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Suns & Shields

By Rachelle Hamlin

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Jesus the Rock is a Hard Place

By: Rachelle Hamlin

Fort Fairfield Journal, April 2, 2014

Has the church considered being faithful towards God and giving the Lord due justice? He is coming soon, and our souls must be faultless when we meet. Even when I walk alone in my own house, I cannot think evil thoughts or make spiteful decisions.

I want nothing to do with those who have rejected Him. I stay away from dishonest people; from merchants and service folk who are foulmouthed or corrupt. I unfriend anyone who gossips or always finds a way to bring other people down, laughing at their faults.I can’t stand arrogant and proud men who prance around like peacocks to show off their lying accomplishments.

My home is my palace. If you are faithful to God, you can come in. If you are completely honest, you can work for me here. The members of my household are treated the same as I treat myself and others. Don’t lie to me or you are out of here. Don’t deceive me. If I find out you are a hypocrite, our relationship is broken.

This is no one time attitude. I wake up each morning determined to destroy wickedness out of my home and off my land; anyone who shows him or herself determined to be evil is out of here. I am cleaning my part of the city for the Lord’s arrival.

If you have stayed with me and kept reading through the first four paragraphs of this article, then you have just read Psalm 101 in modern English. I studied it in seven different translations and using the Hebrew helps and study aids in order to get the best meaning from this short essay by King David written 3000 years ago.

When I read it recently it became very clear to me why we as aspiring Christians do not spend a lot of time doing Bible study. It places the red line on the measuring stick higher than we can feel comfortable with. It marks the full measure of the stature of Christ. He’s the Big Brother in this family of God and his mark got put on the side of the door before our own height became an issue. The only comfort we get is that as we grow, some of his marks appear lower than our newest measurement. We can see we don’t measure up to Him, but we are growing more like Him.

But reading Psalm 101 is very humbling, even scary. It carries so much conviction of where we can fall short. I was glad that I had some of this attitude, but I was appalled when I realized that I sometimes fit the description of the wrongdoer. No wonder it is written that David was a man after God’s heart. If there is one word that sums up David to me, it is the word “passion”.

A thousand years later, Jesus was to say that he preferred for us to be either cold or hot, but the lukewarm he would vomit out of his mouth. Not a pretty picture either, but could He have been remembering David when he talked about being passionate about our lives?

We are living in wondrous times and my question is are we a people living wondrous lives? Put another way, does anyone ever say to us, “Sometimes I wonder about you!” I sincerely hope that they do. If nothing we do ever shakes up the status quo, then we ought to be afraid our spiritual temperature has hit the lukewarm stage. If we are really serious about our part in the drama of these days, our entire attitude about Bible study needs to be reviewed. Reading the first four paragraphs with a cold heart, we would find them repulsive. Reading them with a lukewarm heart, we might find them interesting or entertaining. But reading them with a fervent passion, we would be fired with excitement at having the plan of God so clearly detailed for us to follow in the footsteps of Christ.



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