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April 11, 2016

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Fort Fairfield Elementary School 5th Graders Host Annual Health Fair


By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, April 27, 2016


   Members of the Fifth grade class at Fort Fairfield Elementary School recently hosted a health fair for friends and parents.  The Fair featured projects highlighting the human body's digestive, nervous, skeletal, muscular and circulatory systems. 

   Skye Strid, along with classmates, Haley Perry and Vaughn McMann gave a presentation on the circulatory system.  Skye says it took them about four months to get their presentation together.  “I personally think the circulatory system is the most important,” said Strid.  “We thought wherever the heart is, is obviously the most important.”

   Their display detailed all twelve parts of the human heart.  “I think twelve is a lot of parts for just one little heart.”

   Bryce Dean, along with his classmates, Natalie Carney and Ian Dionne presented information about the skeletal system.  Bryce explained how a baby starts out with 300 separate bones but that number reduces to 206 by adulthood as many of the bones fuse together. 

   “We had to do a lot of research to figure out how to put stuff together and to see how the skeletal system works and to see which bones are the strongest,” said Dean.  “The strongest bone in your body is the femur.  It's stronger than steal and located in the top part of your leg.”

Fifth grade teacher, Jay McKenney said this project by the students in his, and Mr. Ala's fifth grade class is done every year in the classroom but this year they decided to expand the venue.  “We decided to hold it in the cafeteria and allow the students' friends and family the opportunity to see their work,” said McKenney.  “I think this move has worked out really well for us.”

  Many of the displays featured homemade models and interactive displays.  The students began setting up their displays at 12:50 and showed them to a steady stream of visiting friends, classmates and family for over an hour.

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