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 World History


  China at the Crossroads

Donald Altschiller, 1994

The Reference Shelf Series


Communist China: Revolutionary Reconstruction 1941 - Present

Franz Schurman and Orville Schell, 1967

Documentary history




  British Polity, The

Philip Norton, 1984

Student textbook on British politics with comparison to America's


History of England, Second Course

Longmans, Green, and Co., 1891

Student textbook on political history of England.


Magna Charta, King John, and the Barons

Arthur Bye, 1966

Overview of Magna Charta and Barons who co-founded it.


MacCauley's History of England, Vol. I


MacCauley's History of England, Vol. II


MacCauley's History of England, Vol. III


MacCauley's History of England, Vol. IV


Select Charters of English Constitutional History

William Stubbs, 1890

Selected charters and abstracts of documents of English Constitutional History.  Some in English, some in Latin.





General Literature



A Martyr Speaks:  Journal of the Late John Alan Coey

1988 G. Edward Coey

Journal of J.A. Coey's experiences fighting communism in Rhodesian Army.



A Study of History

Arnold J. Toynbee, 1947

Condensed from Toynbee's six volume  set by D.C. Somerville. Issued under the auspices of the Royal Institute for International Affairs, A Study of History is a globalist's re-write of history allowing for their (globalism) theory to prevail.


Ancient World, The

Henry C. Boren, 1976

An historical perspective.


ARAMCO Handbook

1968 Arabian American Oil Co.

Oil and the Middle East


Atlantis Encyclopedia, The

Frank Joseph, 2005

Encyclopedia of Atlantis


Bismarck, Prince:  Personal Reminiscences of

Sidney Whitman, 1903

Personal reminiscences of Prince Bismark


Byzantium and the Roman Primacy

Francis Dvornik, 1966

A conclusion to Dvornik's studies of the Byzantine's view of Rome


Commandos for Christ

Bruce Porterfield, 1999

Bruce Porterfield served seventeen years in Bolivia as a missionary with New Tribes Mission.  He and his coworkers spent much of that time seeking to make a friendly contact with primitive tribes in remote areas of the country.  The challenges they faced are recorded in Commandos for Christ.

Destruction of Atlantis, The

Frank Joseph, 2002

Compelling evidence of the sudden fall of the legendary civilization


Dressed for the Job

C. Williams-Mitchell, 1982

History of styles of dress for various occupations throughout history.

Evolution of Civilizations

Carroll Quigley, 1979 Liberty Fund, Inc.

Quigley's thesis on the seven-step process of; Mixture, Gestation, Expansion, Age of Conflict, Universal Empire, Decay and Invasion all civilizations seem to experience due to the institutionalization of their instruments of production and government.

Quigley on weapons proliferation

Fearful Master, The

G. Edward Griffin, 1964

A Second Look at the United Nations


Foreign Affairs

Publication of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)

October, 1960

January, 1961

April, 1961

October, 1961



Geofrey Ashe, 1968

Life of Gandhi


Gandhi, Soldier of Nonviolence

Calvin Kytle, 1982

Life of Gandhi


Gulag Archipelago, The

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, 1973

His life in the gulag.


Greek Society, 2nd ed.

Frank J. Frost, 1980

Brief synopsis of Ancient Greek society/history.


Hallam's Middle Ages

Henry Hallam, LL.D., William Smith, 1893

General histories of France, Spain, Italy, etc. 


Histories, The


Translated by Aubrey De Selincourt, Penguin Books, 1996


History of the Christian Church, Revised Ed.

Williston Walker, 1959 Charles Scribner's Sons


History of the Church

Eusebius, 1965 G.A. Williamson

Eusebius (A.D. 260-339), a Greek Christian writer, often called the "Father of Ecclesiastical History"


History of the World Volume IV

New Outline of Knowledge, 1936

The Early Civilizations and Empires


History's Timeline

Jean Cooke, Ann Kramer, Theodore Rawland-Entwistle, 1981

A 40,000 year chronology of civilization.


International Relations Between the Two World Wars



E.H. Carr, 1985 MacMillan Co.



