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Suns & Shields

By Rachelle Hamlin

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Are You in a Communist Church?


By:  Rachelle Hamlin

Fort Fairfield Journal, April 1, 2015

   In China, Religious Affairs Bureau Director Ho Zhenxiang began “infusing Marxist-Leninist thought into the positive doctrines of religion.” Comrade Ho wrote, “We communists can accept as reasonable certain parts of the Bible which Christians use but we must also pay attention to the doctrines that they preach.” He objected to the 10 Commandments, anything supernatural and anything leading up to the Second Coming of Christ.

   This comes from Jesus in Beijing by David Aikman, a book I recently read. It was the word infused that rang true to me. For most of my adult life I have heard wrong thinking and outright falsehoods coming out of people who say they are church-going Christians. Could it be that Communist sympathizers have been infusing our churches with error deliberately to render American faith ineffective? It seems likely, particularly when you look at the specific doctrines that Chinese Communists object to.

   I've heard the same objections in the United States. Jesus was a man, not an incarnation of God. Mary was no virgin. You'll be a sinner 'til the day you die. There are no absolutes. The Bible is riddled with human errors. Hell is not real. If you do good you'll go to heaven. There's no such thing as a Trinity. All these lies infused into the permitted Chinese church are found in America as well.

   The problem with a lie is that it presents an alternative “truth” for consideration by the unknowing among us. We might be suspicious of the lie presented, but who are we to question another man's strong assertion that crosses our own lines? Doesn't humility call for silence? Don't we make progress by changing our minds for the better? Infused lies parading openly as Gospel truth exert power, and therefore damage the church.

   One result of infiltration is that it divides believers by destroying our common core beliefs; beliefs that would undo Marxist-Leninist values if acted on. Another result of infiltration is that it leaves us with a stripped, pathetic version of Christ, once again nailed to His cross and left to die by his accusers.

   The Jesus of true Christianity is no puny, powerless human being. He is alive forever, has bodily risen from the dead, is the mighty Soul of God made visible for our benefit and especially, he belongs to us individually as citizens of His spiritual Kingdom. No wonder those who promote a collective unity of mankind by concocting man-made rules would fundamentally hate to hear of Jesus! His message of love and respect for every individual confers autonomous freedom upon each unique soul... an equality humanists cannot attain to without surrender to his Lordship.

   A Chinese house church leader, Wang Mingdao, described Communist Christians this way; “These people have no faith; they do not believe in Jesus; they are not Christians. Masquerading as Christians, they mix with church people and spread some kind of ambiguous, false doctrine to lead astray true believers and corrupt their faith.”

   Another Chinese Communist tactic to control the church that I've seen in our land is the dictum that only a pastor or his designate can preach the gospel, and only at designated locations such as an approved church or hall. This limits evangelism severely. We get arrested if found preaching on the streets, stopped in our stores, reprimanded at work, ignored on public transit... you name it. We are even told that we must never speak about taxes, religion or politics in our private conversations with our closest friends and family. That is thoroughly anti-Christian yet it is now normal life in our country. Few people break those “rules” because the consequences can be severe.

   Here Christians are numb and dumb. There is a church teaching going around that the only way to win a soul is by silent example! We can get fired for wearing a cross at work; and some churches teach their members not to offend others by wearing jewelry like a replica of the perfectly formed foot of a 2 month old fetus, or the name Jesus, in rhinestones, on a scarf. I promise you that, stripped of all forms of Christianity, not one self-absorbed, lost soul is going to be spending time thinking about what a great Christian witness you are as you walk silently by. Souls are won by the word and how will they hear the Gospel without a preacher?

   Many American pastors know the answer to that.. Bring a friend to church. Right! Then they too will learn that there is a designated place to hear the gospel, and they can meet the one designated person authorized to speak openly about religion. Isn't that nice?!!! No, its revolting. It bears no resemblance to Christ's teaching or to the early church. Then, people complained that Christians were turning the world upside down! They threw believers to lions, boiled them in oil, bit them in fury, tormented them repeatedly and still Christians kept talking Gospel to strangers. For every Christian lost, forty more were won.

   Last week the Fort Fairfield Journal ran a story condemning the City of Dallas for harassing members of a Jewish house church, and someone spray-painted a swastika on the Rabbi's car. My question is, “How come this isn't happening to Christians anymore?” Have we just given in to lies and made our religion into a permitted social industry?



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