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Suns & Shields

By Rachelle Hamlin

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By Rachelle Hamlin

Fort Fairfield Journal, May 29, 2013

Let's consider for a moment whether or not opposition is taking a position which is opposite of another position. It happens in a battlefield, doesn't it? In war, as in chess games and baseball, men take a position opposite other men and fight it out until the positions, suppositions and power of the opposition are fully exhausted. Such encounters may not produce total annihilation for the other side but defeats are duly noted and celebrated.

Our Bible says that "we war not against (in opposition to) flesh and blood but against powers and principalities (that are positioned) in high places." The undisputed purpose of those words is to make people aware that warring parties are not actually warring against each other. It is not human being against human being.

It does look like it however, if you examine the conflict with a carnal mind that focuses on the visible aspects alone. Then you see that Palestinians and Jews are in opposition; chess player in white is against chess player in black, Red Socks are against Yankees, man and wife are against each other. Life, according to a natural mind, makes us an island surrounded by opposing forces in every aspect of social life. In our same Bible Jesus declares "Come to me, you who are heavy laden and I will give you rest." Yet elsewhere He declares that his father's kingdom suffers violence by violent people using carnal force to settle conflicts, as I spoke of in my last article, Jesus also said that he came not to bring peace, but to deliver us from evil. He predicted that mother would oppose daughter, brother oppose a brother, and friend oppose a friend.

Apostles further explained how this apparent contradiction is actually all one thing. It is all because behind the visible things which we can see with Earth eyes, there is a basic spiritual conflict in Earth's planetary atmosphere in which two opposing mindsets are battling for domination. Apostles taught that "our warfare is not carnal but spiritual and powerful enough to tear down strongholds." This explains why we must all endure conflicts in this life.

No doubt, you yourself have had encounters with invisible, therefore spiritual, forces that seemed radically wrong to you. If you pause to reflect on an encounter of your own you will see that as far as the natural world goes, people are just trying to lead other people to a point of view that they feel sure will make Earth a better place. So goes politics, religion and social life.

The problem with that state of affairs becomes perfectly visible when we put faith in the mind of Christ and his apostles. In "civil" society, in "free" society, in all "polite" conversations there are invisible forces that present a gospel that opposes the mind of Christ. We will wordlessly be asked to comply with the status quo gospel or face conflict.

I joined a group of believers at a church for an ongoing series of Bible lessons on Revelation, the last book of the Bible. Presbyterians would have loved seeing Pentecostals trying to conduct this "decently and in order." Over a period of weeks, all the decency and order began to crumble like a

half-baked cookie. A spiritually blind man ran videos to the group who watched a supposed expert teach the meaning of Revelation to an invisible audience. Afterwards the expert's lecture was reviewed and discussed. Hey, if it cost a hundred and fifty dollars including the church discount, it has to

be good, right? No, it was still two blind mice running out the clock of your life!

This was a stronghold in a high place, backed by powers and rulers in opposition to Christ's teaching; it has to be torn down to make way for the Kingdom of God. The man or woman who desires to be a Sun blazing with light and a Shield to his brothers and sisters in Christ is willing to tear down demonic strongholds where or when they are found in the church, the home and the workplace. It takes a lot of demolition to erect God's Kingdom.

Our Bible says to resist the devil and he will flee from you. Resistance to falsehoods is the only position that a Sun and Shield can take. The demon presenting the falsehood will take it upon himself to flee from the light. Those high places they wish to live in are the men and women they have deceived. They flee on exposure to the light. Their victims will either be delivered or run with them, but judgment? That begins in the house of God for this reason; truth always opposes and exposes the lie.

The Bible declares, "Walk in the Spirit and you will not fulfill the lusts of the flesh." It is equally true that if you walk in the flesh, you will not fuIfill the desires of the Spirit. And one final thought. We need not be afraid that if we begin the demolition of demonic strongholds that we won't be able to get anything else done pertaining to life and godliness. We will. The Holy Spirit is our guide and a very present help in trouble. He is the source and wellspring of decency and order. His grace will tear down, rebuild and bless you as it happens.



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