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A Man, Made of Straw




By:  David Deschesne


Fort Fairfield Journal, January 16, 2019


   In the last issue of the Fort Fairfield Journal, I briefly touched upon the concept of a “Straw Man” as the tool governments and corporations use to interact with live-born humans. I will attempt in this issue to bring about a little more clarity on the subject, but keep in mind, it is quite involved and you will need to turn your brain on; perhaps even read this two or three times. It took me over a year of intense study of civics and law to get my own brain around it.

     Everybody who walks about in the sunlight on a bright, sunny day will cast a shadow. Indeed, everybody who stands near a light source will cast a shadow. While the shadow cast is representative of the thing casting it, it is not the original thing. You, after all, are not your shadow and your shadow is not you - it is merely a silhouette, a representation, of you. That is it. If you run about, chasing your shadow, you will never be able to catch it because it does not exist in the material realm.

     When our nation was founded, it was founded by We the People. We the People ordained the Federal Constitution, as well as the Constitutions of our respective states. Because of this, The People - which includes all of us - are the rightful masters of government. Government servants work for us; we are their bosses.

     Because our power is superior to government's power, those “officials” had to find a way to steal our natural, God-given rights and our money. They did that very craftily by introducing the concept of the straw man in the 1930s.     The straw man functions as our “shadow” - it resembles/represents us to the government in a fictional realm, but it really isn't us.  I’m sorry for all you feminists and transgenders out there, there is only one name for straw man in legal terms but it does encompass both genders, or no gender at all, so don’t go on a politically correct campaign to have its name changed, please, the concept is confusing enough as it is.


Black's Law dictionary defines Straw Man as follows:

straw man. 1. A fictitious person, esp. one that is weak or flawed. 2. A tenuous and exaggerated counterargument that an advocate puts forward for the sole purpose of disproving it. - Also termed straw-man argument. 3. A third party used in some transactions as a temporary transferee to allow the principal parties to accomplish something that is otherwise impermissible. 4. A person hired to post a worthless bail bond for the release of an accused. - Black's 7th ed.

  Another way to look at the concept of a Straw Man is in the realm of fictional novels.  Let’s say you are writing a story about your friend, John.  In that story, John jumps in the lake and gets wet.  The John you are writing about, who is sitting beside you in the real world, isn’t the one getting wet, but rather, it’s his fictionally created character in the book, which exists only in the mind of the reader, who is getting wet.  That character in the book functions like a straw man, merely representing a living person in the context of a story to allow the story to have some construction and even take place.

   Similarly, let’s say you’re on an airplane writing a story where you are sitting on the porch eating a piece of apple pie.  In the story, it is your straw man character who is sitting on the porch and eating the pie, not the physical version of you sitting on the airplane.  The porch, the pie, and the story version of you are all fictionally created within your mind and the minds of the readers who will read your story.  In that story, the story version of you is a straw man.

     The reason government had to create a straw man version of each of us is because our money—the Federal Reserve Note—is a fictional entity—like the pie in the story above.  You cannot eat the pie in the story, only your straw man story-version of you, who is written into the story, can eat it.  The concept of the pie in the story is purely fictional and only fictional entities can interact with it.  Same goes for John jumping into the water.  John, in the real world can’t jump into the lake in the story, only the straw man, story-version of him can.

   The reason Federal Reserve Notes are considered fictional money, like the pie or the lake in the above stories, is they are artificially created and are backed by nothing tangible in the real world (FRNs have not been backed by gold or silver for decades) and merely represent a loan that somebody in the real world has promised to pay back at some point in the future with still more of that fictionally created, borrowed money.)

   So, the same way a straw man had to be created to interact with the fictional lake or piece of pie, a straw man had to be created to interact with Federal Reserve Note fictional money.

   You might be saying at this point, “but I can hold a federal reserve note in my hand.”  True, but in the story examples above, you would be holding the book or paper in your hand that the story is written on.  The book or the story isn’t the lake or the pie, it is only containing their symbolic representations.  Federal Reserve Notes represent money and its value in the same way as those books present the items in their stories—within the minds of the users alone.  While you, the human being is holding the piece of paper Federal Reserve Note artificial money—and you work and labor for it, or so it seems—it is actually your straw man who interacts with the money when it comes to earning, spending, banking, etc.  Without a straw man, there would be no way to account for your money in banking, the taxation system, credit/debit cards, etc. because all of those systems which use that fictional money must reference fictional entities to it and those fictional entities are efficiently tracked with something called a Social Security Number (or Tax Identification Number).

   Because our money is artificial and possesses no tangible qualities, its value only exists in our imagination, as a fiction. Material people cannot spend imagined, fictional money, so the government allows us to use our fictional straw man to spend it on our behalf. Other places you will find your straw man used are on your phone bill, insurance bill, tax bill, Credit Card, bank statements, etc. In short, nearly any situation where a corporation is attempting to do business with you using artificial Federal Reserve debt money a straw man must ultimately be used.  But, how can you tell when it is you, the live-born human, that is being addressed, or your fictionally created straw man?  Let me explain.

