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Suns & Shields

By Rachelle Hamlin

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The Importance of Thrust


By: Rachelle Hamlin

Fort Fairfield Journal, June 25, 2014


Most of us have had the experience of being at an airport or getting into a jet and flying somewhere, so most of us have considered how impossible it is for a mass of steel that size and weight ever to get off the ground in the first place. Modern flight is a marvel of modern science and engineering. The main factor that differentiates airplanes from trains and your own car -- it was designed to fly. Yet without thrust, all a plane can do is roll around on the ground like a very clumsy Jeep.

We have not all studied aviation to any depth, but most know that it takes the shape of the wings and powerful thrust for all that weight to lift off the ground and become carried by the air rather than the earth. Itís impressive to watch a plane take off, maneuver and land knowing itís held in place firmly by how much thrust the pilot is giving it. That very same plane would rot on the ground somewhere if no pilot ever got in and engaged it, gave it the gas and zoomed away.

A king had twin sons and when they were mature enough he ordered an airfield to be built and staffed on his estate, including a flight instructor. Of course the boys asked their father why he was building an airfield. He told them he was preparing a surprise for their soon coming birthday celebration. When the day came, they gathered at the field expecting that their father planned to take them on a trip. They heard the noise of an approaching engine that grew louder as a bright blue plane appeared over the ridge and turned in for a landing. Then they saw a second, bright red plane come over the ridge following the first. The king had prepared everything that was necessary for his sons to learn to fly. The planes were their gift!

Time passed and one twin availed himself of all that this gift implied. He got instruction, he learned to fly, and he went often to close and distant places in his fatherís kingdom. Before long the father gave this son greater and greater kingdom responsibilities to lighten his own load. The other boy, rarely engaged in the use of his plane. He liked having it but he never got around to using it. The daily benefits of royal life were enough for him. Eventually the kingdom passed to the son who had intimate knowledge of the fatherís business, and the other twin went on enjoying his life without even considering what he had lost.

Now our human bodies are marvelously, wonderfully made, and without them we cannot enjoy all the awesome things that life can offer us, even considering the good things and the bad. Itís as much a carrier for our personality as a car, or a train because without it we couldnít go anywhere. Our body is earthbound but only our spirit is designed for us to fly. Some bodies work well, some not so well, but we all have a perfectly functioning spirit that, like our soul, cannot die. Our body will someday rust on the airfield, or disappear due to malfunction. At that point our spirit and soul will fly off into our eternal life.

Our spirit is the part of a human being that is designed to soar in the heavens now and forever. It is the part of us made to worship G-d in all imaginable ways. It is the doorway to the Kingdom of G-d Jesus promised us we could participate in. We have to use it as much as we can. It takes learning; it takes doing; it takes you as a pilot to give it thrust. Without thrust there will be no spiritual flight.

We are equipped for spiritual flight because the spirit was designed for it. Its three main faculties are intuition, conscience and communion. By investing some time following intuition we will soar, because by it a flight plan is established in our lives. By nurturing our conscience we keep our spirit clean and running right. By communicating with G-d regularly, we fill our spirit with all the fuel it needs to keep flying. But without thrust weíll never fly. When we engage pilot thrust our spirit goes airborne.

Interestingly enough, a NT scripture says that in Christís Second Coming he is going to meet the saints in the air. The Greek word used is pneuma, spirit. I recently realized that my spirit was getting less active. I wanted to return to the air. So I made some decisions that I knew would change my way of life for the better, spiritually. I was very aware of thrust as I began to talk to family and friends. They could hear the sound of my engines revving up. I already had my flight plan made and knew what my destination would be. Then came the day that all on my own I made a solo flight. I went somewhere to meet someone who will change my spiritual life for the better. Now that I am airborne, I am not turning around. This decision will change me spiritually. Iím going to keep up the thrust until I get to where I want to be. Dear brethren in Christ, flap those wings and fly.



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