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Gov. Mills’ Mask Mandate More Reasonable Than That Adopted by Society


The Face Masks People in Society are Forcing Each Other to Wear Offer No Protection Against Viral Transmission, But People Continue to Promote and Use Them, Anyway


By:  David Deschesne

September 9, 2020


   While Maine Governor, Janet “Big Sister” Mills has mandated the use of face masks in public, despite a mountain of scientific proof showing they do not stop the spread of viral infection, her mandate is actually less restrictive and more reasonable than the rules society has arbitrarily made up for themselves after listening to the irrational hype and hysteria from the local and national television “news” propaganda machines which society then amplifies inside the mind-numbing social media echo chambers of Facebook and Twitter.

      Her ridiculous, overbearing face masks for all public school students and staff aside, the Governor only mandates face masks in public settings when a person is unable to remain six feet away from another.  She also does not require face masks for those with medical conditions or for children under two years of age.  Children through young adult are the least likely age group to suffer from COVID-19, a disease which primarily affects 80+ year-old nursing home residents with multiple comorbidities.

   The public, however, after feeding on months of television news hysteria, has adopted their own face mask mandate among themselves which arbitrarily expands Big Sister’s mandate to everyone wearing masks all the time, everywhere, even if they are the only person on the street, or in a car.  Some parents are also placing those useless face masks on infants and children under two years of age.

   The public then “enforces” its own made-up face mask mandate by sassing, bullying, belittling and ostracizing others in society who choose not to go through the expense and hassle of face masks because the actual scientific data, as published by the U.S. CDC and University of Minnesota’s Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy, shows the cloth and surgical masks used by society today were never designed or intended to stop the spread of respiratory viruses and are thus completely useless when used for that purpose.

   The use of face masks by the public is a purely psychological measure intended to make people feel good and feel “safe.” But there is absolutely no protection from viruses or prevention of viral spread with the use of surgical or cloth face masks as scientific tests continually prove. Nearly all of the face masks sold in stores for public use today are classified as “anti-dust” or “anti-wind” and do not claim to offer any protection from viral transmission.  Cloth face masks, which seem to be the most popular because of the ability to style them in different colors and designs, are the least effective since they only have a filtration rate of 2% - 3%, which means they act against airborne viruses about as effectively as a common household window screen.

The hysteria displayed by society is embarrassing to the objective observer.  In one case, an elderly lady wears a face mask in her car with the windows rolled up to go purchase gasoline.  She shouts at the gas attendant through the closed window of her car how much gas she wants, then pops her trunk so the attendant can retrieve the money, placed in an envelope in the truck by her earlier.   A person who is suffering this level of brainwashing is likely now also suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) brought about by the incessant hype and hysteria of the mainstream television media’s irresponsible distorting of the facts around COVID-19.   It is quite possible that in the future a class action lawsuit may be brought against those media organizations who purposefully caused this irreparable harm to the societal psyche to further whatever profit- or agenda-driven goals they may have had when pushing the false narrative that has become COVID-19.

   Other people simply wear face masks so they won’t be bothered by the useful dupes in society who have bought the lie that face masks stop viruses.  “I know face masks don’t work,” said one Fort Fairfield woman, “But I was sassed by a fellow shopper the other day for not wearing one, so I wear one now so I won’t be bullied by these people.”

   “I know face masks don’t stop viruses,” said a Presque Isle man.  “I usually won’t wear one in a store when I’m by myself but if I have my kids with me, we all wear masks so we don’t get dirty looks from other shoppers.”

   It’s been estimated that as few as 10% of society needs to be duped into a certain behavior before this type of herd mentality self-reinforces as many as an additional 80% of people to go along with the group just so they won’t be bothered, bullied or ostracized.

  The remaining 10 percent or so who will not succumb to public pressure base their decisions on facts and objective scientific data - an attribute that is becoming increasingly rare today in a society governed by three second television sound bites, internet memes and the social media echo chamber.

   With that said, just because it can be witnessed that up to 90 percent of people are wearing those completely useless face masks, doesn’t mean they have all bought the lie and are in agreement with the social mandate on face masks built up and imposed upon them by their peers.  Most of them haven’t, but have simply agreed to succumb to group pressure to enforce a behavior they otherwise don’t believe in in order to just get along. 

   This writer does not succumb to group pressure and dares any of those face mask bullies to confront him so they can be schooled on the facts and reality about those ridiculous, silly, useless face masks.  So far, there haven’t been any takers.