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Suns & Shields

By Rachelle Hamlin

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By: Rachelle Hamlin

Fort Fairfield Journal, October 1, 2014

Fiat is not only used as a proper noun designating an automobile. Usually it refers to an action, an authoritative government order, or decree. When used by a human government everyone is expected to bow their wills before it. When used by The Almighty it is more like a decree or an announcement. People are expected to rush gladly to the good news and lodge it permanently in their hearts.

Fiats work very well when a man and woman marry. When the authority present at the wedding pronounces the two to be man and wife their relationship is instantly changed. What was, no longer is; that fiat creates one entity where there were two. The Bible records Jesus teaching, that right up to “the end” men and women would continue marrying and giving in marriage. Fiats are amazing, creative events.

G-d creates by his decrees and there is a certain quality about them that sets them apart from human orders or decrees… they are so well thought out as to be flawless. This makes them permanent. Take for instance; “Let there be light.” God liked that one so well that from the first appearance of light to now, the making of light continues uninterrupted as galaxies upon galaxies are formed out of gases existing in the darkness. Who knows if that will ever stop? Our sun appeared in the sky and the cycle of night and day began before we ever needed them. It was a provision. It was a pre-vision for the future. It was a powerful and continuing fiat.

As men populated the earth, days continued endlessly until G-d made every seventh day Holy by fiat. From the moment He decreed it Holy and distinct from the six days work was allowed, it was holy simply because he said so. A person is free not to keep it as a holiday but for those who understand the benefits of a Good G-d, an unbroken line of Sabbaths and other holidays have emerged and will continue to do so until heavenly rest becomes an uninterrupted experience.

The Virgin Mary conceived her Holy Son by fiat. When she said “Let it be done to me according to your will,” the Father followed with a creative fiat a whole lot easier than that of creating physical light. A bit of DNA was all that was necessary to create a dwelling place for Christ, the promised King. Yet this fiat has shaken, is shaking, and will continue to shake the entire universe of universes. By the birth of Jesus, G-d established the foundation of his Kingdom throughout all of his creation by giving us its King. Notice we don’t know what words the Father used when he spoke that fiat from Heaven. We just know it followed Mary’s submission.

From these three fiats we learn that G-d made light so people could enjoy life, he made Sabbaths so that people could rest from their labors and he made a body for Jesus so that he could establish his government in the Earth. There was another fiat at the cross. This was where we, who were hopelessly alienated from him, would become hyper-aware of reconciliation.

At the cross it was Jesus’ submission to his Father that made the Father’s fiat possible. We do not know what words the Father used but we know the words of submission Jesus used. “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” People were in such darkness that they crucified Holy G-d Himself all the time thinking they were doing G-d a favor. The situation called for another fiat. Jesus asked for it and the Father forgave us. He not only forgave us but because Jesus had taken upon himself all of the penalty for mankind’s sins, all of mankind’s sins were forgiven at once. Mankind was made holy.

The apostles taught that Christ was there reconciling men to God and that because of this, we ought to live holy as he is holy. Yet some believers have a hard time letting go of sin consciousness, that is to say, they view themselves and others as sinful people. They don’t fully realize that our forgiveness was a provision God made by fiat at the cross. It is absolutely permanent. It was a pre-vision in the mind of God that makes him very glad we exist. When he sees us, he sees his own children. Each of his children is holy. He knows this because he made us holy at the cross by his fiat of forgiveness. He needed holy people to re-establish Divine Government on Earth.

A sane believer understands this by faith. He or she knows that he or she takes every step, speaks every word and does every deed in the passionate, fiery love of their adoring Father. He showers us with grace, with holy gifts, with angel guardians, watching over our lives with great anticipation of what we will be when we grow up. He cries with us, he rushes to comfort us like a mother and he rejoices at every small thing we do right. He never calls us by negative names. He constantly looks past our faults and sees the God-likeness he put inside of each one. He calls it forth with every soft whisper. Remember this next time you feel sinned against or are sorry for something you did. Forgiveness is a fiat.



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