The High Cost of Seeking the Truth About the Sandy Hook School Shooting

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Author and documentary filmmaker, William Shanley, who once wrote news at CNN and was a broadcast technician in Jimmy Carter’s Presidential campaign, found himself homeless last October after a run-in with the government for questioning the “official” story of the Sandy Hook school shootings.  Before the run-in with the government, he had filed a lawsuit in federal court suing individual members of the corporate “mainstream” establishment news media for complicity in helping the U.S. government perpetuate the myth that the Sandy Hook school shootings in Newtown, Connecticut were real and that real school children actually died there.  He is shown here with a copy of the online version of his Fort Fairfield Journal news article—one of the few actually carried by a print newspaper at the time.       photo/J.J. Rodriguez


By:  William Shanley

Special Guest Op-Ed,

Fort Fairfield Journal, April 4, 2016


   My sister is a recently retired superintendent of Special Ed who, along with other members of my family and all my lifelong friends, abandoned me through my 3x being imprisoned for four months, followed by seven months of homelessness after my landlord evicted me while in prison even though rent was paid. With all of them thinking I was truly insane, I am now being forced to sue to get a lifetime's worth of property back, including all my creative works from 49 years working in media.

My docudrama, America's Divine Comedy, which follows Dante's journey through the Inferno, Purgatory and Paradise of America's soul, had been in development since 2008. My medical trust provided $100,000 to buy the production equipment necessary to produce the film, and pay for about 30,000 miles of travel to film interviews and execute field production. Now all that may be lost. I have not had access to any of my property since Dec 30, 2014, and it all may have been destroyed. All this for filing lawsuits against the news media for co-producing the hoax called the “Sandy Hook Massacre,” selling out the First Amendment, ignoring their role as government watchdogs in what I now call the Stepford State of Corrupticut run by the Malloy Mob and Obama's Chicago Gangland Goons!

   Sometime I will write about being imprisoned in the belly of the beast in Garner Prison for the criminally insane in the IPM level, a place which has been described as the worst in Connecticut after death row, on the grounds of the old Fairfield Hills Insane Asylum, in Newtown, of all the God-forsaken places. That is where I was called the “Sandy Hook denier,” held naked for four days, and remained there for 43 days amidst inmates banging their heads against the walls, defecating on themselves, and baying all night like Lucifer until I agreed to take their “medication.”

   Throughout it all, I felt that what I was going through was small in comparison to the men and women who have died or been maimed in Iraq, Afghanistan, and America's other phony wars. You can read about the Manning Memo -- Manning was a top aid to British Prime Minister, Tony Blair -- detailing how George W. Bush, knowing that there were no Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq, plotted to paint a U2 aircraft with UN colors and shoot it down over Iraq to create the necessary provocation to invade. The late, great Los Angeles District Attorney, Vincent Bugliosi, published a “manual” in 2007 for prosecuting George Bush for murder, entitled The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder, but not one prosecutor in a thousand in the US has seen fit to do so in nine years. There have been no Congressional investigations, no hearings, nothing. After the complete destruction of a nation with the highest literacy rate in the Arab world, thousands of American deaths, more than one million Iraqis dead, and tens of millions of refugees, this is quite astonishing, and even more so when you consider that Bush remains popular among people in the military!

   Through my long study of history and politics--and this was to be documented in my film--the psychopathic leaders who infest the US government and use it as their sock puppet have lied to the American people about every single major event of the 20th and 21st centuries: the sinking of the “passenger” ship the Lusitania (it was outfitted with guns) launching America's involvement in World War I; Pearl Harbor (Churchill and sympathetic US admirals withheld the Venona communications intercepts of Japanese cables from FDR signaling the attack because Britain wanted the USA to enter the war in Europe); Vietnam (it's well known now that the Gulf of Tonkin attack was faked); the Russian invasion of Afghanistan in 1980 (National Security Advisor Brzezinski sent in covert ops to overthrow the government to lure the Soviets to invade-- Brzezinski has even bragged about how the million dead that resulted was a small price to pay); Y2K, 911, Aurora, Sandy Hook, Charleston, San Bernardino, the list goes on and on. Al Qaeda was a counter-gang created by the CIA, just like the Contras in Nicaragua, and ISIS today - the brainchilds of former US ambassador to Iraq, John Negroponte, the father of the Contras under Ronald Reagan. (I saw him once at a New Haven hotel, he sometimes teaches at Yale, I told him he was a war criminal. He laughed and said, “Oh, really!”)

   The good news is that people are waking up. But every time there is an event, such as the Boston Marathon Bombing, Paris and Brussels, the people believe what the media tell them. Today we are supposed to believe that 19 year old Mason Wells, who was “wounded” in Brussels, was also in Paris at the same time as the bombing there, and one block away from the bombing in Boston. This is absurd! The odds against chance of him being in all three places randomly are so high as to be non-existent. But the news readers tell us this is a coincidence, a strange twist of fate, people believe the lies, and the psychos get more and more security, more and more money, each and every time with which to enslave the people.

   The late Helen Thomas covered every US president from JFK to Obama from her front row seat in the West Wing press room. When I interviewed her in 2008 for my film, it had just been reported that it was documented that Bush, Cheney, Rice, and Powell had lied to the American people 935 times. Yet, she said it meant nothing. There was no learning. The news media continued to report what they said each day as if they were purer than Caesar's wife. Nothing was learned so nothing changes. One definition of insanity is to continue doing the same thing while expecting a different result. As such, we can say the news media are insane and are conditioning the American people to be insane. One reason fascistic Donald Trump is so popular is because he's pulling back the curtain to expose the Wizard of Oz.

   Then there are those who think this whole conversation is a downer and they just don't want to know. They think citizenship is like a delicatessen where you can pick and choose what you want while ignoring the rest without any responsibility to their community or even to their families and themselves. One old friend advised, that instead of being so concerned about all the war, destruction and deceit, that I should turn on the TV each day at 4 o'clock and watch Ellen!

   Such is our life and times in this theme park we call “America!”

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