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The systems of government that will be the tools of Anti-Christ in the End Times

A Book of the Beginnings

Gerald Massey, 1994

Containing an attempt to recover and reconstitute the lost origines of the myths and mysteries, types and symbols, religion and languages with Egypt for the mouthpiece and Africa as the Birthplace.

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Call to Decision Ministries

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Hoffman Printing Co.


A Layman's Introduction to Religious Existentialism

Eugene B. Borowitz, 1966

A brilliant and lucid exposition of the basic concepts of ten great religious thinkers, including: Kierkegaard, Maritain, Niebuhr, Buber and Tillich.


A Lie and  A Libel

Binjamin W. Segel, 1995

The History of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.  Richard S. Levy, translator and editor.


A Treasury of A.W. Tozer

Baker Book House Co., 1980

A Collection of Tozer Favorites


Aquinas, St. Thomas, Introduction to

Random House, 1948

Selections of materials drawn entirely from Basic Writings of St. Thomas Aquinas.


Abolition of Man, The

C.S. Lewis, 1947

How education develops man's sense of morality


BAHÁ'U'LLÁH and the New Era, 3rd Ed.

J.E. Esslemont, ©1970 National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá of the United States of America

Doctrine of Bahá faith.


Biblical Approach to Present Issues

J.C. Philpot, circa 1850's

Editorials by Philpot in answer to questions of the era.


Bible Code, The

Michael Drosnin, 1997

Using word matrices, it has been found that many major historical events have been encoded in the Torah's Hebrew text.


Book of Hiram, The

Christopher Knight & Robert Lomas, 2003

Origins of Christianity and Freemasonry.  A follow-up to The Hiram Key.


Byzantium and the Roman Primacy

Francis Dvornik, 1966

A conclusion to Dvornik's studies of the Byzantine's view of Rome


Byzantine Theology

John Meyendorff, 1979

Historical trends and doctrinal themes.


Catholic/Protestant Conflict in America

John J. Kane, 1955



Christian Dogmatics

Conrad Lindberg, 1928

Textbook of Christian Dogmatics and Notes on History of Dogma, published originally in 1898.

Christian Realism and Political Problems

Reinhold Niebuhr, 1953

Essays on Political, Social, Ethical and Theological Themes


Church History Through Biography

Confraternity of Christian Doctrine, 1952

Brief biographical sketches of key Christian leaders through history.

Coming World Dictator, The

John Wesley White, 1981

Analysis of the Biblical Anti-Christ of the last days.


Congregational Way, The

Marion L. Starkey, 1966

The role of the Pilgrims and their Heirs in shaping America.

Counterfeits at Your Door

G/L Publications, 1979

How to share the Bible with Jehovah's Witnesses or Mormons when they come to your door.


Creation and the High School Student

Kenneth N. Taylor, 1969

Argument for Intelligent Design against government school theology of evolution.


Cultural Anthropology: A Christian Perspective

Stephen A. Grunlan and Marvin K. Mayers, 1979

A study of anthropology from a Christian perspective.


The Devil:  What the Scriptures Teach about him

John Wesley White, 1971

Thesis on Satan.


L. Ron Hubbard, 1990

New Edition, The modern science of Mental Health


Dianetics and Scientology Technical Dictionary

L. Ron Hubbard, 1975

Dictionary of technical terms and expressions used in the Dianetics and Scientology religion.

Divine Encounters

Zecharia Sitchin, 1995

A Guide to Visions, Angels, and other Emissaries.


Entering the High Holy Days

Reuven Hammer, 1998

A complete guide to the History, Prayers and Themes


Evolution and the High School Student

Kenneth N. Taylor, 1969

Argument against the government school theology of evolution.


Father Smith Instructs Father Jackson

John Francis Noll, D.D., LL.D.; Lester J. Fallon, C.M., S.T.D., 1956

Question and Answer book on Catholic doctrine.


Fifth Avenue Sermons

John Sutherland Bonnell, 1936

Collection of Bonnell's sermons


Freemason's Moniter, The

Z.A. Davis, 1850

"Delineation of the fundamental principles of Freemasonry, operative and speculative, as well in a religious as a moral view."

