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Psychopharmacology notes


Abnormal Psychology

Irwin & Barbara Sarason, 1996

College textbook on the problem of maladaptive behavior, 649 pages.


Behavior Modification:  What it is and How to do it.

Garry Martin, Joseph Pear1996

College Textbook on behavior modificaiton


Biological Psychology, 6th ed.

James W. Kalat, 1998

College Textbook on Biological Psychology.  535 pages.


Depression, Home Remedies for

Mary S. Kittel, 2001

Home remedies for depression from the editors of Prevention. 134 pages.


Drugs and Behavior; An Introduction to Behavioral Pharmacology

William A. McKim, 2000

Explains in comprehensible terms, the basic principles and terminology of pharmacology and psychology.


Exploring Social Psychology

David G. Myers, 2000

College psych. textbook.


Evaluating Information, 2nd Ed.

Jeffrey Katzer, Kenneth H. Crook, Wayne W. Crouch, 1982

A guide for users of Social Science research


Freedom of Sexual Love

Joseph and Lois Bird, 1967

Thesis on mechanics of sex and love.  189 pages.


Groups:  Process and Practice

Marianne Schneider Cores, Gerald Corey, 1997

College textbook on Groupthink.


Group Dynamics

Alvin Zander, 1960

Research and Theory


Handbook of Chemistry and Physics

CRC Press, 1979

Exhaustive hard-cover handbook on Chemistry and Physics.


Handbook of School Psychology

Cecil Reynolds & Terry Gutkin, 1982

College textbook on psychology of school-age children.  1283 pages.


How Your Mind can Keep You Well

Roy Masters, 1978

Self-meditation method guide to keeping your body healthy.  201 pages.


Introduction to Psychopharmacology

Upjohn Company, 1983

Psychotropic drugging presented as "science", but with a lot of theories, instead.

excerpts and notes

Marriages and Families, 2nd ed.

Mary Ann Lamanna & Agnes Riedmann, 1981

College textbook


Patients or Prisoners

Franklin Watts, 1976

The problems associated with Mental Institutions in America.  119 pages.


Principles of Biochemistry, 5th

McGraw-Hill, 1973

College textbook on biochemistry


Process of Counseling and Therapy 3rd ed., The

Janet Moursund, 1985

Manual for therapists on how to conduct psych therapy.



Camille Worman  and Elizabeth Loftus, 1992

College Textbook on psychology.  623 pages.



Bernstein, Penner, Clarke-Stewart, Roy

College Textbook on psychology.


Putting Anger in its Place

Annie Chapman, 2000

A Woman's Guide to Getting Emotions Under Control.  156 pages.


Rural Sociology:  The Strategy of Change

Loomis & Beegle, 1957

General writing on rural sociology, with index.  448 pages.



James M. Henslen, 1999

College Textbook on Sociology.


Systems of Psychotherapy: a theoretical analysis

James O. Prochaska, 1979

General textbook on psychotherapy. 407 pages.


Theories of Personality

Susan C. Cloninger, 2000

College psych. textbook

Varieties of Modern Social Theory

Hendrik M. Ruitenbeek, 1963

Outstanding essays which analyze several of the vital sociological problems faced in our modern crisis society.