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Suns & Shields

By Rachelle Hamlin


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Virtue, Violence and Home

By Rachelle Hamlin

Fort Fairfield Journal, May 1, 2013

Let’s start this short visit to a huge subject with its conclusion.

Virtue belongs in a home; violence does not. Everyone knows why this is true. We have all suffered violence appearing where virtue ought to have been.

Jesus said, “The kingdom of God suffers violence and the violent take it by force.” He was not speaking some cryptic, mysterious thing too difficult for man’s mind to understand. He was making a blanket statement that covers everything and everyone. He was giving us a key to the kingdom. Here is an amplified version of the same thought he expressed.

“I come from where Father God rules a kingdom of virtuous souls. It’s a safe place for each to be, from the least to the greatest. You can enter this kingdom at will from here. I am always in it. In fact, Father God wishes for you to be always in it because it’s a safe place to live. It’s based on a single law, the Law of Divine Love.

“Since everyone in His kingdom loves and emulates Him, they give and give and give. Life flows endlessly and powerfully out from within each one as they extend this Love to others. This produces a society of satisfied souls radiating perfect liberty and enjoying perfect peace of mind and heart. Not one soul, even for a nanosecond, craves or desires something for themselves, because the satisfaction of their souls is complete. Their minds and hearts endlessly give to all the other beings around them. You call this blessing. Truly, it is more blessed to give than to receive. Giving is the life force of Father’s kingdom.

“I am here to announce that Father has forgiven all Earth’s people and has initiated His kingdom here. All who wish to participate are free to enter this kingdom, right here, right now. But, you need to be aware of something that prevents you from participating. The Kingdom of God suffers from your violence. Self (which is aloneness) is always craving what Father God would freely give them if it is appropriate for their continued well-being. In their aloneness, selves violate the one law of Divine Love (the perfect law of liberty) that holds the kingdom together.

“Their unlawful violations pierce the very heart and soul of loving, giving beings, over and over again. Selves take everything they want through pressure, force and any human power they can exert. They yell and scream, they kill and plunder, and they steal and destroy good things. The violent take by force all that God would freely grant them if they only loved Him more than they loved themselves. People have to exchange self-love (a bottomless pit of unending dissatisfaction) for God-love. The Father’s love operates through acts of giving, sharing and making others happy.”

People walking in the Kingdom of God have virtue, not so much because they named one and chased it until they grabbed it, but because the act of loving charity carries within it all the other virtues. In homes, the father sets the tone. Consider the powerful love God placed on deposit in a man for his wife and in a woman for her man; the powerful love of parents for their children. These are not meant for the honeymoon periods of our life only; they are meant to grow into a Kingdom of God place brimming over its bounds with love, respect, virtue and liberty for each and every person who belongs there.

Such homes are a schoolroom where children are really safe, and the dominant sounds are squeals of merriment and sighs of satisfaction. Any Christian man or woman called to teach others the good news of Life in Jesus Christ must first examine their home life to be certain that theirs is not suffering from coercion, which is a form of force, or violence, which means to violate the sovereign and holy space reserved for all men, women, children and their animals and pets.

Violence is rooted in the act of violation. But what is violated? Anything belonging to another person can be violated. This is why America’s founding fathers so insisted in the right to private property. I had a gold fountain pen, a gift from my father when he was flush with cash. I used it every day in school from fourth grade when we were allowed to write with ink until the last day of my senior year. I would use it today if on my graduation day I did not tell a classmate that it was gold. She violated my trust and took the pen when I wasn’t in the room. My mother made me a silk dress that I wore once, on a trip. When I went to look for it, it was gone. My mother decided to give it to my cousin because she didn’t have one. Note to Mom: She has one and I don’t. Those indicate some of the small violations we run into. What about some of the big ones that happen in cases where either a boy, young man, or married man violates the conscience of the girl or woman he supposedly “loves”. Many violations occur and are taken for granted in our homes. Each time, the kingdom of God is violated by self-interested force.

Respect each person, even to the point of adoration. Did Jesus not also teach that whatever we do to the least of these, our brethren, we do also to HIM. He has been seated at the right hand of God and now reigns as King. Right now the kingdom is in His hands. Once he fully establishes it, he will give it as a gift to the Father. Meanwhile, let’s get real. Charity does indeed begin at home, even if it’s a cot in jail.



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