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Devolutionary Period

Liquor Licensing

Sheriff; Emasculation of


US Constitution:  Annotation of the Decimation

A History of the Amish

Steven M. Nolt, 1992

Presents a deep and rich heritage of the Amish people.  Includes a substantial biliography for further reading and study.


A Place Called School

John Goodlad, 1984

Thesis on the state of American Schools in the late 20th century.


A Religious History of the American People

Sydney Ahlstrom, 1972


Abraham Lincoln Vol I

John T. Morse, 1894                                      

Pres. Lincoln history. 


Advanced Civics

S.E. Forman, 1924                                                 

school civics textbook.


Age of the Great Depression, The

Dixon Wecter, 1948 MacMillan Co.

History of 1930's depression


Almanac of American History

Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr., 1993


American Album

1968 American Heritage Publishing Co.

Photo album of past 75 years of United States history.


American Citizen's Handbook, The

Hugh Birch - Horace Mann Fund, 1941

Civics Textbook


American Commonwealth, The

James Bryce, 1921                             

college textbook.


American Constitutional History

Edward S. Corwin, 1964

Annotated analysis of US Constitution with an emphasis on court-made law.  These collection of essays by Professor Corwin, at the beginning of the 20th century, serve as an invaluable guide to Constitutional theory.  


American Federal State, The

Roscoe Ashley, 1903                             

College civics textbook.


American Foreign Policy; A history/to 1914

Patterson, Clifford, Hagan, 1983

History of American Foreign Policy through 1914


American Foreign Policy; A history/Since 1900

Patterson, Clifford, Hagan, 1983

History of American Foreign Policy since 1900


American Government 1935

Frank Magruder, PH. D., 1935

School Civics textbook.


American Government 1939

Frank Magruder, PH. D., 1939               

School civics textbook.


American History

D.H. Montgomery, 1917

The leading facts of American History.


American History

Southworth & Southworth, 1931

School History textbook


American Politics 

Alexander Johnston, 1860                                        

School civics textbook.


American, State and Local Gov.

Claudius Johnson; 1956                    

School civics textbook


Amish Roots

Edited by John A Hostetler, 1989

A treasury of history, wisdom, and lore.


Andrew Jackson

John T. Morse, 1989                                                

Pres. Jackson, history


Anti-Federalists:  What the Anti-Federalists Were For

Hebert J. Storing, 1981

An introduction to Storing's 7-volume The Complete Anti-Federalist

Anti-Federalists, The; Critics of the Constitution 1781-1788

Jackson Turner Main, 1961

Analysis of the philosophical attitudes and political behavior of those opposed to the creation of a stronger central government.

Architects of Conspiracy

William P. Hoar, 1984

A highly foot-noted documentary of the various conspiracies from American and French Revolutions through the Federal Reserve Act, ending with the Tri-lateral Commission.


Battle Cry of Freedom

James McPherson, 1988

The War Between the States era.


Benton, Thomas H.

American Statesman Series

Theodore Roosevelt, 1895


Bermuda Triangle

Charles Berlitz, 1974

An incredible saga of unexplained disappearances.


Blood Money:  The Civil War and the Federal Reserve

John Remington Graham, 2006


Blue Book of the John Birch Society 

Robert Welch, 1992                    

JBS Blue Book


Boys of '61

Charles Coffin, 1883

Letters and Essays from soldiers who fought in the War Between the States.


Brainwashing:  A Synthesis of the Russian Textbook of Psychopolitics


Roy Masters, Foundation for Human Understanding, 1991        


Russian Psych. textbook - abridged.  Illustrates how U.S. political and education system has been co-opted by Communist forces using the perceived "authority" of Mental Health "officials" and psychotropic drugging en masse.

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Bryant's Popular History of the United States, Vol. I

Williams Cullen Bryant, 1876

Post Reconstruction revised history of the United States


Bryant's Popular History of the United States, Vol. II

Williams Cullen Bryant, 1876

Post Reconstruction revised history of the United States


Bryant's Popular History of the United States, Vol. III

Williams Cullen Bryant, 1876

Post Reconstruction revised history of the United States


Bulwark of the Republic

Burton Hendrick, 1937

A Biography of the U.S. Constitution


Calhoun, John C.