From Epicurus to Christ

William DeWitt Hyde, 1904

A study in the principles of personality


God and the Bible

Matthew Arnold, 1901

A review of Objections to Literature and Dogma.


God of Evil, The

Frederick Sontag, 1970

An argument from the existence of the Devil.


God's Plan in the Coming Depression

David Wilkerson

©1998 Wilkerson Trust Publications

A synopsis more on Faith in God than economics.

Gospel of Emerson

©1949 Newton Dillaway

A digest of Ralph Waldo Emerson's essays, journals, poems, letters and manuscript notes to form a spiritual thesis.


Handbook of Denominations in the United States

Frank S. Mead, 1970

Lists all religious Congregations in the United States with a brief description and synopsis of each.

Heathens, The

Dr. William Howells, 1948

The story of religion in its basic form, unadorned by ethics and unchanged by philosophy.  Religion as it is revealed in primitive societies existing today.

Hiram Key, The

Christopher Knight and Dr. Rober Lomas, 1996

Thesis which claims Herod's Temple is duplicated in Rosslyn Chapel.



R. C. Zaehner, 1987

Introduction to Hinduism

History of Freemasonry and Concordant Orders

Lee C. Hascall, 1898

Outline of the History of Freemasonry.  904 pages


Indomitable Baptists, The

O.K. Armstrong & Marjorie Armstrong, 1967

The dramatic story of the largest and liveliest Protestant denomination in America.

Inside the Mormon Mind

Elizabeth T. Tice, Ph. D., 2001

The Social Psychology of Mormonism


Intercession:  The Greatest Service

Christine Fleming Heffner, 1953


Islamic Law

Mawil Izzi Dien, 2004

This survey of Islamic law combines Western and Islamic views and describes the relationship between the original theories of Islamic law and the views of contemporary Islamic writers.


It was Rus'-Ukraine and Not Russia Christianized in 988

Millenium of Christianity in Ukraine Baltimore Committee.


Jewish People, A History of the

H.H. Ben-Sasson

Jewish history compiled by six distinguished scholars at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem.



Arthur Hertzberg, 1961

The Unity of the Jewish Spirit throughout the Ages:  its basic values and affirmations as a religious way of life expressed in the words of its classic authorities.

Judaism, A Short History Of

Jacob Neusner, 1992

Key of Solomon the King, The

S. Liddel MacGregor Mathers, 1889

Reprint of original plates, ©2000 Red Wheel/Wiser, LLCDiscourse on ancient "dark" and "white" magic of the Kabbala.


Koran, The

Orion Publishing Group, 2001

Translated from Arabic by J.M. Rowell, 1909


Mantle of the Prophet, The

©1985 Roy Mottahedeh

Religion and Politics in Iran


Marketing the Church

©1988 George Barna

Doctrine on how to commercialize Christ's church by turning it into a "business" in the spirit of the 501 (c) 3 non-profit corporation status conferred on it by its newly adopted  god - the government of the United States.

Mere Christianity

C.S. Lewis, 1952

Combining:  The Case for Christianity; Christian Behaviour; Beyond Personality



C.S. Lewis, 1947

How God intervenes in nature and human affairs


Mormon Doctrine


Bruce R. McConkie, 1988


Bible dictionary written from Mormon perspective.

Mormon, The Book of

Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints, 1952

Taken from the plates of Nephi

New Encyclopedia of Judaism

G.G. The Jerusalem Publishing House, 2002

Encyclopedia of Jewish history and religious practices.


New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures

Watch Tower Bible & Tract Society, 1961

Jehovah's Witnesses Bible


New Priesthood, The

©1965 Ralph E. Lapp

Thesis on scientism and Christianity

Occult, The

Colin Wilson, 1971

A history of the occult.

Outlines of Dogmatic Theology Vol. 1

Sylvester Hunter, 1894

An outline of the three year course of Dogmatic Theology, such as is offered to students for the priesthood in Catholic Seminaries.

Outlines of Dogmatic Theology Vol. 2

Sylvester Hunter, 1896

An outline of the three year course of Dogmatic Theology, such as is offered to students for the priesthood in Catholic Seminaries.

