2016 Himie Towle Ski Frolic – WFFJ-TV Documentary –

March 5, 2016

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15th Annual Himie Towle Ski Frolic


By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, March 16, 2016


   Around fifty skiers showed up for the 15th annual Himie Towle Ski Frolic at the Nordic Heritage Center in Presque Isle. 

   Visiting guests this year were members of the Wostawea ski club from Fredericton, New Brunswick.  Five year-old Aidyn Zuidhof a member of the Wostawea club was the youngest skier participating in this year’s Himie Towle Frolic.  What’s special about Aidyn is he broke both of his legs about eight weeks ago in a downhill skiing accident and had casts on both legs up until a couple of days before skiing at this event.

   At the other end of the age spectrum was Bob Sprague, 71, from the Snowy Mountain Ski Club and Bryan Sykes, 80, from Perth-Andover who both skied the 5K loop.

   “This is a good example of what this venue was built for, today. Kids out there having fun, families out here.  This is really my passion,” said Paul Towle, event co-organizer and president of the Nordic Heritage Sport Club.  “It's why I stepped up to become president of the club out here.  I really believe in getting some of the younger generation out here and all the parents that are patient enough and gracious enough to teach them a sport that will hopefully be a lifelong sport.  It's what our parents did with us.  Himie Towle, was generous enough to put his time early on to get his boys going and many other people in the community of Fort Fairfield.  He gave countless hours grooming trails, built ski jumps and running the old White Bunny ski-tow as well.”

   Sponsors for this year's Frolic were the Nordic Heritage Sport Club, U.S. Biathlon, Boondock's Restaurant and Cary Medical Center.  “Cary Medical Center has been with us every year as a sponsor since we started this.  They provide us with the food for the day and give us additional funding as well.  They're a really good partner in this program.” 

   “The funds we raise from this Frolic go to support our youth ski program and youth mountain bike program during the summertime,” said Tom Towle, event co-organizer.  “We try to raise money so we can keep these programs going for the kids for the next generation of skiers.”

   “Without the support of our friends from the Libra Foundation in Portland, regardless of what you may or may not know, Libra is still very much involved with the ski venues in Aroostook County.  They give us a considerable amount of money to keep these places going so people can come and ski for little or nothing.

   Overall First Place winners of this year’s Frolic were, for the men’s division, Russell Currier and for the ladies, Hilary Saucy.


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