American Statesman Series

Dr. H. von Holst, 1895


Carnegie, Andrew

Louise Carnegie, 1920



Church History in the Fullness of Times

Intellectual Reserve, Inc., 1992

A college textbook for students of Religion 341, 342 and 343:  "Latter-day Saint History."


Churching of America: 1776-1990, The

Roger Finke, Rodney Stark, 1992

History of religious organizations with the Church of Christ in the United States.


Classic Trains

Hans Halbertstadt, 2001

Photographic history of trains in the United States


Conservative Tradition in American Thought, The

Jay A. Sigler, 1969

A collection of essays from the nation's conservative thinkers throughout its history.


Citizen's Rule Book

David Deschesne, 2001                                        

Constitution, Declaration of Independence, etc.


Civil Government in the United States

John Fiske, 1890                       

College textbook


Civil War, The

Ward, R. Burns, and K. Burns, 1990

Photographic documentary


Constitution of the United States 

Thomas Norton, 1943                       

Sources and applications of US Constitution


Creature From Jekyll Island

G. Edward Griffin, 2000

History of Federal Reserve System.


Crime of the Century, The

By:  Henry M. Hunt

1889 H.L. & D.H. Kochersperger,

A complete and authentic history of the greatest of modern Conspiracies.  The assassination of Dr. Patrick Henry Cronin.


Critical Period of American History, The

John Fiske, 1888

America from 1783-1789


Davis, Jefferson Vol. I

Varina Davis, 1890

A memoir by his wife.

Reverse Draft      Maine Vacation 1860

Davis, Jefferson Vol. II

Varina Davis, 1890

A memoir by his wife.


Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, The

Charlotte Iserbyt, 1999

Giant book full of quotations and documents proving that public schools are purposefully, systematically dumbing down America's youth.


Democracy in America

Alexis DeTocqueville, 1956                             

Abridged by Richard D. Heffner


Diplomatic History of the American People

Thomas A. Bailey, 1950



Divine Agitators

Mark Newman,  2004 University of Georgia Press

History of the National Council of Churches' Delta Ministry and its role in mid-1960's Civil Rights movement in Mississippi.


Economic Consequences of the Peace

John Maynard Keynes, 1920

Thesis opposing treaty of Versailles and examination of the economic consequences.


Ellis Island

Pamela Reeves, 2000

History of Ellis Island, New York

Encyclopedia of the States

Worldmark Press, 1981


End of the Roaring Twenties

1969 Bill Severn

Prohibition and Repeal.


English Colonization and Empire

Alfred Caldecott, M.A., 1903

College English history textbook.


Expendable Elite:  One Soldier's Journey Into Covert Warfare

LTC Daniel Marvin (USASF, Ret.)

As a Captain, Marvin commanded a US Army Special Forces A-Team in Vietnam and was the first to covertly take the war into Cambodia against the VC safe havensLearn More Here

Farmer Citizen at War, The

Howard Tolley, 1943

Duties of farmer during WWII


Famous Americans


Brief biographies and photos of Americans of the 1800's.


Federalist Papers 

Hamilton, Madison, Jay                                            

Federalist Papers


Flags of American History

David Crouthers, 1962

Pictorial history of State and national flag in U.S. hisory


Forfeiting Our Property Rights 

Rep. Henry Hyde, 1995                       

Asset forfeiture/seizure abuses


Freedom and Responsibility

Arthur Hadley, 1903                                

Civics essays


Freedom in Chains

1999, James Bovard

The Rise of the State and the Demise of the Citizen


From the Crash to the Blitz, 1929-1939

New York Times, 1969

NY Times analysis of American experience during Great Depression.

General Education Board, The

General Education Board, 1915

Report of the General Education Board to Congress re the state of education in United States 1902 -1914.


Gold Rush Country

Lane Magazine and Book Co., 1968

Guide to California's mother  lode and northern mines.


