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Suns & Shields

By Rachelle Hamlin

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An Attack on America

By: Rachelle Hamlin

Fort Fairfield Journal, November 12, 2014

The advantage of being an elder citizen is the number of years we have been around to watch, see, learn, understand and grow opinionated. In the 20th century, there were so many revolutions, wars and upheavals about how to live, that writing history became coo-coo here in the United States. Reading recent historical profiles, I find myself correcting the narrative as I read. It’s clear that citizens no longer share the same history, understanding or vocabulary.

I was born just as America entered the Second World War. Some young readers are hardly aware of what that means. To them I say, it means that I am a survivor. It also means that I have lived in a different time and place even though we walk the same streets and sit next to each other at Mc Donald’s. It means that the world I faced and was educated for required some particular educating in arcane stuff like air drills for safety from atomic bombs, percentage of radiation in milk reports in the daily newspaper and aviation studies. You laugh, but because of teaching kids that stuff, my older brother was part of the team that created the stealth bomber that did so much to change the balance of power in the earth from evil to good.

Love of country means a lot to me, even though I have been hit by thought rockets all my life that tell me I am not supposed to love this world because I am just passing through it as an alien and it’s not my real home. I had to learn to sort this out. “Why,” I asked myself, “do I wake up every morning and I’m still ‘just lovin’ it?” My answer is simply this: Because God made it and because you are here. To me, America is a happening thing. For this reason I want to put a new idea under the microscope. With the mid-term elections newly behind us, it’s time to make course corrections, big time.

Going back to my origins, I was taught about Communism, and other isms like Atheism, Proletarianism, Socialism, etc. which are circles drawn around subsets of ideas. Sectarian ideas place people into categories using persuasion to promote subjugation. People of the free country I was born in had to be educated about the principles that energize our Declaration and our Constitution. Those documents were the Great Uniters, and all the schisms and other isms had to be defined in order to maintain united states. Our job was to resist infiltration of the tired and mistaken isms of the past.

Who knew what a fight that was going to be? In these few words, I cannot address the million ways thought rockets have shredded our beautiful flag and the Republic for which it stands, but today I focus on one, immorality. We all can do something to restore morality. We recently elected better leaders. We can be better people. Imagine the power of change!

During the cold war between the US and the USSR, I attended classes featuring documents from a Communist file found when Allied Forces took over Paris, France. Written in French and translated into English, they revealed a plan devised in the early 20th Century to slowly corrupt Christian Nations via incremental changes in clothing, music and language in order to render their populations ideologically weak.

I saw one document outlining how to do this with clothing. It had specific target dates for each change. On a certain date, women’s hems would be raised by two inches, and they would keep rising as their calendar unfolded. I recall reading that at one point, they would remove sleeves from women’s clothing. It happened that I was a proud possessor of a new “sleeveless” blouse! It shocked me to see the plan so secretly made was still proceeding as planned. It was worse than shock to realized the purpose was to corrupt the morality of the Christian nations!

So you can be sure that I watched very carefully when the novel idea of Unisex was introduced to the prepared and victimized nation of my contemporaries. I wanted to see what specific demoralizing effect this would have. They had prepared us well. They first introduced women to dungarees (jeans). Then to a female version of a man’s shirt, calling them shirtdresses. And then, Unisex. How rash! Erase all gender boundaries? Now they were in God’s territory.

Everyone can see what systematic attack has done to our society. Are we demoralized? Oh yeah! In the documents I studied in 1948, I specifically recall this statement at the top of one page: “Christian morality is the greatest detriment to the advancement of communism.” They went on to say that unless they could eradicate this morality, they would never succeed in their plan to bring the entire world under its control. Chilling isn’t it?

I have a thought rocket of my own. People all over this country have maintained their morals despite this ingenious attack. It’s time to look carefully at these new, moral models. Wholesome morality comes from inner decisions. Wearing sleeves will not make us look like 19th century freaks in a 21st century world. We can just look like the strong, beautiful and moral women we are inside. No more skin tight or bedroom costumes. No more undressing everywhere. No more exploitation as sex objects. What a refreshing thought!



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