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Suns & Shields

By Rachelle Hamlin

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The Principle of Growth

By Rachelle Hamlin

Fort Fairfield Journal, July 24, 2013

It was the fourth of July and we had just finished updating our sun porch with a white table and chairs, two wicker beauties, and two tall braided Hibiscus trees. It was looking good enough to invite our best friends over for an alfresco meal together. Our son, Mark, was alone because his wife was on a mercy mission out of state to assist her needy mother, a recent widow. So he joined us for the holiday meal. All went well. Mark left before we ate the chocolate ice cream, and the four of us settled into an afternoon of rest and chatter.

Our longtime friends knew my son Larry, who lives out of state with his family. They had a number of questions about him and how his life was going. Larry has had an interesting work history. My father, an artistic craftsman who worked in rare woods, often took Larry along with him to his shop. There his grandson absorbed the joy of creating something extraordinarily beautiful; of going the extra mile to add beauty and value to form and function.

Before he married his childhood sweetheart, he had developed a business with a partner in Virginia making high-end installations in places like the Holocaust Museum in D.C., grand hotels, and for corporations wishing to show wealth and stability through furnishings. Love drew him to Connecticut when his now wife became available to him. His instant family included a growing girl and a boy. He was offered a job by one of his acquaintances to do the same work for his clients, but it required travel anywhere in the world and time away from the family. He chose family over fame.

After a period working for a small company installing designer kitchens, he decided to launch out on his own. They struggled on throughout the recent downturn in the economy. I explained to my friends that I thought he was making a mistake many people make who start small businesses.

“He doesn’t understand the principles of God well enough to apply them to his business. He tries to do everything himself without understanding that he has to bless someone else other than himself in order to receive the growth that his business is ready for. If he would hire a man or two, and pay them to do part of the work, he would be freed up to do the parts of the work that he is best suited to. The Bible says that it is in giving that we receive. He is afraid he can’t afford to pay others when he needs the money that the business gets. That fear keeps him from expanding as he should.”

“You could have just described me!” said our friend, who also runs a small business. “I have to turn away jobs!”

Now this man is a pastor as well, and I could easily prove to him that there was a lot of evidence backing up what I was saying. Proof flows from the nature of God Himself and is evidenced primarily by the principle of growth. Another word for growth is expansion, another is extension or outreach. But you could start with the parable of the talents and realize that a man who has enough talent to create and run a viable, skilled service like surveying with one hand and pastoring with the other might just be ready for expansion and growth in his business.

A talent that is hugged to one’s self, said Jesus in the parable, is of no use in the Kingdom of God. Multiply that into five more like you… that will bring a reward. Multiply by ten and you will be even more blessed by Father God. The reason for this is that God is never alone, and God is always creating more and more people like him. When God created Adam and Eve, he said, “Go forth and multiply.” When he created the universes he created them ever expanding. Even while you are reading this, God is expanding universes. If you don’t know that is really happening according to the scientists who study such things, then think on this: You began as a seed and your body formed by cell divisions that continue to today. You plant a seed. It does not remain a seed, it begins to grow and stretch and change into something that is always changing and expanding, to the point where you might just need to prune it later. God is always increasing and He inhabits every square inch of it all. It is all his. Therefore, he is always expanding along with his creatures and creations.

You think God cannot expand? You fill your entire body, and it can expand; every square inch of it is where you are. It is the same with God. When He makes things that grow and increase, he is just multiplying the places he can be. This is God’s business and it ought to be the model for our businesses. We should multiply the places where we can be.

Think about it. How many times have you seen Mc Donald’s multiply? How many people have been blessed because the owners and managers of that one company have applied the growth principle to their business? Not only the customers of the business have been blessed, but all the people who earn a living because Mc D expanded into an area that needed their service… they have been blessed. It is in giving that you receive. That is the law of growth.

Single business owner, give your wealth to the guy next to you who can do part of your work. Keep on hiring people to get the jobs done. Hire business managers when the time comes for that. Keep on giving. Keep on blessing. See if God does not pour you out a blessing so big that you will not be able to contain all of it. You will get so good at giving and blessing through your business, that your business will become a benefactor that will expand its giving beyond the confines of its own structure. Look around you. Others have applied this principle and it works.

This principle is so natural, so spiritual and so powerful that it will work even if you never read a Bible in your life. It works because it’s a law, like gravity, and Jesus wanted people to know of it. The Bible says that rain falls on the just and the unjust alike. This is an instance when we can say that the sun shines on the just and the unjust alike. You cannot become justified by applying the principle of growth, but you can grow and extend your presence through it… anyone can. It’s a law, like gravity. Let’s face it. This is one area where Science and Theology agree like kissing cousins.



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