Government in the Fifty States

Anderson, Penniman, Weidner, 1960

Civics textbook


Growth of American Thought

Merle Curti, 1964                                  

Early American thinking


Guadal-Canal Diary

Richard Tregaskis, 1946

A marine's diary of Guadal-Canal


Gun Control

Robert Emmet Long,1989                                                

"Reference Shelf" series


Hamilton, Alexander

Ron Chernow, 2004

Biography of Alexander Hamilton


Hazardous Duty

Colonel David H. Hackworth (Ret.), 1996

One of America's most decorated soldiers reports from the front with the truth about the U.S. Military Today.


Haystack Centennial

American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, 1907

The Hundredth Anniversary of the Haystack Prayer meeting celebrated at the Ninety-Seventh Annual Meeting of the American Board in North Adams at Williamstown, Mass.  October 9-12, 1906

Henry Clay

American Statesman Series

Carl Schurz, 1893                                           

Henry Clay, history


Higher Education, The

George Trumbull Ladd, 1899

Four essays on the state of higher education in the United States at the turn of the 20th century.


Hints About Business

Hoyt, Fogg & Breed, 1872                                

Business laws, customs & methods


Historic Currents in Changing America

Carman, Kimmel, Walker, 1938

American History textbook


History of Bigotry in the United States

Gustavus Myers, 1943


History of the United States Vol I

Earl Martin, Ph.D., 1928                  

History textbook


History of the United States Vol IV

 E. Benjamin Andrews, 1912          

History textbook


History of the United States Vol V.

E. Benjamin Andrews, 1912           

History textbook


History of the Office of the Secretary of Defense Vol. I

Steven L. Rearden c/o US Gov. Printing Office, 1984

Vol. I The Formative Years 1947-1950


History of the Office of the Secretary of Defense Vol. II

Steven L. Rearden c/o US Gov. Printing Office, 1984

Vol. II The Test of War 1950 - 1953


Home of the Brave

Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers, Inc., 1996

Famous American quotations indexed.


House of Morgan

Ron Chernow, 1990

History of Morgan family and banking dynasty.


Imperial Presidency, The

Arthur Schlesinger, JR, 1973,

Schlesinger traces the escalation of Presidential power and considers what Congress and the people can do about it.


In the Eye of History

William Matson Law, 2005

Disclosures in the JFK Assassination Medical Evidence


Initiative and Referendum, The

Natl. Economic League, 1912                      

Pros and cons of initiative and referendum


Instead of Education

John Holt, 1976

Thesis on learning by "doing", rather than compulsory, coercive, competitive schools.


Introduction to American Government

Frederic Ogg and P. Orman Ray, 1931

College Civics Textbook


Jewett, Charles

W.M. Thayer, 1879

Life and recollections of Charles Jewett, the Doctor, Preacher, and Abolitionist.


Kill Zone

Craig Roberts, 1994

A sniper looks at Dealey Plaza


Kings, Commoners, & Colonists

Selma R. Williams, 1974

Puritan politics in Old and New England.


King's Handbook of the United States

By M.F. Sweetser

1881 Moses King Corporation

This book is essentially an atlas of the individual states, their general statistics and noteworthy points of interest.


La Habra:  The pass through the hills

Esther Cramer, 1969

History of La Habra, California


Lincoln, Abraham

American Statesman Series

John T. Morse, Jr., 1894


Lincoln on Leadership

Donald T. Phillips, 1992                                    

Pres. Lincoln leadership strategies


Lords of Creation, The

Frederick Lewis Allen, 1935

An analysis of the Morgans, Rockefellers, and Federal Reserve bankers from the perspective of one in the 1930's.


Loyal Orange Association, Ritual of the

Committee on L.O.  Ritual, 1917

Ritual of the Ladies Loyal Orange Association.  Rules for conducting ceremony, etc.


Mail Service, A Short History

Carl H. Scheele, 1970

History of the U.S. mail service.


