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The Roberts Trap is Sprung

By:  Bill Dunne
One of the most overlooked aspects of the year just ended is the vindication of Chief Justice John Roberts -- a vindication that showed up as the national catastrophe known as ObamaCare got rolling.  Roberts may have also doomed Hillary Clinton's chance to live in the White House again... click here to read whole editorial


On Socialism, Gang-Bangers and Gulags



By:  David Deschesne

Editor/Publisher, Fort Fairfield Journal

March 30, 2016



   The recent cancellation of a Donald Trump rally in Chicago is a telling sign of our times where the right to free speech is dealt a death blow by a loud, violent mass of people who use fear and intimidation to silent anyone whose view they oppose.

   In Chicago, leftist gang-bangers were sporting T-shirts and posters stating, “Vote for Trump You Get Jumped.”  A few days later, prominent Black Lives Matter activist, rapper Tef Poe posted on his Twitter account, “Dear white people if Trump wins young niggas such as myself are fully hell bent on inciting riots everywhere we go. Just so you know.”  He then followed up with, “Trump wins aint no more rules fammo. We’ve been too nice as is.”

   Now, to be clear, the riot in Chicago appears to have been a sophisticated psy-op produced by Hilary Clinton supporter, George Soros and his “Media Matters” liberal mouthpiece in order to make Bernie Sanders supporters look like violent radicals.  After all, even after Donald Trump cancelled his Chicago appearance, the communist shill foot soldiers who were prepositioned couldn’t just leave without creating a scene, so they stuck to their script and made it appear Bernie Sanders supporters were violently attacking people and quashing free speech.  This was designed to make Sanders look violent while the truly violent candidate, Hilary Clinton comes off looking like a harmless dove.

   Regardless of the motives and intents of that Chicago mob-rule tactic, isn’t it interesting that it only seems to be the Socialists and Communists who espouse using violence to attain their ends, threatening people with physical harm if a vote doesn’t go their way.  You don’t see conservative voters resorting to the same tactics.  Perhaps those who use violence and terror to force people to accept their ideas aren’t convinced their ideas can stand on their own and actually work, so they have to force us to follow them under threat, duress and coercion.  That isn’t surprising.  Whenever you build a societal system on theft—which is what Bernie’s and Hilary’s entire platform is—you are naturally going to attract thieves, criminals and ruffians into your ranks.

   Nowadays the Democrat party is the party of Socialists and Communists, but that hasn’t always been the case. Looking back to the last decent Democrat President we had—John F. Kennedy, one would note that most of his ideas and philosophies would have been classified as conservative by today’s standards.  Since then, the Democrat party has been taken over by a gang of violent, motivated and focused rebels from the Communist and Socialist parties—political parties that on their own could never get elected here.  To be fair, the Republicans are being infiltrated, too, but not yet to the extent the Democrats have been.  At the end of the day, the radicals are offering what almost every person wants:  something for nothing.

Socialism & Communism

   To be clear about what Socialism and Communism are, I’ll attempt a brief definition of each here.

  Under Socialism, you might be able to own your own business and generate your own profit, but the government is empowered by the voters to take a large portion of your profits—as well as the earnings of the employees and citizenry—through heavy and excessive taxation.

   Communism is a more advanced form of Socialism.  Under Communism the government (i.e. “the people”) forcefully takes over ownership of all business and property.  It then doles out weekly stipends and food rations to everyone according to their needs - needs as determined of course by a government bureaucrat.  However, Communism isn’t a life of freebies.  Under the former Soviet Union model, it was illegal for you to not work if you were able.  If you didn’t have a job, or weren’t willing to work you were imprisoned and forced to work as a convict.  Under Communism the employees get paid the same amount of money regardless of how much training, effort or efficiency they put into their work.  Needless to say, this type of system naturally would breed corruption at the top (the skimmers who collect the wealth and redistribute it) and at the bottom when employees figure out only the minimum amount of effort is required to collect a pay stipend.

