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Tigers Win Class D Northern Maine Championship Over Bangor Christian


By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, June 20, 2018



photo/Annika Reynolds


   The Fort Fairfield Tigers pulled out a narrow victory over Bangor Christian Academy to win the Class D Northern Maine Championship at Mansfield Stadium in Bangor last week.

   With Bangor Christian ahead by 2, a triple batted in by Jared Harvey put the Tigers in the lead in the fifth inning.  Both teams each scored an additional point in the sixth but the Tigers ended up with the 4-3 victory after the dust settled.

   Coach John Ala said he was happy with his team this season and often times it’s going to be the little things that win games.  “I'm just proud of this group, I really am,” said Ala.  “We played three playoff games so far and all were won by a run.  That's one of the first things we talked about at the beginning of the season, it's going to be the little things that win ball games for us. Two out of the three playoff games in the fifth inning we're down but we came back.  I'm proud of them, there's no give up in this team right here.” 

   During a reception held after the game on Wednesday night at the FFMHS gym, Ala tipped his hat to the fans in attendance, too.  “There's something powerful about having a big crowd support you and cheering you on.  It really helps to keep your head up on those moments where it doesn't seem like it might get done for you.”

   In the Class D championship game held last Saturday, the Tigers ended up losing to Richmond.  However, the Tigers did receive the Good Sportsmanship Award from the Maine Principals Association, the decision being made prior to the Northern Maine Championship game on Wednesday.