Marshall, John

American Statesman Series

Allan B. Magruder, 1895


Medical Care in the United States

Eric F. Oatman, 1978                      

"Reference Shelf" series


Medical Care in the United States

Eric F. Oatman, 1978                      

"Reference Shelf" series


Mexican War and its Warriors, The

J. Frost, 1849

Analysis of Mexican/American War


Michael New:  Mercenary or American Soldier?

Daniel New, 1998

The story of one young soldier who was court-martialed for obeying his oath, his contract and the Uniform Code of Military Justice.


Modern Eloquence Vol. XV

John D. Morris & Co., 1903

Political Oratory.


Morris, Governeur

American Statesman Series

Theodore Roosevelt, 1888


My Three Years with Eisenhower

Capt. Harry Butcher, 1946             

Historical reference - General Eisenhower's aide.


My Wars

Colonel Francis C. Grevemberg, 2004

Former superintendent of Louisianna state police recalls fights to clean up the established crime syndicate within that organization.


New England

George French, 1911

History of New England states.


New Modern Encyclopedia

A.H. McDannald, B.L., 1952                   



New Pearl Harbor, The

David Ray Griffin, 2004

Disturbing questions about the Bush Administration and 9/11


Notebook of a Colonial Clergyman

Edited by Theodore G. Tappert and John W. Doberstein, 1959

An anthology of the journals of Henry Melchior Muhlenberg.  A first-hand account of life in eighteenth-century America.


Old Boys, The

Burton Hersh, 1992

The American Elite and the origins of the CIA


Origins of the Crash

Roger Lowenstein, 2004

"Lowenstein steps behind the numbers to examine the culture that led to the creating and the bursting of the stock market bubble at the turn of the millennium...with authority, force, and just the right amount of outrage." - John P. Mello, The Boston Globe

Our Children's Keepers

Larry Cole, 1972                                            

America's Juvenile System


Our National Government

Perry Mason Co., 1904                              

School textbook


Our Nation's Archive

Bruun & Crosby, 1999

The history of the United States in Documents.


Our Times, IV

Mark Sullivan, 1937

The United States, 1909-1914


Paine, Thomas:  Political Works of, Vol. II

Peter Eckler, 1892

Compilation of the writings of Thomas Paine


Patten Papers, The: 1885-1940, II

Martin Blumenson, 1972               

historical reference - General Patten


Pearl Harbor Story, The

Swak, Inc., 1978

Pictorial account of Pearl Harbor attack


Pentagon Propaganda Machine, The

Senator J. W. Fulbright, 1970

Details mechanisms propagandists in the Pentagon use to "sell" wars to the American people.


Picking America's Pockets

David L. Cohn, 1936                                 

The story of the costs and consequences of tariffs


Pillars of the Republic

Carl F. Kaestle, 1983                                        

Common schools and American society 1780-1860


Politics for Young Americans

Charles Nordhoff, 1881                          

school civics textbook

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Poor Whites of the Antebellum South

Charles C. Bolton, 1994

Thesis on white paupers in South in relation to blacks - free and slave.


Present at the Creation

Dean Acheson, 1969

His years at the State Department.


Quaker Colonies, The

Sidney G. Fisher, 1919

A chronicle of the proprietors of the Deleware


Reconstruction:  America's Unfinished Revolution

Eric Foner, 1988

Thesis on Reconstruction Era


Reconstruction,  Documentary History of Vol. I

Walter L. Fleming, 1966

Historical documents re: Reconstruction era


Reconstruction,  Documentary History of Vol. II

Walter L. Fleming, 1966

Historical documents re: Reconstruction era


Riddle of the State Department, The

Robert Bendiner, 1942                 

History of State Department's questionable practices


Rise and Fall of an American Army

Shelby L. Stanton, 1985

U.S. Ground Forces in Vietnam, 1965- 1973


Robber Barons, The

1934 Matthew Josephson

The Great American Capitalists: 1861-1901


Rockefellers, The

Peter Collier, David Horwitz, 1976

History of Rockefeller family


Roosevelt Myth, The

John T. Flynn, 1949

Exposes the true destruction FDR perpetrated against the U.S.A.


