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Suns & Shields

By Rachelle Hamlin

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Doing Everything in the Name of Jesus


By Rachelle Hamlin

Fort Fairfield Journal, August 10, 2013

Kenneth E. Hagin wrote The Name of Jesus, Legacy Edition. George and I have been reading and discussing parts of the book on and off for months. It’s the kind of book that is so founded on scripture references, and so anointed by the Holy Spirit, that you can’t just read it and let it entertain you. You have to let it smack you in the head and heart, swallow hard and chew on it for a little while. We came to a place where he makes a point of telling us that we ought to do everything in the name of Jesus. I read the scriptures that went with this suggestion. Sure enough, it was a New Testament teaching.

At that point I had to make a decision that could go one of three ways. I could ignore that I had never up until that moment ever done anything “in the name of Jesus” except in prayer and demonic work. Hagin, however, quoting Colossians 3;17 saw us commanded to do every deed and speak every word in the name of Jesus. It had never crossed my mind to tell the Father that what I was about to do or say, I would do it in the name of Jesus. That was what was so interesting about the concept of surrendering all my actions and all my thoughts to the name of Jesus as an offering in the sight of God and the holy angels. I was not about to ignore this. I was too curious.

That left me with two choices.

I had been taught by fellow ministers that when the Bible talks about something being in the name of Jesus, it did not mean that we simply spoke the name of Jesus and wonderful things would happen. No, no, no. What it really meant, said they, is that the name of something is just a token of the nature of that something. Bite an apple and it’s the nature of the apple that makes it an apple, not the speaking of the word apple: a name only indicated the nature of the thing that it stands for.

That made sense and it was fun to think about the wonderful, glorious nature of Jesus and lose sight of the sound of His Name for a while. But honestly, I tried that and it left me heady and lost. The practice of going to the Father in Jesus’ name was something that I missed because of a certain impartation of hope and an expectation of results that came with it. The nature theory meant that I would also have to ignore what happened to a good friend of mine.

My friend was raised in a protestant church. He reached his mid-twenties and decided he wanted to have a more spiritual life. After meeting an Indian Guru he decided to join himself to the Guru’s Ashram community and devote himself to seeking God. There he was taught that on rising each day he should sit in the lotus position, palms up on his knees, and say his mantra so he could focus on meeting with Divinity.

He had not been drawn to any particular mantra, so he got as far as the position one morning but a mantra to use eluded him. He decided to use the two syllable name of Jesus. And, so he began, Je-sus, Je-sus, Je-sus… This went on for a bit of time, eyes closed, focused. Suddenly he heard the sound of a man’s voice, “What do you want?” His eyes flew open but all he could see was a long shaft of sunlight in his room. “I am here, why did you call me?” When he realized that Jesus Himself was there, he understood that he was in the wrong community. He needed to be with those who were devoted to Jesus. This is how we met and I got to hear his story.

The idea that speaking the name of Jesus is without meaning is simply not true, or my friend lied. But then, what about China’s underground church that flourishes because the unchurched peasants learned that they would find their lost chickens if they prayed in Jesus’ name? No, that was not a real choice I could live with. There is something about the name itself. The name and the person are one.

I had no choice left but to try to give everything to the Father in the name of Jesus. I have been doing just that for about two weeks. I am beginning to see some results filtering in through the normal fog of human life. I noticed a change when I faced what seemed to me like an insurmountable task; that of completely recreating the world of computing that I knew for one that I knew nothing of. I would just pray like this; Father, I will read this… buy this… learn this… do this today… in Jesus’ name. I am writing this article on a Dell Inspiron Ultrabook in the name of Jesus. Not having much fun writing in a totally strange word program, but here I am in the name of Jesus, getting it done. The name got me this far, I can trust the name to take me all the way. The name helped me fix an IPad I have owned for two years without being able to make it work right. It does now after one day of doing it in the name of Jesus.

I am thinking. Surely two weeks is a short time to be able to say much about why anyone ought to do everything in the name of Jesus but we are getting results. Another thing is that it takes all the terror out of the hard stuff because it builds the trust bond between us and the Father. George is building a deck in the name of Jesus. We made food for four in the name of Jesus on Sunday. Was it just a coincidence that as we were about to eat it by ourselves, friends from Florida drove into our yard unannounced and hungry? You decide. I’m just saying that I’m not about to stop this.



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