Perham Artist Featured at Wintergreen Arts Center

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By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, March 14, 2018


   Rowena McPherson, from Perham is this month's feature artist at Wintergreen Arts Center in Presque Isle.  She has been deeply involved as an artist for the past five years.  “I've been an 'official' artists since probably 2013,” said McPherson.  “I went back to college and got my BFA so I guess that's when I decided I was actually an artist.  I've been painting and drawing since I was a little kid, though.  I've always loved it.”

   McPherson greeted art lovers during Wintergreen’s First Friday Downtown Art Walk on the opening night of the month-long exhibit at the center.  Her exhibit features an all watercolor theme.

   “I've got twenty four pieces here right now, they're all 6x9 watercolors and it was very purposeful that they were the same, exact size.  I decided that it was the little things that we sometimes miss in life that really needed to be documented.  Some of these reference photos, I've had for years in my collection of 'someday I'm going to paint them.'  It was because that photo caught me in some way and captured my imagination, captured my heart, something about it.  This was finally an opportunity to take those photos and bring them to light and put my own spin on them.  When I looked at them, the feeling I got is what I was trying to portray in my work.”

   McPherson said human faces were once the most difficult subject matter for her, but with practice came to be her favorite.  “When I first starting getting serious about my artwork I always said I can't do portraits.  They're so hard, people's faces are so hard, there are so many nuances to them.  Now it's my favorite thing to do. “

   She credits her UMPI professor with her success.  “I worked at it, it was practice.  I also had an amazing professor who was very encouraging.  She wasn't afraid to tell me what I was doing wrong and direct me in how to do it right.  I just worked through it, it was something that all of a sudden 'clicked' after doing it so many times. 

   Rowena is currently the Coordinator of Graphic Design, Photography and Social Media at the University of Maine at Presque Isle.  “It's a rewarding job, I love the people I work with.  I work very closely with many of the departments and I'm doing their materials for them as well as working on the branding for the overall campus.”

   Originally from Castle Hill, she has lived in Perham for the past three years.  She lives there with her husband, Shawn.  Together they own and operate Mouse Island Creatives, a photography and artistic design business.



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