for print from a recent Katherine Albrecht radio program, by David Deschesne, with her permission.  Dr. Katherine Albrecht, Ed. D. is a syndicated radio talk show host on the Genesis Communication Network. Listen to her program live daily, or download her podcast for listening at any time at Katherine’s website is: 

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