Outlines of Dogmatic Theology Vol. 3

Sylvester Hunter, 1896

An outline of the three year course of Dogmatic Theology, such as is offered to students for the priesthood in Catholic Seminaries.

Parish Catechism, The

Father Farrell, 1955

Question and Answer book on Catholic doctrine.


Pastoral Care & Counseling

William E. Hulme, 1981

"Demonstrates a revitalized use of pastoral dialogue, prayer, and Scripture within the professional integrity of counseling." - James Ewing, American Assoc. of Pastoral Counselors

Protestant, Catholic, Jew

Will Herberg, 1955

An essay in American religious sociology.


Protestant Reformation

Edited by Hans J. Hillerbrand, 1968

History of Reformation



Hugh T. Kerr, editor, 1979

A concise survey of Protestantism and its influence on American religious and social traditions.

Reincarnation:  The Missing Link in Christianity

Elizabeth Clare Prophet, 1997

Study in reincarnation as it relates to Biblical teachings.


Religion in Contemporary Japan

Ian Reader, 1991

Examines major areas in which the Japanese participate in religious events, the role of religion in the social system and the underlying views within the Japanese religious world.


Religion and the Decline of Magic

Keith Thomas, 1971

Analysis of the thoughts and practices of an age when the supernatural was a real and important part of men's lives.

Rites of Pleasure

Jennifer Hunter, 2004

Sexuality in Wicca and NeoPaganism


Riverside Sermons

Harry Emerson Fosdick, 1958

Various Sermons by Rev. Fosdick


Robertson, Frederick; Life, Letters, Lectures and Addresses

Edited by Stopford A. Brooke, M.A., 1865

Life and Lectures of Frederick Robertson, Incumbent of Trinity Chapel, Brighton, 1847 - 53. 

Rufus Jones Speaks to Our Time

Harry Fosdick, ed., ©1951 Macmillan Co.

Christian writings


Satan Wants You

©1988 Arthur Lyons

The cult of devil worship in America


Satanic Bible, The

Anton Szandor LaVey, 1969

Satanic Bible, written in LaVey's own words.


Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures

Mary Baker Eddy, 1875

Christian Science handbook.


Screwtape Letters, The

C.S. Lewis, 1961

How a senior devil instructs a junior devil in the art of temptation.


Social Institutions and Ideals of the Bible

Theodore G. Soares, PH. D., 1915

A study of the elements of Hebrew life in their development from the beginnings to the time of Christ, and of the social teachings of the prophets, of the sages, and of Jesus.

Starlight and Time

By:  D. Russell Humphreys, Ph.D.

Dr. Humpreys' thesis on time and how the Creation allows for a young universe and old universe at the same time, due to the effects of gravity on time.  Also replaces "Big Bang" theory with more Biblically corroborated "White Hole" theory of a sphere of water(s) as the origin of the Universe.


Student's History of the Hebrews

Laura A. Knott, 1922

History book of Old Testament Characters.


Table of the Lord, The

Charles L. Wallis, 1958

A Communion Encyclopedia


Temple and the Lodge, The

Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh

Discussion of the Knights Templar, history of Freemasonry and how Freemasonry contributed to the formation of the American Republic.

To Study and to Teach

Shmuel Peerless, 2004

The Torah teaching methodology of Nechama Leibowitz


Urantia Book, The

Urantia Foundation, 1955

Collection of writings on Christian topics with an "extraterrestrial" slant.  Thesis is that some of the authors of the various essays have divine revelation from space aliens from other planets.

Varieties of Unbelief

Martin E. Marty, 1964

A systematic survey of the modern forms of unbelief - the ways in which people express themselves apart from belief in the God of Christian revelation.

Weight of Glory, The

C.S. Lewis, 1962


What the Great Religions Believe

Joseph Gaer, 1963

General analysis of world's religions.


Women Who Wrestled With God

Irmtraud Fischer, 2000

Discourse on the matriarchs of the Bible.


Ye Are the Body

©1965 Bonnell Spencer, O.H.C.

A People's History of the Church