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Suns & Shields

By Rachelle Hamlin

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The King of Glory

By Rachelle Hamlin

Fort Fairfield Journal, February 6, 2013

We have seen the role of the Bride of Christ as prefigured by the Shulamite Maid, heroine of the Song of Solomon. Brief as it was, it became clearer that old order churches have brought some of its members to a place in the spirit where as mature Christians they are capable of co-laboring with Christ, their Beloved. Now before leaving the Song of Solomon, let's take a brief look at the King's role.

In my last article I told of a real intervention that lasted for five years of prayerful, hands-on support by new order Christians on behalf of a female drug addict. One evening this woman was allowed to see an angel stretched out protectively over her bed in jail. This manifestation of spiritual comfort, coming from God Himself, supplied this young woman with all she needed right then and forever. She turned her heart and life over to God. The King answers this way when mature Christians call on him to "come out into the open and show" himself.

This is commonly called a manifestation of supernatural power. Some people call this a "signs and wonders" ministry. Yet much confusion exists between processes expected in the old order churches and what should be normal in our time. Some people in old order churches warn their members to beware of supernatural phenomena. The waning purpose of those churches is to teach the lost about the benefits of a Christ-centered religious life. Everything was blessed by God that brought about healthy, wholesome understanding of living a Godly life. This was underscored by promises of future happiness.

But since the new order for the church is for every man, woman and child to step into spiritual life and participate directly in its benefits, there is no longer much waiting. To anyone who wishes, God's blessing will fall, upon all who shun a life of sin, and appropriate the grace to live holy in the here and now. Everyone who is willing and able to awaken to a truly spiritual life can manifest the Glory of the King just by standing up where God has put them and letting their light shine.

Over fifty years ago, Fulton Sheen, a Catholic Bishop had a popular television show that made his motto famous: "It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness." We did not know it then, but in God's Wisdom, seeds were being sown in the church to prepare us to love God's light and to shed it in our own environments, families, workplaces, and among friends. Today, there is even more darkness. If we want to, we could spend our precious energy cursing it, staring at it hypnotized. This is not what the King of Glory asks of us. Every true Christian is to stand up, let their light shine and dispel a little of the darkness and not let the light go out until their body is fully spent fueling the shining.

To me, the most beautiful Biblical image for our time comes from the final acts of Gideon's 300 warriors. These disciplined men were on mountain ridges that lay around the camp of a great army of warriors intent on murder, plunder and violent overthrow of all that the Hebrews held dear. Notice, the invaders were placed lower than the men on horseback hiding in the shadows of the hills surrounding them. This is always the case with evil; good is higher than evil. Conditions in America now project the image of a destroying army gathering to attack and kill. We cannot see yet that God has a plan to destroy such aggression with light.

Each man carried a vessel with light in it. They silently and separately took their places in the darkness of the night. A trumpet blew an unmistakable sound. As each man heard the trumpet, he broke his clay vessel in such a way that the light inside became visible to the agitated army below. This is what mature people in new order churches are responding to in our time. We are quietly standing up in the places where God has arranged us, separately and quietly waiting for the call to shed the light within. The breaking of the vessel implies we know that the veil that separated us from God in the temple at Our Lord's death was ripped open from top to bottom; we have full access to His Holy Presence and we have given Him full access to ours.

This is the life of a disciplined army-- the success of the old order. The light is God! By faith we open up and allow the King's Glory to shine, each and every time we hear the sound of that spiritual trumpet. When we do this, he and his angels take over the battle. The terrorists become terrified; confused they flee. Situations change and the sun rises on an altered landscape. All praise goes to God who rewards his faithful servants with victory over all enemies.

It is possible to try to shed light all alone on your own and just believe you did some good. But when you first hear His trumpet and then shed your load of light, you see enemies run away terrified... now that is the new normal for the emerging church. A disciplined warrior sees results.

Song of Solomon 6:13- (the two armies are 1. the visible church and 2. Christ and His angels). Judges Ch. 7-- (Shows God's two armies at work).

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