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Suns & Shields

By Rachelle Hamlin

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Choose Your Leaders Well

By Rachelle Hamlin

Fort Fairfield Journal, December 26, 2012

   It was nearing the year 2000 A.D. and many people in the Christian Churches imagined that the Lord's promised second return in the clouds and in the eyes of all the people was an imminent event. Opinions were written. Prophets tried to prepare the people. There was great anticipation but not universal agreement about this. Still, the atmosphere was agitated and excited. All the promises of Christ, for peace, everlasting joy and God's will being done on Earth as it is in Heaven neared our moment of fulfillment!

   Never one to be outdone by his hated adversary, Jesus -- the ruler of this world, Satan was busy trying to cast a dark, wet blanket over all that hope and expectation. Suddenly, all attention became focused on YK2.  This glyph, for those who were too young to experience the shift, was a message of catastrophic doom and gloom as the structures upholding the supposed world (namely computers, faulty computers) were expected to implode on themselves. The wise men of the world had not made preparations for a new century for data. Honestly... this idea swept through society until by December 1999, the whole world was gathered into a frenzy hoping that they did not face death or starvation and chaos.

   Notice that the scenes above tell us something we ought not forget during the days immediately ahead of us. The first paragraph about Christ's expected return was mainly limited to the greater body of Christian believers. The second paragraph was not. That idea had the power to sweep Christian and pagan alike into its thrall.

   In the end, Satan's plan was a great success. All the joyous anticipation of the Christians was left deflated and its ideas lay in ruins, while YK2 was averted and the understructure of the world was made better than ever. A technology boom followed like never before, and in marched hordes of anti-Christ's to profit by the situation, financially, mentally and spiritually. Our country also lies in ruins according to most religious viewpoints and the kind of death that Satan deals in, is actually loosed all over our landscape. You only need to recall the deranged 20 year old who murdered all the innocent children in a Newtown, CT school in 2012. This boy was only eight years old in 2000. The society post-YK2 is what produced this deadly messenger.

   If we learned anything from the Crucifixion of Jesus, it is the message of Resurrection. No grave can keep the body of Christ in its grip for very long. The devil has his plans and his power but since he is inferior to Almighty God, The Everlasting Father, The Holy Trinity, who was, who is and who always shall be, he and his creations are in fatal failure mode.

   Those who walk with God know Him to have an undisturbed quality that emanates from His eternal reality and perfections. He rules not because he was chosen or elected, or because He just decided to be boss. He rules because He IS, and in Him are all things that exist. The universes that we study are just something He thought of and did one day to make Himself visible, and it's apparent that Creation holds His interest still. We also know that He interferes in the affairs of men, sometimes in the strangest ways. The Bible is a scant but very important record of that reality. It is clear that He has a profound plan for mankind; yes, the whole as well as the individual.

   This series of articles opens a discussion of some of the planning and co-laboring that goes on between God and His people. In particular, I hope to shed some light on what a Christian leader is. I hope to cover some pertinent issues that will help you become more clear minded about what our Eternal Father has planned for His children, the church, in these very days before us and just behind us.

   Suns and Shields will be a two-way forum to start discussions in homes and churches, and also has an email address so that your stories, insights, and opinions can become a part of a larger ongoing discussion in these articles. I will provide a list of scriptures when pertinent at the end of each article for those who might like to do further Bible inquiry. In using your emails, I will favor actual first-hand accounts over uninformed opinions and believable second-hand stories over hearsay without a foundation.

   Next issue: I explain Old Order and New Order for the church in the plan of God. People say that there is a lack of true leaders in the world today. The leaders are there, you just have to know how to identify them because something essential has changed in the way God does business with the church. The Kingdom of God comes in a form that you cannot easily see. It never was and never will be a visible entity. It is fixed in the heavens, in the spiritual realm, and as Jesus said; It is at hand. This is your invitation to consider and reconsider the marvelous wisdom of God.

   Send thoughts, questions and personal anecdotes on these discussions to .





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