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Current Ebola Virus Not as Deadly as Purported

Could be Dress Rehearsal for Government Rollout of Population Reducing Bio-Weapon

By: David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, November 12, 2014

The current strain of Ebola virus that has been saturating the mainstream news may not be as deadly as it’s being purported.

Ebola is part of a family of viruses called Filovirus, or “thread virus.” There are several deadly strains of it, such as; Marburg, Ebola Sudan and Ebola Zaire and at least one strain that has no adverse affects on humans but is deadly to monkeys; that strain is called Ebola Reston, named after the monkey house in Reston, Virginia where it was discovered and eradicated by the U.S. military in the winter of 1989.

Even with the Reston strain of Ebola—which does not make humans sick—the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) still require a maximum level, Level 4 Biohazard, when dealing with the virus. This leads one to wonder why there is such a lackadaisical attitude of non-urgency by the CDC today, along with the open invitation to all with the current strain of Ebola to come to the U.S. to be treated in makeshift Level 2 biohazard rooms at public hospitals—buildings that are historically least able to contain deadly infectious diseases.

The mainstream media appears to have taken the bait of this year’s pre-election “October surprise” (a biannual fabricated distraction sprung upon society just prior to a federal election in order to distract and disorient the collective psyche) by allowing the government spin-doctors to confuse them with hyperbole and fear mongering to report a potentially non-deadly strain of Ebola—if indeed any of the cases reported are bona fide to begin with—as if it were one of the super deadly strains.

Unlike the non-harmful Reston version of Ebola, Marburg, Ebola Sudan and Ebola Zaire kill their human victims in just a few days. It is these versions of the virus the mainstream media is presuming, without any proof, to be the ones at play in the current media cycle.

Marburg, Sudan and Zaire have a much faster incubation period than the current strain of Ebola purportedly in circulation now. With those deadly versions of Ebola the incubation period is just seven days—not twenty one as the current strain—which is followed by headache, putrefying (rotting) of the flesh and internal organs, body-wide hemorrhaging then blood clots throughout the body of the host victim resulting in the body decomposing into a pile of rotted meat and death resulting within 48 hours. It is these strains of the virus that are most deadly, have the highest kill rate and have no known cures. These strains are highly contagious and can spread very rapidly with a very high kill rate, burning through the population in a matter of days.

However, the current strain does not appear to be exhibiting the telltale signs of the deadly versions and the lack of urgency and interest by the CDC seems to indicate we are either dealing with a non-deadly strain of Ebola, or a well-fabricated cover story designed to gauge public reaction. People with the virus are not crashing out in 48 hours in a heaping pile of half-rotted flesh and, given the level of exposure to contaminated victims, the general public is not catching the virus en masse.

According to an Alex Jones Show interview with Steve Quayle, an investigative journalist and radio talk show host who has been studying the Ebola virus for decades, this is not the hemorrhagic fever that is of the Filovirus family. “There is no blood; hemorrhagic fever is a biosafety level four pathogen, a virus, that is so deadly that the people who deal with it in all the biolabs around the world always have positive pressure suits, they have negative pressure laboratories,” explained Quayle. “This is a psychological operation. It is a bioweapon that is sub-par to the Ebola. Ebola was first defined and articulated in 1976. At that point it had a 88% kill ratio. Obviously we're dealing with something unique in that there is no independent verification that this is Ebola. People need to look at the lackadaisical way that people doing the cleanup are approaching this. I can assure everyone if this were Ebola this would be a totally different picture. Every protocol of the CDC; isolation, containment has been absolutely abrogated.”

Quayle also says that Ebola has been aerosolized by laboratory-designed mutation and is intended to be spread in the atmosphere which has been prepped for that job over the years by the hundreds of thousands of chem trails containing chemicals and blood products sprayed by airplanes for that purpose. “When I first broke the news on chem-trails what I was concerned with would be, if you will, an atmospheric Petri dish or an atmospheric laboratory that was basically building the atmosphere up or poisoning the atmosphere so at some later date it would be the ultimate dispersal vehicle for a biological weapon.”

Quayle points out the chem trails he's referring to are not the condensation trails left by the heat of planes' jet engines in the colder portions of the atmosphere and dissipate rather quickly, rather they are trails of chemicals that are deliberately sprayed by malevolent actors and hang in the air and spread out over the entire sky for hours. “In other words, the chem-trails and everything in them, barium, strontium, aluminum, human blood cells, leukocytes, all the various chemicals, benzene, etc. are a perfect medium at some point in history to introduce us [to bioweapons]. This is why they’re saying in the winter Ebola becomes more 'aerosolized' because they have given it such a charge - an electrical charge - that it binds with the chemicals in the chem trails then falls out onto the population.”

Dr. Francis Boyle, who wrote the U.S. Biological and Anti-terrorism law, told Alex Jones, in a recent interview how the current strain of Ebola was produced at Galveston at the University of Texas Level 2 facility. Dr. Boyle explained how this current strain of Ebola was meant to tie into all the other known diseases like the cold, flu and MERS and start super spreading.

Presidential Impersonator, Barack Hussein-Obama recently announced that the current Ebola scare is a trial run for a more deadly airborne virus that may be released at some time in the future; as, some believe, part of a global population-reduction program.

“It is the Illuminati protocol to mock the people they intend to kill. Not only are they telling you how they're going to do it, even when they're doing it,” said Quayle. “Ebola has been weaponized it has been a part of the bioweapons program of not only the United States, but of Russia and China.”

Quayle believes the current strain of Ebola is a race-specific weapon designed to act most effectively in Africans in order to reduce the population there. “When they rush the people [with the current strain of Ebola] back to America they are looking for any anti-bodies that they may not have identified.”

All the major researchers are in agreement that this current Ebola scare is simply a test to “soup up” the disease and make this laboratory mutated version of it much more effective against the population for the purposes of population culling and control at a later date in the future.




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