   In addition to providing the ability to interact with fictional money, Governments also create the straw man entity so they could craftily trick us into giving up our rights.  Just as governments create corporations, and regulate them, it too creates corporations whose names resemble peoples' names in order to regulate them.

     When we went to school, we were all taught that proper names of nouns are capitalized only on the first letter - never all capital. For example, John Henry Doe is the way our English teachers taught us to correctly spell proper names. The Upper/Lower case spelling of a given name/surname therefore indicates a proper name for a human being.

   Today, you can identify when your straw man is being referenced by the form of your name. The form of the spelling of its name identifies the straw man created by the government. Where a natural person's name will be John H. Doe, the government identifies the shadowy “straw man” counterpart as JOHN H. DOE.

     We all have been assigned, by the government, a straw man that is not alive, can not work and produce, does not breathe and does not have a heartbeat. Look on your Driver's license, the military style of your straw man's name will appear there - DOE, JOHN H.. Because restricting the right to freely travel is unconstitutional and violates every tenet of our free society, government had to create a straw man to license, and con us into accepting its identity as our own. Thus, the straw man becomes the third party used in a transaction to allow the principal party (government) to accomplish something that is otherwise impermissible (violate our rights) - see definition #3 again from Black's citation above.

   When a traffic ticket is written, the government (which is an artificial, corporate entity) is attempting to acquire some of that artificial money from the human’s straw man account. Therefore, the ticket is made out using the straw man's name that appears on the driver's license. The courts, which operate only on presumption, then presume you to be the fiduciary (financially responsible) for that straw man when they find it guilty and assess the fine against it. You then end up working and converting your labor into artificial money in order to pay your straw man’s fine.

   I just mentioned a mouthful of syllables, “fiduciary.”  So, what does that mean?  A fiduciary relationship is sort of like a father/son relationship. If you have a son who is under 18 years of age, and he throws a rock and breaks somebody's window, you are financially responsible for his actions.  You are your son’s fiduciary.  However, if your neighbor's kid throws a rock and breaks a window, you are not financially responsible for his actions. If the courts attempt to assess a fine against you for something your neighbor's kid did, because they think he was your kid, you must speak up and tell the court, “That's not my kid, I'm not financially responsible for him.”

   Likewise, if the courts are presuming you to be the fiduciary of a straw man, which name merely resembles yours, you could tell them, “That is not me! That is not my name and I am not financially responsible for it.”

   However, if you want to remain a slave to government and the debt created therefrom, just continue accepting your ALL CAPITAL LETTER name as your own and be as happy and prosperous as you can while the government, banks, and corporations use it to steal every last ounce of your human energy throughout the rest of your life.

   Many have tried over the years to reclaim their sovereignty and break the presumption that they are financially responsible for their government-created straw man.  However, they keep trying to use artificially created money in the form of Federal Reserve Note “cash”, checks, credit and debit cards and bank accounts.  Those are the hooks that keep them tethered to that straw man.

   The only way to truly break free from your straw man is to function purely in the physical realm with your money, the way we all used to prior to 1933—that is make all your trades, purchases and business exchanges with real money: gold or silver (or any other thing of tangible value that the person on the other side of the trade agrees to).

   This seems to be a revolutionary concept, but it is how we all functioned with respect to our money and the government prior to its adopting the fictional money from the private, run for profit Federal Reserve bank as “legal tender” in 1933. (The Federal Reserve was created in 1913, but gold still backed our money until they confiscated all of it from us in 1933 and left us holding their worthless, fictional paper.)

   In addition to ceasing the use of fictional money, the rescinding of the straw man account number—the Social Security Number and any other Taxpayer ID numbers—would also have to take place.  In today’s society, that would be considered a bold move. 

   It is possible to rescind the Social Security Number because it is a voluntary program.  Most people don’t know that you, or your parents on your behalf, have to apply for the number, qualify for it, and be issued it.  It is not issued automatically by the government.  You have to ask for it and voluntarily use it.  Also, I have a letter from the commissioner of Social Security that says there is no law requiring a person to have a SSN to live or work in the United States.

   It is when we use fictional money and interact with the government’s account numbers that we validate the presumption that we are financially responsible for the straw man the government created for us.  In order to break that presumption, you have to break those ties.  Since the straw man represents free labor to the government via the enslavement of the live-born human masses, don’t expect government to loosen those shackles any time soon.  Many have tried, but few have succeeded.  Perhaps the only hope we have for regaining our freedom and sovereignty over our own lives is to patiently wait for the financial house of cards that Congress has constructed with the fictional Federal Reserve Notes to come tumbling down, the financial system disintegrate (as it has already done in Venezuela), the government dismantles and we start over.

   While those would be trying times for sure, one thing is certain:  humans with greed and avarice will ultimately reconstruct the same system to enslave themselves and their neighbors to the banks and government yet again.


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