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Phony Pipe Bomber Had Friend in CIA


Mock Bombing Event Appears to be Stage Managed Terrorism Scripted to Discredit Republicans


By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, November 7, 2018


   The alleged pipe bombing suspect, Cesar Sayoc, who was recently arrested, appeared to be making an overt attempt to demonize Republicans by decorating his infamous white van with Trump logos and masquerading as a Republican on social media.  He also admittedly has a friend who works in the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and may have been working with that nefarious group to discredit the Republican party in general and President Trump in particular.

   The so-called “pipe bombs” that he allegedly mailed to Democrat and media targets were essentially crude, pathetic hoaxes. None of which were even functional. Rather, they turned out to be poorly constructed movie props deployed purely for propaganda purposes.

   His white van, which was seen on Social media previously with no logos or markings, mysteriously appeared after the pipe bombs were discovered, wallpapered with pro-Trump bumper stickers and slogans as well as anti-Democrat and mainstream media memes.  The number of logos and bumper stickers on the van was excessive, bordering on cartoonish, or perhaps staged, in order to cast a negative light on Republicans in what predictably became a viral photo in a pre-election media stunt.

   This isn’t the first time political activists masqueraded as their opponents.  In the early 1960s the CIA used B-26 military planes painted with Cuban Air Force logos and dressed up Cuban rebels in Cuban military uniforms, then used them to stage a fake military rebellion designed to look like a “real” mass defection.

   The so-called “Bay of Pigs” invasion was a CIA-led operation throughout, with Cuban insurgents.  The intent was to trick the regular duty Cuban military troops that a coup was underway and to join their fellow comrades (the disguised insurgents) in overthrowing the Castro regime.  The staged coup got into trouble, though when the insurgent land forces began to take fire from the regular troops.  President John F. Kennedy, who had initially authorized the CIA invasion of Cuba, refused to provide U.S. Navy support of those ground troops, even though the Navy was stationed just offshore in international waters.  The CIA begged and pleaded with the President to intervene in their fledgling invasion but he would not commit U.S. troops or firepower and the CIA-led rebels lost the day.   This was the beginning of the end for President Kennedy as the CIA, along with the Federal Reserve System ultimately took out a contract on his life and had him assassinated.

   The Sayoc mock bombing incident resembles the Bay of Pigs in several ways.  First, Sayoc registers himself as a Republican then goes around mingling at high profile Republican events in order to accumulate an inventory of “selfies” to post on his social networking sites; this is like the fake uniform the CIA-led Cuban insurgents used.  He then proceeds to mail out a bunch of fake bombs to Democrat and media outlets while his van is stickered-up from top to bottom with pro-Trump bumper stickers and anti-Democrat paraphernalia.  This action resembles the CIA’s labeling of the B-26 planes with Cuban Air Force military insignia to make it look like the Cubans’ active duty Air Force was instigating a rebellion in their own country.   Finally, he populates his social media sites with an assortment of pro-Republican and anti-Democrat rhetoric.  All of this was done in order to make himself appear to be a legitimate conservative.  The problem with this strategy, however, is that real conservatives don’t use violence to sell their ideology the way Democrats and Communists do.

   “There is no doubt that Cesar Alteiri Sayoc and his fake bomb plot were nothing more than a false flag operation,” said Tim Brown, from the Washington Standard.  “In fact, there is some evidence that may point to the fact that he might just be involved not only with the Democrats, but with the Central Intelligence Agency, as well.

   In a social media post in 2016, Sayoc wrote: “I would like to wish my great friend from Academy 9 yrs military school Ricki a happy birthday and lifetime from CIA. Congrats on your invention and many successes my brother.” 

   Sayoc’s social media accounts have now been expunged from the net.

    According to Forbidden Knowledge TV, Sayoc’s CIA friend Ricki is former CIA agent Enrique “Ric” Prado. This is Prado’s self-description on his website:

   “Enrique “Ric” Prado is a twenty five year veteran of the Central Intelligence Agency where he served in six overseas posts, including as Chief of Station in a Muslim country. Domestically, he served as Chief of Operations for the DCI’s Counterterrorist Center under Ambassador Cofer Black during the 11 September, 2001 attacks and the subsequent war on terrorism. He also served as the Deputy on the original bin Laden Task Force. Highly decorated, he received the CIA’s Distinguished Career Intelligence Medal (highest award given to Senior Officers), as well as CTC’s George H. W. Bush Award for Excellence in Counterterrorism, among others. He is a native Spanish speaker and a graduate of George Mason University.”

   Throughout his Agency career and post-retirement work in support of the U.S. Intelligence Community, Mr. Prado is said to have developed a substantial network of intelligence operation officers, investigators, military and police officer contacts worldwide. He now brings these resources to the private sector.

   This enigmatic connection with Sayoc to the CIA is certainly intriguing.  “Is it possible that Sayoc is tied to the CIA?” Mr. Brown asks rhetorically.  “Entirely possible!”