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Suns & Shields

By Rachelle Hamlin

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How Can a Good God Do Bad Things?

By: Rachelle Hamlin

Fort Fairfield Journal, August 20, 2014

Have you seen that video of a German professor telling a class that because God created all things and that because evil exists, that God therefore created evil? A child stands and explains that one cannot measure darkness, only light, because dark is the absence of light. He does the same with heat, saying that cold is merely the absence of heat. Likewise he states, evil is only the absence of God who is the essence of all that is good. Then the video discloses the identity of the child as Albert Einstein, the foremost mind of the 20th Century.

Iím hoping that a certain unnamed evangelist that recently breezed through Maine gets to hear and see that video. Imagine my shock as I sat in his audience to hear him boldly pronounce that God created evil! Now if a seasoned minister of the Biblical word can make a mistake like this, in public, believing he has the scriptures that can back up his pronouncement, then any guy off the street has a right to be confused. Some people question why there is so much evil, some look at misery and wonder how God can allow it? Some use this confusion to reject a God who seems less compassionate than they are.

Itís all in the trickiness of how itís presented. The video professor above gave a proposition that most people would accept as logical. Yet to the enlightened mind of Einstein it was absurd. He presented the obvious. One look at my title to this article and it seems like itís a logical question, but itís absurd to put it that way. If you are good, you will do good things; if bad, bad things. Even a baby knows that if another child bites his arm, itís bad and comes from someone who is bad, not good. So a good God will only do good things. It is impossible for someone perfectly good to do something bad. So the question itself is flawed. It is a bad question.

Faith supplies a perfect response. Everything God did was created in six days of creation. At the end of each day, God looked back at his work and called it good. After the sixth day he looked back and called it very good. On the seventh day, God stopped creating. Notice: there was nothing left he wanted to create. He rested on the seventh day FROM ALL HIS WORK. What could be clearer? This question was answered in Genesis 1, the first chapter of the Bible. God created for six days. It was very good. He stopped working. There was no evil.

Where did evil come from then? Faith supplies Adam, Eve, the serpent and the apple as the origin of sin Ė put another way, men and devils originated evil. Put another way; God is all good. Men know good and evil. Demons are all evil for they have rejected God. As long as Adam and Eve stayed in the light and in the warmth of Godís Love, they enjoyed uninterrupted goodness. That goodness even instructed them how to avoid losing their happiness. Once they volunteered for knowing evil as well as good, God in his goodness made a provision for rescuing people from evil. In the fullness of time, he came back as Jesus and paid the price of redemption. Once more paradise is open to men of good will. NOTE: Men willing to be good.

Here is the big answer in high-definition, 3-D, and super screened!

What Jesus said is that angels (the good ones) will separate the bad people from the good. We live in a time when people have a door to paradise reopened to them should they choose good over evil. But remember, this door has a good angel that guards it with a sword that turns every which way. No evil can get by this doorway. The last book in the Bible is very good in explaining who can and who cannot get into the place and things that God created for those who love him. For now, the evil Genie who was let out of the bottle roams the Earth looking for victims. The blame now needs to be fairly and squarely faced. God has nothing to do with evil. We are responsible for any evil that still clings to the heart of man because God made it possible for us to return to His Presence. There is no evil there.

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