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Suns & Shields

By Rachelle Hamlin

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By:  Rachelle Hamlin

Fort Fairfield Journal, February 14, 2018


     I recently moved into a small home where the former owner left a lot of furnishings that were not my laid back style. There were carved and fancy chairs and lamps and I thought to myself, “well, I can always paint them.” But once I moved in I examined them in the dining room, the bedroom and the living room and discovered that they were all faux fancy, created out of humble plastic.

     Driving around town I found a store called WOOD FURNITURE. They sell wooden furniture as a novelty item! That’s when I understood that while I was busy, the aliens really had landed and taken over. You see, when I was about 8 or 9 years old my friend Eugenia, an Italian girl with curly dark hair, pointed to a rock wall a neighbor had just built.  We went over to see it. “It’s made out of plastic,” she said. It was! Looked just like rocks, but was plastic. I prophesied to her that aliens were taking over our planet. They were stealing everything we had and replacing it with plastic counterfeits.

     I watched the slow creep of plastic as I grew up. We had plastic dishes, plastic fabrics, plastic glasses, plastic car parts, hard plastics, soft plastics and heat resistant plastics. So many things were plastic facsimiles that you began not to tell the difference. What was worse, you began not to care and that was followed by you began not to see.

   Right now I’m wearing plastic underwear and am keeping warm under a soft brown plastic fleece throw blanket. I’m wearing plastic eyeglasses and writing with a plastic pen. For all I know the entire couch I’m on could be plastic—from the fabric to the filling, to the thread and the frame. I have an entirely plastic dining table complete with plastic chairs covered with plastic fabric and fill.

   My kitchen is filled with plastic from veneers to utensils to walls and floors. I sleep in a bed from headboard to comfort items; plastic. Windows, curtains, ceiling panels, and walls; plastic. I have plastic flower arrangements all over the house that live in plastic “baskets”. One I particularly like has a plastic cabbage and plastic carrots mixed with plastic flowers and foliage.

   Recently a friend complained because her friend buys plastic shrubs and flowers for her landscape. I’ve seen them myself; they look great! And today, I saw a photo of a movie star wearing a shiny cat suit, all bubble-gum pink plastic… a black girl in whitey-pink skin. I did not make this up. Nobody sees it. Few complain. Even fewer think of stopping the insidious, ubiquitous creep of plastic. Not even me.

    I’m not worried. There are things the aliens will never take away from me beginning with my lord, Jesus Christ, my father, God and his Holy Spirit. What a sermon all this plastic stuff is preaching! “Nothing can separate us from the love of God” not the loss of all things natural, gifted to us by our true Creator. We still have real earth, real food, pure water, wisdom, joy, the glory of giving and forgiveness. All the plastics in this world only serve to point fingers towards things of true value. Try to counterfeit those, you freaks.


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