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Suns & Shields

By Rachelle Hamlin

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By:  Rachelle Hamlin

Fort Fairfield Journal, April 15, 2015

Propaganda is a Latin word stolen by leftists to teach atheism to a Christian nation. Remember Christian Russia before the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, and Christian United States of America before propagandists forced Atheism on our children? Atheistic Communism took over our countries less by weaponry and more by propaganda.

Centuries back, the word was broadly used by the church as a term for evangelism. Let's look at its root meanings to understand what happened then and what is happening today. Pro, as all English teachers will tell you is Latin for being for someone or for something. We still ask are you pro or contra? Meaning, are you for or against this?

The next part of our word is pagan. Pagan refers to those who have not discovered the good news about God's incarnation and what that did for them. The Pre-Reformation Church used the Latin phrase “propaganda fidie (faith)” to describe evangelism precisely; for teaching pagans faith.

It’s hideous to me to see the way Satan can take something so beautiful as propagating the knowledge of God's Love and Supreme Sacrifice at the Cross, and over time destroy, twist and fragment even the thought in our minds that we ought to share the good news with others.

Today we hear the word propaganda and it connotes evil, or at least suspicious, intent. Yet it has become the No. 1 tool that atheists use to de-Christianize we who believe the truth, that is, Jesus Christ was God and we crucified Him. Today in classic double-speak, atheists insist that all public arenas must be void of religious propaganda. They claim this is American; separation of Church and State. They get away with this atrocious lie because even the “learned men and women” among us never took the time to study the roots of the separation of powers so clearly understood when our nation was founded.

This dispute arose at the dawn of the European colonization of America.

Roger Williams was a minister who lived in Boston's colony, a government entirely run by Puritans. It was not an egalitarian government but was church-driven. They did their best to be fair, but Williams disagreed with them over their treatment of non-believers who were expected to behave like believers. Williams saw this as a lack of Christian Charity. The rift became potent; Williams was exiled out of the colony.

He migrated to Narragansett Bay, home of the Narragansett King who welcomed Williams. In time, Williams set up his own European style government more to his liking. Calling it Providence, he created a place where Christian, pagan and Indian could all live together in harmony and Christian Charity.

Years later, I was lucky enough to be born there. And I can tell you, after living in many places in the U.S., there was something magical about the way everyone, everywhere were so friendly to each other. All strangers talked to you if only for a few minutes as you navigated together across a large boulevard or sat on a stool having coffee. I was amazed to move away as a teenager and discover closed societies where no one was friendly.

When Roger Williams advocated for a separation of Church and State, it was Tyranny that he was against and Christ's Love that he was for. Therefore, when we consider the question of separating church and state, we cannot accept any tyranny that forces us to give up our freedom to believe and live according to our beliefs, for or against Christ.

This is what makes the Left so repulsive to the Right, as the issue has devolved in our time. It's Roger William's fight all over again, still not resolved! Only now it's Atheism flexing its muscle and it's far more aggressive than its mild-mannered neighbor, Christianity. Atheists are furiously passionate about teaching our children atheism but at the same time they insist we cannot speak about Jesus in public. They abort their children to achieve the life of their dreams, but charge us as anti-women if we merely say that God made human life Sacred when he endowed us with likeness to Himself! Their arguments are tiresome and relentless. They never stop with their propaganda against our faith.

If Church and State are to be separate (as they insist) then, let them shut up and keep their unisex, multisex, samesex and fetus-killing to themselves. They have no right to force everyone in America to become Atheists! That should be plain but it's to their advantage to keep everyone confused and on edge about it.

What's worse, the American Education Association, an arm of national government, is powerful, and filled with people without understanding of how valuable true liberty of convictions is. It's now a tool of leftists for leftist ideology. For some time now their control of our schools, has propagandized our children and grand-children with Atheistic nonsense in the name of erasing all religious propaganda and only allowing atheistic propaganda to be mainstream teaching.

Why do we hear people crying in distress over Common Core Curriculum? The word curriculum itself is Latin and evangelical. It directs students how to run their life. It's straight from the Bible: “This is the way; run ye in it.” Common Core Curriculum teaches children how to live a pagan life. That is why we hear chatter against Jeb Bush. He is so clueless that he keeps insisting that all the children in public schools must be taught to be members of an atheistic society. Wow! Roger Williams must be ready to jump out of his grave!



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