   There is no motivation to excel or improve one’s own economic position under Socialism or Communism because at the end of the day, the government will end up reaping the benefit—not the person who exerted the effort—and then redistributing the fruits of that labor to others who have done little to nothing to earn it.

   With all of the failings of Socialism and Communism, there is only one way countries throughout history have ever been able to enact and perpetuate those systems. They’ve always had to resort to a massive, bureaucratic, authoritarian police state. 

   This brings us back to the gang-bangers and thugs in today’s liberal movement who instill fear and threaten violence to anyone who doesn’t think their way. This is nothing new in the history of the world and when society decides to empower government to steal from one group to give to another, it is those gang-bangers and thugs who, like pond scum, tend to rise to the top of the political hierarchy in order to enforce the confiscation of money and property that would be necessary to fund their Utopian system.

   Nearly every time those groups rise to power within the framework of Socialism or Communism you end up with horrible atrocities perpetrated by government against its own citizens, not just for “violating the law” but in many cases, for simply not believing in the political ideology of the ruling elite.  For those non-conformists who actually think the products of a person’s labor should belong to him or her, socialist and communist governments have historically erected gulags—horrible, torturous prison systems—to imprison them in, so as to not taint the mindset of the rest of the proletariat in society with the heretical ideas of freedom and personal initiative bringing about personal growth and advancement without the strong arm of government to siphon off the majority of the wealth they can produce on their own initiative.



  For those of you who don’t have the time to read a couple thousand pages detailing the horror story that is socialist and communist police states, don’t worry, I’ve done the reading for you.

   I’ll try to condense my understanding of what the prison system and gulags looked like, just a few decades ago, from the books I’ve read on the subject representing the former Communist Soviet Union, Gulag Archipelago (620 pages); Communist North Korea, Bucher:  My Story (396 pages); and Socialist NAZI Germany, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich (1,486 pages).  All of you Obama, Bernie and Hilary supporters (if there are any left still reading this far into this editorial) should pay close attention and reflect on the type of social system your government ideologies will eventually set up and allow to flourish if you continue to elect gangsters in suits to forcefully confiscate the duly-earned wealth of your neighbors on your behalf.

  The following hypothetical scenario is written in my own words and is not embellished in any way.  Its imagery is gleaned from the accounts in the aforementioned books that are no longer taught to our school children today when they are indoctrinated into the wonders and glories of socialism and communism.  The faint of heart are forewarned to proceed from here with caution:


   You are awakened late at night with a loud banging on your door.  Disoriented, you rise from bed, with your wife and children still sleeping.  Before you can get to the door to answer it, it gets caved in with a battering ram and at least a dozen officers storm in, screaming profanities and tackle you to the ground.  A bag is placed over your head, you are whisked out of your home and into an awaiting van.  Disoriented, and sleep still in your eyes, the van hurriedly drives off to take you to destinations unknown as you wonder about the status of your wife and children, left behind with confusion and terror as they wonder who took you and where you went.

   You arrive at your destination and are grabbed out of the van and tossed into a concrete room large enough to hold twenty people, but crammed with sixty.  The bag is removed from your head and you are immediately hit with the stench of human feces and urine.  Since there are no toilet facilities in this concrete dungeon, the prisoners—who are only allowed to use the restroom once a day—simply go where they are standing.  They’re standing because they are packed so tightly in the room there is no place to sit or lie down. 

   A single light bulb in the ceiling barely illuminates the room and you notice it’s not heated.  Since the temperature outside is below freezing this time of year, you find the only heat in the room is from the prisoners’ body heat and that isn’t even really enough since the barred window near the ceiling is open, letting in a cold, winter draft.   This is just the reception station, kind of a central processing point for new prisoners.

   You’re in luck.  You happened to arrive at bathroom break and boy, have you got to go.  The thought of going in a room full of people and letting it lie on the floor beneath you is repulsive, even though you are already ankle deep in excrement that hasn’t been cleaned for days.

   You and a dozen other prisoners are marched, single file, outside in the snow while a uniformed officer guards you with a fully automatic rifle.  “Squat” he says and you find bathroom break is only 20 seconds long as he orders you back inside before you and your fellow prisoners are finished.

