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Suns & Shields

By Rachelle Hamlin

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Old Order and New Order for Churches

By Rachelle Hamlin

Fort Fairfield Journal, January 9, 2013

In 1980, while living outside the beltway around Washington, DC, in the hills of Northern Virginia, I received a word from the Lord concerning a revelation I had been given years before. He basically gave me new marching orders to follow for the next twenty years. The original revelation is the one that I will write about today, concerning Old Order Churches and the New Order for the emerging church. Back then until the new millenium, wherever He sent me I was to look for signs of the New Order Church; and whenever I found it, I was to go to the people involved and explain what the Lord had revealed to me. He wanted me to encourage them and to strengthen them as his servants. He said that there was going to be great confusion in the churches as the Old Order faded away and the New Order became established. I did do this for the next 20 years, wherever and whenever I needed to and it was pretty interesting to watch it develop in the real world the way it had been shown me years earlier.

So just how would I define this phenomenon? I use this likeness to describe the time we are in. Lift your left hand up before your face and make a straight, rigid plane out of it, left thumb closest to you. Notice how the shape is an elongated triangle that slopes downward from your wrist to your fingernails. Then take your right hand and lay it right on the top of the left, fingernails at the left wrist. It makes a long rectangle where the left diminishes and the right hand increases, yet "reading it" from left to right, they both exist together the whole time, but eventually the left hand is not there and the right arm takes over. This is what these days have been and still are like and why people are streaming out of some churches.

Call the left hand, Old Order, and the right hand, New Order. This will shed light on the strange and confusing things happening in the churches in general, and I confine my basic knowledge to the churches in the United States, those I know best. For two thousand years, the churches have been commissioned by Jesus himself to go forth and make converts, to disciple them and nurture them. Ephesians Ch. 6 talks about the presence of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers being used until such a time as the church gains maturity, coming to the full stature of Christ-likeness.

To put it most crisply, the old order for the church was to form, teach and liberate the Body of Christ. Over the years, this harvest centered people looked out on the lost and together with the Holy Spirit fed the Bride of Christ in the wilderness of sin for she had conceived, like Mary, a Child who was destined to bear the government on His shoulders, and they needed protection and safety in order to actually allow Him to grow up and be what He was destined to be -- Lord and Savior. Therefore, the church used every means at its disposal to witness, teach, and preach to lost souls, ministering to the poor and needy, bringing those in darkness to the promises of Christ.

As Ephesians declares, there would come a point when the church as a whole, would attain a measure of Christ-likeness. What then? When Paul wrote the letter to the Ephesians there was no hint of that. His job and their job was to create their new order for the churches as the Old Jewish Law was being replaced by the Law of Life in Christ Jesus with all the hardships that lay before it. That is the precedent for our times. God told me that the key to understanding our shift to a new order is the concept of the anointing. "The anointing breaks the yoke" as we learn in the Old Testament. It broke yokes during the New Testament times, and will continue to break yokes as Christians shift into a new era of manifesting the brilliance of the Presence of God in His people.

The fulfillment of the new order for the church can be stated this way; every man, woman and child, standing in their place giving light. But today's new order has only just begun, as special as the "early church" was in its time, this shift is not yet a widespread phenomenon. But where it appears, it is God's intention that we do not squash it. We must know how to recognize it, because it comes in the form of individual leadership, and recognizing it, we must give the new church the support that it requires.

Here is where the churches are suffering. It is not being discussed. It is not being taught in seminaries. It is sometimes preached against from pulpits. Individuals who are responding to the call of these days, who become anointed for special works of God, are being trampled by oppositions, by threatened institutions, by entrenched doctrines and by elected leaders who cannot see the success of their own ministries. Next issue, we investigate the Shulamite maid from Song of Soloman, Ch. 6, and see how she would fare in an old order church.

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