It was Rus'-Ukraine and Not Russia Christianized in 988

Millenium of Christianity in Ukraine Baltimore Committee.


My Lai Massacre and its Cover-up:  Beyond the Reach of Law?

Joseph Goldstein, Burke Marshall, and Jack Schwartz

1976 The Free Press; A Division of Macmillan Publishing Co., Inc.


Man's Rise to Civilization:

As Shown by the Indians of North America from Primeval Times to the Coming of the Industrial State


Peter Farb,1968


Most Evil Men and Women in History, The

Miranda Twiss, 2002

Most evil men and women in history; biographical sketches.


Outline of History, The

H.G. Wells, 1920

Revised and brought up to date (1961) by J.F. Horrabin


Our Votes, Our Guns

Martin Meredith, 2002

Robert Mugabe and the tragedy of Zimbabwe


Picture History of Russia

Edited by:  John Stuart Martin, 1968

1200 illustrations


Religion in Japanese History

By: Joseph M. Kitagawa

1966, 1990 Columbia University Press

Japanese religious history

Scotland of the Saints

D.D.C. Pouchin Mould, B.Sc. Ph.D., 1952

An attempt to build up a composite picture of the early history of Argyll, the kingdom of Dalriada, and of the work of the Celtic saints in the West Highlands of Scotland.

Three Decades of Decision

1977 McClelland and Stewart Limited

An historical and relevant treatise on Canada and the world monetary systems.


Tortured for Christ

Richard Wurmbrand, 1967

The saga of Rev. Richard Wurmbrand, an evangelical minister who spent fourteen years in communist imprisonment and torture in his homeland of Rumania.


Treaty of Versailles and After

Oxford University Press, 1935

By:  Lord Riddell, Prof. C.K. Webster, Arnold Toynbee, Denis Saurrat, Werner Von Rheinbaben, Senatore Forges Davanzati, Mrs. M Tappan Hollond, Sir Norman Angell

The Church in Crisis

Philip Hughes, 1960

A History of the General Councils, 325-1870


United Nations' Global Straightjacket

Joan Veon, 2000

Overview of global governmental structures via the United Nations.


Vietnam, The Story of

Hal Dareff, Revised Ed. 1971

World Politics

Alred De Grazia and Thomas H. Stevenson, 1962

A study in International Relations


Eyewitness to History

John Carey, editor, 1987

Eyewitness accounts of world events from Caesar through today.




Communist Manifesto

Edited by Frederic L Bender, 1988

Original Manifesto of Communism as written by Karl Marx in 1872 plus annotations.

10 planks of Communist Manifesto         Various excerpts from Manifesto

Mein Kampf

Adolf Hitler, 1927

Hitler's self-proclaimed program of blood and terror.


Nazi Seizure of Power, The

William Sheridan Allen, 1965

The Experience of a Single German Town, 1930-1935


Noah's Ark

By:  Marie-Madelein Fourcade, 1974

True story by the leader of the French Resistance in Germany during WWII


Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, The

William L. Shirer, 1960

History of NAZI era and World War II


Seed of Sarah

Judith Isaacson, 1991

Account of a young woman's experience in concentration camps.





  Bonds of Empire

Ronald Posner, 1975

The Roman world in the reign of Trajan.


Roman Imperial Civilisation

Harold Mattingly, 1959

An extensive survey of Roman history from Augustus to Constantine.





Brainwashing:  A Synthesis of the Russian Textbook of Psychopolitics


Foundation for Human Understanding, 1991        


Russian Psych. textbook - abridged


Bolshevik Myth, The

Alexander Berkman   1925 Boni & Liveright, Inc.

Berkman's diary from 1920-22 from being deported from Ellis Island, New York back to Russia.


Political and Diplomatic History of Russia

George Vernadsky, 1936

College Textbook


Soviet Politics in Transition

Joan DeBardeleben, 1992

Ideal as either a basic textbook in courses on Soviet politics or as an overview for a comparative politics class.


Soviet Union, The

Congressional Quarterly, Inc., 1982

General overview of Soviet Union


10 Days That Shook the World

John Reed, 1934

Covers decisive moment of the Bolshevik Revolution.