School History of the United States

John McMaster, 1920                   

School textbook


Second Twenty Years at Hull-House, The

Jane Adams, 1929

Reflections on the history of the Hull House, globalist settlement housing project in Chicago.  Hull House originally conceived by 'one-worlders' in the Royal Institute of International Affairs in order to indoctrinate the people of the United States into the doctrine of global government.


Severn Teackle Wallis, Vol. 1

John Murphy & Co., 1896

Address and Poems of Severn Teackle Wallis


Shaker Communities, Shaker Lives

Priscilla J. Brewer, 1986

Charts changing Shaker experiences through the end of the nineteenth century.


Spain, War with: Photographic History

R.H. Woodward Co., 1899

Photographic history of the Spanish/American war.


Stakes of Power, The

1961 Roy F. Nichols

Thesis on aftermath of Civil War and Reconstruction


Statesmen of the Lost Cause

Burton Hendrick, 1939

History of the Statesmen of the South during the War Between the States.


Stevens, Thadeus

American Statesman Series

Samuel W. McCall, 1899


Sunlight and Storm:  The Great American Plains

Alexander B. Adams, 1977

Comprehensive history of the settlement of the Great Plains.



Douglas Valentine, 2000

True story of covert operations in Vietnam as told by a U.S. Air Force photojournalist


Tennessee Encyclopedia of History and Culture

Tennessee Historical Society, 1998


Theta of Delta, Kappa, Epsilon

John Clair Minot, 1904                        

Historical sketch of that chapter at Bowdoin College


They Preached Liberty

Coral Ridge Ministries

Collection of sermon excerpts from preachers of the Revolutionary War era.


This is America, My Country Vol. I

Veterans' Historical Book Service, Inc., 1952

Historical overview of America by veterans.


This is America, My Country Vol. II

Veterans' Historical Book Service, Inc., 1952

Historical overview of America by veterans.


Transformation of American Foreign Policy

Charles Bohlen, 1969        

American foreign policy


Treasury of Deception

Michael Farquahr, 2005

Recounts the amazing true stories of charlatans, imposters, forgeries, military trickery, great escapes and media hoaxes.


Two Ways of Life:  The Communist Challenge to Democracy

Holt Rinehart and Winston, Inc., 1965

Comparison between Jeffersonian and Marxist ideologies.


Understanding Special Operations

David T. Ratcliffe, 1999

1989 Interview with L. Fletcher Prouty, Colonel USAF (Ret.)



Indiana University Press, 1957

A Pro-UNESCO History of the UN's primary propaganda arm.


United States in 1800, The

Henry Adams, 1889

This version republished by Cornell University Press originally titled "History of the United States of America during the First Administration of Thomas Jefferson" published in 1889

Visiting Our Past:  America's Historylands

National Geographic Society, 1977

Pictorial history of America's famous landmarks.


Voice of Feminism

JoAnn Guernsey, 1996                                           



Why Should We Change our Form of Government? 


Nicholas Butler, 1912                                             


Discussion against changing to Socialism


Warren Commission Report

The Official Warren Commission Report on the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy


Woman's Right to Labor

Caroline H. Dall, 1860                                  

Women's labor movement


Woman's Rights Under the Law

Caroline H. Dall, 1861                       

Women's rights


Women in the Military

Brian Mitchell, 1998

Analysis of the detrimental effects of women in the military service.


Words that Made American History


Richard Current & John Garraty, 1965


Political essay


World's Best Orations, Vol. I - X

David J. Brewer, editor, 1899

Encyclopedic compilation of speeches and writings of early 19th century American political thinkers, arranged alphabetically by author name.  Vol. X includes index by subject matter.

Yearbook of Agriculture, 1950-51

U.S. Dept. of Agriculture

Crops in Peace and War


Yearbook of Agriculture, 1959

U.S. Dept. of Agriculture



Yearbook of Agriculture, 1963

U.S. Dept. of Agriculture

A Place to Live


Your Washington and Mine

Louis Payson Latimer, 1924

History of our nation's capitol.


911:  The Great Illusion

George Humphrey, 2002                                 

Gov. involvement in 9-11 essay