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Suns & Shields

By Rachelle Hamlin

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End Time Theology

By: Rachelle Hamlin

Fort Fairfield Journal, May 27, 2015

New Christians can get all boxed in by stuff that goes around concerning End Times and what God says about the end of the world. There are many reasons for this. One main reason why is because there are recurring instances where the Bible refers to mysterious events in the future. Naturally drawn to mysteries, these passages stir our curiosity and add tinder to an already smoldering fire of inquiry. Whole bookshelves get weighed down with human authors whose books depress the hearts of many new believers. Then “out of the heart, the mouth speaks.” Way too much opinion then ends up making the rounds of common Christian conversations and most of it can become divisive.

After you've been a Christian for a while, you tend to drift away from being overly concerned with what is happening “out there” and are more focused on personal righteousness. Surprisingly, seeking righteousness is a key to solving the mysteries found in end time Bible verses. As a Christian grows in understanding, they develop a keen desire to conform to their model, Jesus, and the other luminaries of the Bible from Moses through Peter and Paul all the way to Mother Teresa of Calcutta. You just want to be a better you, and you know that its God's will for you to gain maturity in Christ.

This desire for shedding our baser human ideas, acts, and desires has a simple Bible word that encompasses all such things; carnality. When a person is immersed in the love of all things worldly they become a prey for the demonic forces that exist in our world. People who talk about vibes (a recent word) have it right. Science can measure vibrations and has developed substantial evidence that life itself, seen through the prism of vibrations, tells a story that explains mysteries beforehand misunderstood. There are books on this to be had if you look for them. I only want to say that carnality, like all godforsaken endeavors in life, puts off vibes that either attract or repel us.

You see evidence of this when new believers, who have placed faith in Christ, lose all desire for things that were passions just weeks before but now hold no interest to them. Sometimes they were looking to lose worldly passions but couldn't until faith brought them new power to resist. Other times, they discover their worldly passions are just no longer interesting. Such things can and are explainable scientifically by the laws that govern attraction.

Behind all these effects are their causes; namely, the Holiness and Stability of God as opposed to the unholiness and chaos of all who permanently reject God. Each group, the Trinity or what we call the demonic, have their vibes. The Bible teaches that people live in a “valley of decision”. We have to choose between “worldly” attractions that lead ultimately to death and destruction, or to the Call (attraction) of God that leads us to Eternal Life and Integration with God. If you draw it as a line graph straight between the two opposites, you can make a dot on that line to represent where you are at any given moment in time.

The Bible also teaches that at another point in time, time itself will be no more. You might then look at your placement on that graph. That is where you will be from then on. To the degree that you fled evil and ran towards God, to that degree you will enjoy the rewards of Our Saviour and Lord, Jesus. This is why a maturing Christian begins to focus more on personal righteousness than on stuff like end time theology. They come to see that end time theology truly is a chaotic and unnecessarily complicated field of inquiry. It is SO much better to work at our relationship to the Holy Spirit given to us right now, who will guide us into all truth in His own way and for our own good... as well as the good of others.

Take the oft repeated phrase “the end of the world”. There are so many meanings given to explain it. The worst is that our planet will self-destruct; the best is that carnality will disappear. Twentieth century believers have gone through gut-wrenching fears thinking that the mysteries of Bible prophecy could all be explained by the laws of physics. Personally, I believe that it's in the realm of the laws of attraction that we begin to unlock those mysteries. Yes, even in the vibes that people give out, respond to, and are repelled by or find attractive.

I remember talking to a young mother in Newburyport, Massachusetts a number of years back. Her husband had a terrible accident while driving a truck that went up in flames. On fire himself, he had the good fortune to run to a creek nearby and jump in, thereby saving his life. In recovery, he turned to the Bible and was converted. He was home now, but his wife was struggling with spiritual changes happening to him but not to her. She liked what she saw in him, did not understand what it was about, and worried about how she should talk to her son, and act with him. She had noticed that her husband was now so loving and gentle with him that she discovered an unwanted, even an unnecessary harshness in herself.

We were standing in her doorway looking out at her son playing in a large open back yard. She said, “I will stand here and be about to call him in, and I am fighting with myself inside. Part of me wants to call him in with a stern voice to scare him, a bossy voice that will force him to do what I want immediately. Another part of me, wants to just call him in gently, but then I'm afraid he won't come.” I said, “It's like driving and coming to a yeild sign. You have to ignore your fear and just yield to the more loving part of you.”

I have often thought back to that conversation. To me, that is the entire story of end time theology. We are a dot on a line between carnality and God. All we have to do to bring about the end of the world is to yield continuously to the vibration we call Love.



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