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The Fort Fairfield Journal is a sixteen-page vehemently independent, university-level newspaper for Fort Fairfield, Maine and surrounding areas.  

     In addition to local and national news and curt commentary on current events, regular features to the Journal are:

From the editor

Mr. Deschesne's unique perspective on economics, life, politics, etc. 

The Fort Fairfield Journal currently has a full-time staff of one; David Deschesne, who serves as the paperís Editor, Publisher, Graphics Designer, Advertising Sales, Journalist, Researcher, Photographer, IT Support, Legal Advisor, Marketing Representative, Mail Subscriptions, Proofreader, Accounts Receivable/Payable and Website Administrator.

   Deschesne is assisted from time to time in photography duties by his wife, Tammy and John Herold, a freelance photographer.  Regular contributors to the Journal are:  Dan Marvin, Pig City Gardener; and Larry Gardner, contributing sports writer/advisor.  Portions of the Katherine Albrecht radio program are transcribed and edited to article format with permission from Dr. Albrecht.

   The Fort Fairfield Journal has been in publication since June, 2004.  



Letters to the Editor

General letters to the editor, plus questions that may be asked to the editor and answered by him.



Fort Fairfield stays up to date with school sporting activities with the Sports page.



Not just another forum for spouting off Bible verses, the Journal's Religion page is comprised of teachings and information on Bible, Faith, and Religion at the university level.  See "Religion" column in the left side bar on this page to read selected articles.


Police Logs

Abridged police logs for Fort Fairfield.  


Dr. Katherine Albrecht, Ed. D.

Selections from Dr. Katherine Albrecht's radio program are edited and composed in print format on various topics from Christian Faith to privacy issues.  To view archives of past Katherine Albrecht editorials, click here.

Dr. Albrecht's website is:   Listen to Dr. Albrecht live weekdays on Genesis Communications Network (GCN) from 4 - 6 pm.




Rachelle Hamlin

Rachelle is a freelance writer.  She contributes regular columns to Fort Fairfield Journal on Faith, Family, Friendship and Freedom from a lady's perspective.  For her new series, Suns & Shields, click here







Glenn "The Deacon" Mersereau

Glenn Mersereau is the owner of Crippled Indian Tattoo in Fort Fairfield and is a member of Sons of God motorcycle club. Glenn, an ordained pastor, has a motivational and spiritually uplifting perspective on Faith and a host of Biblical issues relevant to our times.  He is a regular contributor to Fort Fairfield Journal's "Faith" page.  








Selected editorials by David Deschesne



The Fort Fairfield Journal has access to Mr. Deschesne's private Library of ancient history, political science, law books and Congressional writings.  Click Here to enter the library.