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Suns & Shields

By Rachelle Hamlin

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"Martha, I Am the Resurrection"

By Rachelle Hamlin

Fort Fairfield Journal, April 3, 2013

In New England they say, “you can't see the forest for the trees.” Life itself is like that. Human thinking has us locked into microscopes; we focus on limited data our body senses. Yet there are worlds of things happening all around us that we ignore. To the self they barely exist because we are unaware or unaffected by them. To grow spiritually and to help others requires detachment from self and refocus on what it is that we don't see at the macro level. Groundbreakers ask, “what am I missing here?”

Leaders are macroscopes. They look at the big picture. Jesus, and St. Paul after him, clearly saw what was not there in the things that were. We call this potential, or creative force. To change us they spoke in similes like seed. Like seed in the ground, our ego (the sum total of our personal life) is not permanent. It is good for it to die off. Even the soft, inner part of a seed (our personality) is not formed to last. It's there to be absorbed into a small germ of life within it that carries the DNA for a new form the seed will grow into, (a liberated person connected to divinity). That view of life magnifies the future you and respects your past.

Ego and soul cannot improve themselves by themselves. The one provides a desire for something better, and the other helps us to get to the truth. Truth says we can't improve what is already flawless. Having been created perfect by God in our essence, we are supremely loveable. When each person realizes that they are already flawless within, and that every other thing in life is outside of their DNA and ought not be seen as representative of their own unique loveliness-- then they will begin to live. Soon they will realize that each individual carries the same glory deep within themselves. They will love themselves and they will love others with the same love, being grateful to God for life.

Understanding this, at first we recall our shortcomings and feel shame over past mistakes. This shouldn't lessen our faith in inner perfection; everything else is external. Inside we are perfectly beautiful, loveable. Some people actually experience this at times but wrong teaching calls it bad names and we accept untruths about ourselves. Outside influences and our flawed history can be welcomed like the corrosive factors that they are. They are the honey, bread and butter of our existence in this world. We are made to recognize them, identify them, call them by their alien name, and abandon them. Untruths are a corruptible shell around us, exactly like seed life. Earth is where we are planted as perfect seeds coming from parents in Heaven and Earth.

When Jesus walked with us, he befriended siblings from a wealthy family named Lazarus, Martha and Mary. When Lazarus lay dying, Jesus delayed going. Martha finally saw him coming and ran out to greet him. She was distressed. He had arrived too late. She cried. Jesus wept. She cried because she believed that if he had been there her brother would not have died. She may have wondered why Jesus didn't bother to come with the other disciples. There could have been a shadow of blame, of feeling unloved by the Greatest Lover this earth has ever known.

She really thought that she was full of faith, a true believer in resurrection. But Jesus wept because he saw that she didn't understand. Full of his own emotions he said, “Martha, I am the resurrection!” Perfect love, grace, beauty and glory stood before her and held her in her arms and she did not recognize it. Jesus wept. All Earth's weeping comes from not recognizing perfect love, grace, beauty and glory when he or she is standing before us. Yes, you read that right. All other people we are with have this DNA in their heart. Martha judged Jesus as flawed. This makes all people weep, even when we loathe ourselves, denying faith to that same Lover and Maker that held Martha in his arms.

We weep like babies because we who were made doers and thinkers of pure thoughts are trapped in a body that cannot express them. We weep because while joyfully engaged in learning we face impossible obstacles to walk, to run, to ride a bike, to spell. We weep because we are misunderstood, ill-treated, lied to, forced to violate our conscience... because a loved one dies or something we yearn for is denied. We weep because of frustration, inadequacies, pains we inflict on others. We weep for the suffering we see all around us. How could we possibly all share in this without certain knowledge of our own perfection, and by extension, that of others? Weeping is proof that our perfection needs no improvement program and no indoctrination to be whole. We don't even have to think about it or reflect on it; it just is. That inner I inside, so constant we don't even question it, is resurrection life.

I was talking to my preschool son one day over lunch. I said to him, “Larry, what is the thing you love most about life?” He said, “life.” I said, “I know, but what thing in life is the thing that you love the most?” He said, “Life, mommy!” That shocked me! I can understand how Martha felt when Jesus said, “Martha, I am the resurrection.” Oh the things that each person can teach another if we only hear, believing that each life is at its core magnificent! I stared dumbfounded at a small child who knew more about life than I did! I was lost in the outside stuff and he was connected to his own perfection.


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