   Morning breaks and some of the prisoners had been removed during the night.  Your turn comes and you are escorted under armed guard to a shower cell where you are hosed off with a fire hose and given a drab prison uniform.  They cleaned you up so you could be presented to the chancellor, who also presides as judge and jury in your “trial.”  It is here that you learn you were arrested for the crime of sedition because one of your neighbors heard you speaking out against the most recent government policy that further advances their police state operations.  You squeak out a plea of “not guilty” but the chancellor doesn’t believe you.  He orders you to five years of hard labor and beckons the next prisoner in.  The total time of your “trial” was less than a minute.

   You are then taken outside and loaded in another van, again with a bag over your head, and are transported to an awaiting train.  The temperature outside is just at the freezing point and the only clothes you have on are the light prison garb furnished for your trial. 

   You are crammed onto a railroad cattle car with over a hundred of your  fellow prisoners.  It’s “standing room only” as your train disembarks for its destination—again, unknown.  After several hours of traveling in now below freezing conditions, the train stops at a train station to change crews.  You look outside the slats of the cattle car and notice well-dressed, well-intentioned people going about their day.  Occasionally, one of them looks toward your cattle car with a look of disdain and disgust.  You dared to opposed the glorious government, you are filth, you are slime, you deserve everything you get.

    Before the train departs everyone is taken off at gunpoint for bathroom break and is each given a piece of raw salt pork and a drink of water. You’re then ordered back on the cattle car.  They’ve got to keep you fed because, after all, you can’t be forced to labor in their work camps if you die of starvation or dehydration.

   After several days of this you arrive at your destination.  You get off the train, freezing and sick from exposure to the cold and notice at least a dozen of your comrades didn’t survive the trip.  You trudge through the snow for several miles in your bare feet, along with the rest of your fellow prisoners.  You then arrive at the coal mine where you will be forced to labor while living under the same conditions as at the reception station.

   In your cell, again another concrete room, you are fed daily a thin gruel of flour mixed with water.  It is served in a dirty steel laundry tub, the kind ladies used in the early 20th century to wash their clothes by hand.

   Days go by and sometimes your friends die, sometimes they are taken off for medical “experiments.”  The prison population is constantly turning over with new people because as fast as the sick or old ones die off, the government has arrested a whole new batch of political prisoners to replace them.

   Five years are finally up and you are brought before your chancellor who asks you if you recant your former anti-government beliefs.  At this point, you can’t even remember what those beliefs were.  The chancellor rules you are not contrite enough and orders you to another five years of hard labor.

   You have no idea what has happened to your wife and children.  They have no idea where you are.  Your family has been torn apart by a government system built on lies and deceit and sustained by the forceful confiscation of wealth from what few producers there are left in the society.

  Somehow you are able to survive ten years of imprisonment.  You are finally freed when the government has run itself out of other people’s money and is forcefully taken over by an outside force more amiable to freedom.  You learn your family was eventually rounded up and imprisoned in the same way as you were and none of them survived.

   As you reflect on your plight you notice one thing that often times gets overlooked.  While the leaders of the country may be loved and adored by all, it is not they who do the “dirty work.”  The day to day work of arresting, interring, torturing and forcing to labor is done by the local and state police.  You argue with yourself that there must be some good police officers who find the reason for these political arrests and the subsequent torturous conditions repulsive.  It is true, there are some police officers who are good, have a conscious and do not enthusiastically support the debasing of their fellow man simply because of his belief system.  However, the system that is set up to weed out such subversives also weeds out those noncompliant police officers, who usually just end up dead from a firing squad composed of their fellow officers.


   Now, this is a very bleak scenario, but I promise you all it is what will play out if Socialism or Communism is allowed to flower to maturity in the U.S.  This then begs the question:  Who is going to rescue us from this insanity?  Who is going to be the freedom-loving country who defeats our Socialist gang-banger dictators and frees us from their despotic rule?  Who?


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