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Suns & Shields

By Rachelle Hamlin

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The Law of the House

By: Rachelle Hamlin

Fort Fairfield Journal, November 11, 2015

So many complaints! Our country is ankle deep in them.

As I look at the television, newspapers, social media and everyday people, re-activeness and dissatisfaction appear to be an epidemic everyone has caught here in America. We are no longer united states; that is indisputable. The century long wedge that Communism has pounded into our unity as a singular people has done its work well. We lie in two nearly equal bodies of disunited people where once we were one.

I would say we cracked along the grain somewhere about 1960 and we flew wide open after that. Right now Communism's ax is making kindling out of what is left. We are so disunited that that the only thing that unites us is dissatisfaction with the status quo, and that is not an accident. A stated purpose of resident communists is to dismantle the American way of life until we cry out for something new. For them to take over, they need for us to get sick and tired of a Broken America filled with broken Americans.

By whatever name it morphs into, Communism does not actually change. Like a chameleon it slithers into any and all situations, changing its words and actions to suit its purpose and to fit in. But in its heart is the number one killer of freedom – pride which claims to be better and brighter than you. Best example of that chameleon was Barack Obama's first Christmas tree inside the White House. Ornaments to Karl Marx and other communist notables hung for everyone to see and puke over. The chameleon was pretty much the same old predator inside. Yet the act goes on, slithering forward on a road of changing lies.

At its core Communism is an anti-Christ system because it exists as a hater of everything except itself. Certain of intellectual superiority, all other systems of thought become inferior to a Communist, particularly those against pride and vainglory. Christian humility is anti-pride and never will be tolerated by Communists drunk on their own narcissism.

We Christians follow Christ and we see him in his actual glory on every page of the Bible. Once we see him there, his actual glory is so transfixing that he captures our heart. He becomes alive again right there in our hearts. Once we have him, we have no need for anyone outside of him for he showers us with grace (truly Divine and reliable) and to us, that is indisputable. Reality convinces.

There the proud are undone, and we are actually happy that it starts with our own misguided pride. The undoing of our own pride leads us to see it in the world we live in. The fundamental flaw of Communism is that it was a man-made mistake from conception and always will be that. The one thing it cannot ever morph into is holiness.

Holiness is the trump card that God serenely holds in His hand, and since He is the one who has it, no one else can play it. When He does play it, the hands that are stacked against Him fold. Christ's church can maintain their serenity as well, since holiness is something that God is willing to impart throughout the entire body of believers. In fact, we can make a case from the scriptures, that God has been trying to give this powerful winning hand to his people since Adam and Eve crawled out of Paradise. Holiness is actual God-likeness whereas Pride is the pretense of God-likeness.

God revealed exactly when and where to play his trump card. It is in an obscure scripture found in the Old Testament. It's the only place in the Bible I found where the Holy Spirit inserted a parenthetical expression to isolate a statement of truth. The two parentheses stand on each side of the trump card, like two parents introducing their beloved child together.

“This is the Law of the House.

Upon the top of the mountain, the whole limit thereof round about shall be most holy.

This is the Law of the House.”

Imagine this: In every private home, be it a space four feet wide by seven feet, if that is all you have it's ruled by holiness, it's the Law of your House. If you are blessed with a 20 room mansion on 100 acres your law rules. The whole thing is the most holy you can make it. Your space, under your law, stays most holy. What a world that would be! It has happened before, it can happen now by playing one trump card at a time.

Last night I had a dream that was difficult to watch. A woman threw a party for about 10-12 people in her home. One guest was her grandson, a teen who lived in her house. She was standing near this boy who chatted with a male guest when the boy used a word that deliberately offends. She told him not to use that word but he used it again. She told him to go to his room. He refused. Anything she asked for he refused. The guest stood watching. She opened her cell phone and called 911. She was aware that would spoil her party but was calm.

I realize now that this dream prefigured the point of this article. She was establishing the law of the house.



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