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Suns & Shields

By Rachelle Hamlin

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Song for the Simple


By:  Rachelle Hamlin

Fort Fairfield Journal, February 28, 2018


          So another valentine’s day came to pass. Early that morning I walked into a mainstream grocery store to find hundreds of helium-filled, red heart balloons gaily dancing across the length of the building. A man was busy filling more, tying their strings to the counters and racks. The market expected to sell them to workers and home-bodies who would be eager to snatch one to make loving fun for the special people in their lives. It made me happy to realize there was that much love and excitement going on over Valentine’s Day.

     Around noon I drove by a young woman walking alone. She carried a festive paper sack filled with unseen stuff that created bulges in its sides. Tied to it was the long string of a red, helium-filled heart bobbling above her head. It was a happy sight. George gave me a red heart filled with fresh gooey chocolates and the world’s most perfect Valentine’s card so I’d know it wasn’t a ritual; it was true love. But the most touching acts of the holiday came from children.

    I was surprised when a four year old named Sullivan asked me for plain paper and a crayon as he walked into my classroom. He sat down making indescribable marks on it. I figured he was trying to write letters. When he was done, he proudly gave it to me saying, “This is for you.” At home it fell from my purse onto the table landing up-side down. Then the truth hit me like a hammer. On Sully’s paper were his many attempts to make a satisfactory heart! One was clearly the heart. Sully had made me a valentine! It makes me happy to see it on my kitchen wall.

    The children and I made a large poster with a huge red heart on it to symbolize God and we kissed heart stickers to stick on the big heart. That was our valentine to God; and we learned the first commandment is to love God with all your heart and soul. When the children discovered that they themselves were the souls, they were truly delighted. Three little girls clustered around me for a spontaneous group hug. That made me happy too. They gave what was theirs to give… the love in their hearts and souls.

    In this morning’s dream I was part of a large crowd milling around in a plaza. I searched for a man I could hear singing a simple song and I wanted to see who was supplying the music. I found them and the singer turned his face towards me, pointing with his finger. He wanted me to sing the next spontaneous verse. So I sang these words as I woke up and my dream faded.


“His love for you fills all the empty spaces;

So what else can I do but thank Him for His graces?

I pray, every day, that you will love Him as I do.”


   This is my valentine to you. I hope it makes you happy.



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