The Spirit of Good People is Being Called

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Katherine Albrecht, Ed. D.


By: Dr. Katherine Albrecht, Ed. D.

Fort Fairfield Journal, March 11, 2009

I once had this sensation a couple of years ago while I was thinking about Godís work across this planet. For just a moment, I had connected mentally with the ďthousand points of lightĒ as all of Godís people were being called to rise up and shine their light in this dark, dark world. Thatís kind of how I feel right now. I hope to transfer that feeling to you to encourage you and fill you with the hope that I am feeling right now.

Just envision for a moment reaching out over this round globe with your spirit, your heart and your mind. Just feel with me all of the millions of people who are kindred souls and spirits with you right now in this fight for liberty in this recognition of right versus wrong, in that fundamental, cellular level understanding that many of the things that humankind is engaged in on this planet right now are just wrong. You donít need anybody to explain it to you, to sit down and draw you a graph, you just feel it - itís wrong.

Itís wrong to be destroying the planet; itís wrong to be putting our children and grandchildren into tremendous amounts of indebtedness to pay off all of these bailouts and stimulus packages; itís wrong to number people and to treat them as things instead of as living breathing creations of God; itís wrong to inject microchips into animals, into cows, horses, pigs and dogs; itís wrong to number and monitor every square meter of Godís green earth; itís wrong to tag kids and make them give fingerprints to buy lunch in school.

I really believe that the ďpoints of light,Ē the spirit of good people, is starting to be called by God to be more open about goodness, to be less shy, to be less afraid to say what we believe in, to be more bold, more courageous, more confident and more firmly rooted in the truth that we are standing on, that we know right when we see it and we know wrong when we see it and weíre able to use that as a mooring and a grounding to anchor us as all of this chaos rolls in around us.

I really believe this to be true and I want you to feel it to.




This editorial was transcribed and adapted for print from a recent Katherine Albrecht radio program, by David Deschesne, with her permission.  Dr. Katherine Albrecht, Ed. D. is a syndicated radio talk show host on the Genesis Communication Network. Listen to her program live daily, or download her podcast for listening at any time at Katherineís website is: