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Suns & Shields

By Rachelle Hamlin

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By: Rachelle Hamlin

Fort Fairfield Journal, February 18, 2015

O Jesus, my rock and my source of strength! Hear my prayer O mighty God! You who with the Father and the Holy Spirit generated all things that are, you who created all good things, hear my prayer and answer it. Your people have turned to you with love and expectation, they have put their trust in you. Even children’s hearts fill with gladness at the sound of your name. Jesus. Old people as they pass away have this holy name on their lips. Show mercy to all who trust in it, O Jesus, our redeemer, exalted friend.

Maker and mover of mountains, shaper of endlessly variable days, renewer of Earth’s lovely face, lifter of our hearts and souls, you are the breath that sustains all things we see and share, both in the natural world and in the spiritual world. Do not let the enemy of our souls have dominion over your inheritance; you who are the ultimate righteousness cannot suffer such injustice as to be robbed by rebellious angels.

You rule as King in every universe that now exists and is now being created, and all of infinite space is filled with your holiness and goodness, while here in this beautiful blue globe, your people, made by your loving kindness grovel in darkness, twisted by temptations and acts of the evil ones. Have mercy on us! Deliver us from evil!

Holy God, precious and worthy of all praise, only refuge that is safe, give us power over our enemies for we are surrounded on all sides by things that mar the perfection of your will for our well-being. You laid on a cross sustained by the vision of a free people. We believe! Come to the aid of those whose faith is fixated on your shed blood, O Jesus! Fiery love propelled every pulsating drop of blood and agony you endured to liberate this world from the character of lying, murdering demons that hate your pure soul.

Liberty is real! You are the Source of everything that creates a free people. You are the fountain of life that flows from the everlasting Rock. When we drink this water we taste life and liberty and we understand the truth. You are truth and so clean you cannot lie or let any micro-fraction of falsehood flow from your sacred heart or pass those holy and pristine lips.

It is no wonder that out of your holy mind, your mammoth wisdom, flowed the beauty of all you created! Breathtaking blueness of air by day, skies strewn with diamonds at night, clouds of water that you move everywhere to water the creatures you lavishly spread over the land and the seas. Messages of your love towards us fill our days and our ways despite the fact that the Earth you created is peopled with those who immerse themselves in the alien voice; the voice that has chosen to hate you forever. O patient Lord!

Your voice, O Jesus, is soft and rare, but it is unforgettable. A few words of your wisdom hold depths of meaning. They sustain us in our desperate moments, in our secret pains, in our most heinous temptations. A few thoughts placed by our holy and careful angels and we are protected from the foolish things we might have done because we are a weak and a selfish people. You watch over your children always and are ever ready to snatch them from trouble when their soul is in danger.

You are a father to us because your Father and you are one being. You are endless and ever present Spirit and your spirit and our spirits are one spirit. Although we are many, we are one. Although we are frail, we partake of your perfect strength. How can we turn away from you? It is impossible, for no matter where we are in body, or soul, or spirit, you are there. Your Divinity permeates everything and every place; even where there is evil, there is hope, faith and charity, rich treasures just waiting to be reached for, to be poured out in glad response to our cries for help. O Jesus, treasure of our searching hearts!

Although a pall of darkness lies over our planet like a stab in the heart of your people, through it all there is prayer, there is hope, there is faith and there is charity. They flow like a river of life watering the earth. You created it when you told us that you, our Rock, would be split and out of this mountain a river would flow over the globe and water the Earth with life. You are the Irresistible Force, a sweet King, a good friend, a devoted servant and the Morning Star! All your promises are for then, for now and for ever. We trust you, Jesus, Royal Regent, Glorious Lover, Holy, Untouchable yet ever accessible. You are spellbinding.

Give us this day victory over all that opposes your generous and undeserved blessings. Forgive us and help us to touch something today with the power of your Love. Your Love, O Jesus, creates righteousness out of unrighteousness. Your love changes hard, deceived hearts and softens them! Lift up your servants, this day, that we may be your quiet army walking unseen across the face of your creation -- full of faith, snapping all chains that bind your Bride.



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