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Suns & Shields

By Rachelle Hamlin

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Sunrise at the Mustard Tree

By:  Rachelle Hamlin

Fort Fairfield Journal, March 6, 2013

When the Lord spoke to the Hebrews as Jesus he established an everlasting kingdom. He was a solitary person at the time but his kingdom of Kings and Priests will last forever. The early church looked for the soon return of the Lord. He'd promised to come quickly. How quick was the resurrection? In three days he was back and already at work raising the new Temple.

Just before he died, triumphantly entering Jerusalem, Jesus cried for Israel. So few knew that God had answered their prayers and that Messiah was with them in the flesh. Because they imagined a War God who would cause a storm of fury to break out against their oppressors they were blinded to his first appearing. They never expected his light to shine on their sins, to be required to become a different kind of person, or his message to love and forgive one's enemies. Since then the Gentile church became almost as lost as the Hebrews. We must not repeat their error by not knowing the hour of his revisitation.

Jesus said his Kingdom would be like a grain of Mustard seed planted in a field. He was that grain. Once he was planted, he wasted no time in showing himself in his resurrected form, a tiny Mustard plant showing above ground. Once that reality was established, he continued his journey upwards to his seat at the right hand of God as King of kings and Lord of lords. Christ is now all and in all; the body of Christ is the allegorical mustard tree, and he fills it from root to branch just as he filled his seed body on the cross. He predicted however that birds would lodge in the mature tree. Note the stark difference in form between an alien flying bird and the life and purpose of the tree. Jesus knew that doctrines of demons would lodge in its branches. Anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear can see for themselves that this is a perfect image of the Gentile Church today.

The difference between the Fig tree, symbol of Israel, that Jesus cursed and was found to have withered from its root, and the Mustard tree, symbol of the body of Christ, that has been occupied by birds is plain; one is utterly dead, and the other is very much alive and cannot be overly harmed by the interlopers. Jesus was the cause of both these trees' destinies. The Fig tree he could see, was cursed by the words of his mouth; the Mustard tree he saw coming, was blessed by the same mouth and these two events happened mere weeks apart.

Today we must focus on the birds in our branches and get rid of them. The glory of the Lord is about to rise on the Mustard tree. Church people love their doctrines and promote them. Honestly though, their teachings cannot all be right! There are too many contradictions from one church branch and another. I will give one illustration of how good souls propagate demonic doctrines as their form of worship of the Savior. Multiply this by a million to realize the damage being done by demons.

Listening to a Christian station this week, I heard the word sunrise in a song. I am studying scriptures on the sunrise. I thought it was a song proving that others see the second coming as a sunrise. I went online to find the words that The Chuck Wagon Gang had been singing. To my horror, the songwriter saw the sunrise all right, but his sunrise meant dying and going to heaven! Death was seen as the Blessed Hope!! Blackbirds took the great future promised David as he died without it, of mankind ruling and reigning in the fear of God, and twisted it.

Oblivious Gospel singers sang that Eternal Life is something you get after death but not in this life. That is totally anti-Christ, who declared plainly that the kingdom of God was at hand and St. Paul who said it is a free gift to them that believe. Only one spirit benefits from that bird poo; Satan. There are many versions of this die-first doctrine. They all strip the church of the actual plan God has for their life. We carry this treasure in earthly bodies.

Going from darkness to full daylight takes a long time but the sight of the hidden sun rising over a horizon takes seconds. Sunlight has fully engulfed the landscape by then, illuminating every detail of life on this earth with brutal clarity, the good and the bad. The appearance of Christ in the Mustard Tree is where all the scriptures about a sudden return of the Lord fit in. But for those who believe that they must die in order to obtain eternal life, it will be too late to begin cultivating their relationship with the Lord when He comes forth in His Strength.

The Mustard Tree is full grown and the light of the day shines in the Earth revealing both the ugly and the beautiful; we have not yet seen the pure, blazing presence of Jesus. Where will it appear? It will appear in the branches of the Mustard tree. Then everyone will know where all light comes from. Christ, having appeared, will draw all men to God.

2 Pet 1:19, Song 2:10, Mark 4:1-32, Mark 12:27


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